Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sarawak Report HERE now challenges the FBI, as the US’s top law enforcement agency, to launch an immediate review into why one of its main headquarters is located in a building that is the likely product of money laundering.

It is time the FBI also reviewed why no investigation has so far been launched into the Taib family’s extensive string of assets in North America? With Malaysia already investigating the Chief Minister and an investigation already underway in Switzerland, it is high time the United States acted on its own evidence and led by example.

The Bruno Manser Foundation in Switzerland has launched a petition this week to stop the FBI supporting corruption in Sarawak. You too can sign by clicking below:



bruno said...

The FBI is still renting the building from the Taib family,and playing ignorant to the happenings in the political arena and the corruption scandal of this corrupted CM.To admit that it has been renting and nesting in the den,from one of the world's most corrupted and tyranical politician will be a big dent to their ego.It will make the FBI look like No-eye.

Anonymous said...

What? And risk having to move out of the entire building and bear the costs of fitting the new office? You must be nuts! Where is Malaysia on the map, by the way? Next to Zimbabwee?

wandererAus said...

United States is a show piece of Modern Hypocrites...self-claimed protector of human rights! Even this colored President have no trouble to sucking up with our most corrupted UMNO why should they be too bothered if they are seen to have integrity problem. These politicians are all sama sama!

najib manaukau said...

You mentioned that Malaysia has started to investigate the Chief Minister whereas the American has done anything.
You overlooked to mention that the Malaysian investigation will end up with nothing particularly when it is so near the GE and the P.M. will need the help of the Sarawak Chief Minister's support to remain as president of Umno and thus as P,M, of Malaysia.
Just wait and see nothing will come out of the investigation in Malaysia it is done just to satisfy and please the Malaysians. It is a show and a charade for fools, so they think !

Anonymous said...

We should also investigate all the illegal activities the chinese are doing in our cities. All the massage parlours, illegal gambling dens, pirated dvds, money laundering, people smuggling, gangsterism, brothels, and all other illegal activities that the chinese seem to thrive in.

How about that? why dont u all call for that? Abolish the organised crime business that is greatly dominated by the cinas..mahu ka?
Why cannot? Scared your brethren lose their ricebowl issit?
Must protect your kind issit?

Dont come and talk cock like u are from a higher ground, when your kind is making our land filthy with their dirty business. Your sleazy race running this illegal business for their sleazy customers and we have been putting up with that for years.. dont come and talk shit when u cant even see the real problems in front of your eyes

Anonymous said...

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