Monday, September 26, 2011


Cycling with the Enemy…..


Cycling with the Opposition….


Cycling for a good cause……

MAYBE….depends on sublimal undertones, like why only Chinese schools?

Cycling for UNITY……


That’s how I want to see in Parliament…..not the endless bitching with us caught in between.



Anonymous said...

The SUN newspaper headlines today reads "Najib Rides Again". I don't know what this means. I would certainly understand the headlines better is it had read "Najib Rides Into the Sunset, Finally"

Anonymous said...

Kwong Wah Jit Poh raised the fund for Chinese schools in Penang, but Najib hijacked the event for self glory!

辣死你 said...


new fart said...

Good to see pollies from different side of the fence together, however, have you noticed whilst one wore the 1Malaysia T-shirt, the other wore a YELLOW-T (Bersih 2 eh?). What does that tell you?

zorro said...

The Sun is very different now without Terrence and Nades. Terrence is in Malay Mail and I am told Nades is heading that way too.

Anonymous said...

Nades is doing his Cardiff paymaster a favour?

Zorro should take over to reach out to more mainstream readers.

Hope to see Zorro turn padang to educate the misinformed rural people, like he did in Sarawak.

Zorro, keep your spirit up.
And keep your BMI low, not like Najib's perut buncit.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.27pm

your suggestion re zorro going to sarawak - my question is this - what about the expenses?

any suggestions? surely u dont expect zorro to shoulder all the expenses.

tell me/us what u think. and the likes of u who always suggest this and that but you never seem to suggest to help foot the bill a bit.

come on...


sweebin said...

The Sun's front-page today is such excellent PR for the PM. Front page for riding a bike with those who had worked hard to raise funds! A wonderful piece of glorification--quoting the PM as he waxed sentimental over his cycling days. The question that begs asking is: Why the need for national-type schools to raise funds in the first place?

Just did a quick check--of the 2010 Budget, RM6.4 billion was allocated for the Edu Ministry's Development Fund to build and upgrade schools, hostels, facilities and equipment. In contrast, only RM250 million was allocated as Devt Fund for religious schools, Chinese and Tamil national-type schools, mission schools and govt-assisted schools. Didn't check the percentage of all these schools against total schools but my guess is that it cannot be 0.039% (RM250million of RM6.4billion)

Aiyo, the PM can easily help Chinese education if he is really sincere about all that he expressed and duly reported in The Sun. Don't need to ride bicycle la. Just give some quiet orders in budget allocation. That's what PMs are for. :-)

Anonymous said...

50,000 of the 610,000 students in SJK China schools are non-Chinese.

What say you Utusan?

samgoh88 said...

RIDE ON - 280911

Even if it's a bicycle to ride
There are traffic rules to abide
When going straight. you can't choose either side
Break any rule and you have critics to chide

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed. 28th Sept.2011.

samgoh88 said...


It's so easy to put on a good show
To try softening the real harsh blow
That distributions of funds be so unequal and slow
While individual's image pretends to glow

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed.28th Sept.2011.

Anonymous said...

Najib has got no ideas on his own, hence have to hijack a private initiative that took a mere few months to plan and execute. There are many other related issues related to this new development that Najib has to address and come clean. For instance, what will happen to the annual meager education allocation for these vernacular schools in the govt budget, now that the private sector is contributing massively?

This initiative CLEARLY puts the govt in a spot as basic education is the sole function of the govt, not private sector. IF this initiative is carried 1 step further to also support welfare programs for the chinese and indians, then the govt should resign immediately. As it is, this initiative already sends a very strong signal to the govt to buck up, and to the people that the govt is totally hopeless and useless. I wont be surprised to see more malays and indians enrolled into these chinese schools. Then the chinese and indians might as well pay their hard earned taxes to PMP and not the govt, since the money is being put to visibly good use.

Anonymous said...