Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My first association with Bernama was way back in the early 70s when it was not infected. I was amongst a group who used to write letters to the editor and was one of these who were invited by NST to be a guest of Bernama when the President of South Vietnam visited our national news agency.

Nguyn Văn Thiu (April 5, 1923 – September 29, 2001) was president of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1975. He was a general in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), became head of a military junta, and then president after winning a fraudulent election.

During his rule, Thieu gained a reputation for turning a blind eye to and indulging in corruption, and appointing loyal cronies rather than competent officers to lead ARVN units.

He established a despotic rule over South Vietnam until he resigned and left the country abroad an American helicopter with millions of dollars in gold just a few days before the fall of Saigon and the ultimate Viet Cong victory. He eventually settled in Massachusetts and lived in seclusion until his death, avoiding angry refugee compatriots who blamed his administration for the nation’s demise.

Back to Bernama……he, President Thieu was so impressed with the workings of our national news agency. When he expressed those sentiments, one aide of his said something to this effect during a makan kechil: “When we set up our own news agency, we can call it Thieunama, Mr. President.” He nodded his approval. But of course a very senior Bernama journalist, discretely told the aide that the word “nama” is exclusive to Malaysia, kind of like copy right. As such we never heard of Thieunama!

THOSE days Bernama received the telexes from around the world, and disbursed them to the Straits Echo, the Star, Straits Times, Malay Mail, Utusan and Berita Harian.

THOSE days, Bernama received the government’s communiqué first hand and they passed it down to the mainstream media. They passed the news as it was received. Period.

Those were THOSE days!

THESE days, Bernama not only wants to have a lick, aping our servile MSM, they want to outdo Utusan and TV3.

THESE days, Bernama is behaving like a trollop, some slattern strumpet, has-been hussy slut, and fast fading jaded floozie streetwalker selling its syphilitic wares to their fawning DEPENDENTS.

Why syphilis and not gonorrhea? Because the former is the ultimate in STD!

Bear with me here. During those Woodstock days of weeds, women and wine, a doctor friend made it his apostolic duty to make sure that I went the straight and narrow because I was dating his niece. He called me one day to his clinic after school was over for lunch in Setapak. After lunch he insisted that I follow him back to his clinic to show me something I had to see. I did. A male patient was already in his room. He beckoned me to follow him and the patient into the toilet. He told me to watch closely as the patient peed! Dang! The pee come about in showers. The damn dick-head was like perforated! “That Bernard is one stage of syphilis! And the late stage could be blindness!” I wasn’t sure if he was trying to scare me but that shower of pee DID? What he was warning me was to wear protection.

THOSE days we called protection, the French Cap, the French letter, Dick-Sock, Gentleman's Jerkin, The Goalie, Jimmy Hat, Johnny Bag,

Love Glove, Love Sock, Mr. Prevention, Raincoat, Robber, Willie Warmer, Willie Hat, Salami Sling, Goalie.

THESE DAYS you guys make reference to Prophelactic, Rubber,

Sheaths, Condum or just Durex, easier to remember, for sure for all interested parties.

In 2005, the Guangzhou Haokian Bio-science company of China introduced a line of condoms named for the US 43rd president (with the Chinese spelling of Kelitun). No prize for guessing.

So why be so unkind as to tag Bernama with syphilis. Remember the pee-shower.

Bernama as I understand is the National News Agency. They are to cascade news to the mainstream. As simple and straightforward as that. But no, they SHOWERED the MSM with their pee and like servile slaves the MSM blindly (remember the late stage of syphilis?) lap it up from the gutter. You may want to know what brought about this shower (Najib's speech inspirational, say students in Perth) HERE.

The above Bernama shower brought about this syphilitic CLOUDBURST, (Student denies praising PM's speech in Australia)HERE

Some free advice to Bernama is becoming in the spirit of brotherhood:

Guaiacum gum is used to treat a variety of medicinal conditions from coughs to arthritis, and even syphilis


Anonymous said...

cari makan, bro

wandererAus said...

Bernama dickheads quite willingly and happily exposed their posteriors to be sodomized by their Loverboy political master who extended his "little Johnny" all over the world and bringing home his infamous vicious and deadly syphilis...creating all sort of retards from the UMNO House of Whore!

Anonymous said...


We all knew for a looooooong time that Bernama is a big joke and have been treating its articles as Standard 3 English essays. So why the outburst now?

Did you wake up with a hangover this morning? You shouldn't have gone for the last bottle of beer last night!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Funny but absolutely precise in describing Ber(apa$$$)nama.

Asril Sani said...

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends.
Hi Uncle Zorro. Guess you have been to many open houses hosted by your Muslim frieds.
I write this to bid farewell to you and all friends here. It's been nice knowing you and everyone.
I will be flying to London tonight to do a degree course in one of the British varsity.
Please pray for my success.
When I come back in three years time, I will be eligible to vote. Yay!
I will be following your blogs from there in between my studies.
Can't wait to see your reports for the coming GE.

zorro said...

Asril, all the best. Just do it! But come back to serve the new Malaysia, yah? Take good care of yourself and apply yourself to your studies..

zorro said...

Asril, no! I will not pray for your success. I will kick your butt if you do not come back with an honors degree. Go study smart, not hard.

Asril Sani said...

Will do, Uncle. You will be proud of me one day. Ahem, sounds like you are my parent.
Am at the airport now. Sad though to leave my littlest bro, Zorro.

zorro said...

Asril, godspeed and have a good flight. Email me at ktswee@hotmail.com and lets keep in touch. It is tough to have to leave your little brother. i know how it fees. But you will get by, you will. More power to you Asril.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to look at the BIG picture here - the MRT is just another poorly planned BN project that's meant to funnel the rakyat's money to fat-cat BN cronies. Why else do you think the Finance Ministry is so heavily involved in deciding which companies get the lucrative contracts?

If the LRT had been originally planned properly, it would have allowed for future expansion to cater for a growing population & city - we wouldn't need the MRT. But like everything the BN govt does, since crony interests are the first thing they consider when deciding on a project, it's poorly planned right from the start.

This whole thing is going to cost the rakyat much more than the RM50 BILLION - we're going to have a messed up transportation system & greater congestion!

Suhaimee said...

Astro Awani also contracted the disease from Bernama. The hosts and panelists of the show are so one-sided to sing praises for Umno and to run down the opposing views.

We call it 'Disease 501'!

Anonymous said...

Mat Sabu telah mendedahkan mitos atau kepercayaan bahawa hanya Umno merupakan satu-satunya golongan yang berjuang dan mendapatkan kemerdekaan Malaya dari cengkaman penjajah British.

Kenyataan Mat Sabu yang menyanjung Muhammad Indera (atau lebih mesra disebut Mat Indera) sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan hanya dalam konteks untuk membidas Umno yang memutar belit fakta peristiwa Bukit Kepong.

Umno menyeleweng fakta sejarah bahawa peristiwa serangan ke atas Bukit Kepong yang diulang-ulang pada setiap Hari Kemerdekaan kerana mahu memberi gambaran bahawa parti itu sahaja yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan negara.

McSaboo said...

Orang Umno dah lama dijangkiti virus 'TV3 Melodi' - pandai buat kontroversi dan jahanamkan prestasi!

Anonymous said...

Bagaimana pula Datuk Maharajalela yg merupakan seorang pedagang hamba abdi yg membunuh Resident British JWW Birch di beri anugerah sebagai seorang wira sedangkan Mat Indera di label sebagai seorang pengkhianat. Bukankah kedua-dua nya menentang British? Kedua-dua nya juga melakukan kesalahan keatas orang tempatan juga di dalam proses menetang British. Tidak dinafikan perbuatannya telah terpesong jauh dari tujuan asalnya. Al Quran Surah Al Maidah mengajar kita sekira membunuh sorang yg tidak berdosa umpama membunuh seluruh umat manusia.