Saturday, September 3, 2011


THIS WAS MEANT TO BE MY FRIDAY GUEST BLOGGER…..but like I said I got waylaid by our endless stream of holidays………

I am in no mood to put up any pics to support this posting….I am pissed off with what I came across today at a low-key gathering organized by cartoonist Johnny Ong.

Maternal death: This site that I chose is dedicated to all mothers in Sarawak who have lost their lives due to improper, substandard and deplorable standard of Health Care. This is a story about Kam Agong a mother of 8 children who died 30 days after Cesarean Section performed by 2 Doctors who were mere General Practitioners. Cause of death due to Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage (severe bleeding).

Dang…..the same state with a heart hospital with no heart surgeons?

Come on lah, Sarawakian brothers and sisters….get off your butt and do what you have to do! I have rooted for you in one by-election and one general election. I am disappointed by your apparent inertia! You just cannot depend on Sarawak Report and Bloggers to do all the work. You got to work with them!

Is Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban sounding so hollow?

Don’t bleed to death. Surely you know about Kam Agong! Go HERE then……me I am getting ready to watch England vs Belgrade!






wandererAus said...

Aiyah Zorr, not enough holidays how to
spend all the "haram duit" stolen from the country coffers? Leave it to the UMNO Ketuanan Melayu spenders!
UMNO PM Fat Mama, this time may return from her holidays with a pair of 24 million diamond ear rings...will all you folks be surprised?

bruno said...

To have what is supposed to be a top of the line heart hospital with no heart surgeons,is because the construction was supposed to fill somebody's pocket.The hospital is not supposed to benefit the people.But when the hospital was finally ready a few years late,the earlier purchased, top of the line equipment was already deemed outdated. Then to have doctors perform operations instead of surgeons,is like sending live cattle to the butcher.
These stupid corrupted fools should send members of their own families,to experiment in these operations,and to be slaugthered like cattle.

Anonymous said...

But Vernon Kedit, PKR Sarawak Pubblicity Chief, Leslley Kalom, PKR Sarawak Youth Publicity Chief were busy on 12th August, 2011 sending mass text messages to Sarawakians in Kuching and busy posting at numerous blogs connected to Sarawak Politics calling on every one in Sarawak to help spread the message to boycott MoCS Rally which is supposed to be held on 13th August, 2011.

This Dayaks are wolves in sheep skin. They expect everyone to give them money and do things for them.

At their peril they reserve their energy and resources to save taib Mahmud from embarassement, Taib is the very person, everyone helping the Dayaks, PKR, DAP to get rid for a better Sarawak.

So much for PKR Sarawak.

Now we understand why many say PKR can not be supported at all.