Friday, September 30, 2011


The Prime Minister’s authority over the conduct of the AG is defined under Article 125(3) of the constitution, to be read together with Article 145(6).

This simply means that when the PM is satisfied that the AG has breached any provision of the code of ethics or for any other reason, he can make a presentation to the Agong for the appointment a tribunal to adjudicate the conduct of the AG, and thereafter take the appropriate actions based on the findings and recommendations of the tribunal.

Any DPP for that matter, from a day-old officer to the most senior in the hierarchy, the solicitor-general included, has the power to prosecute the AG if he or she wants to, or by anyone among them who have the courage and the will.

Looks like if no male DPP has the moth-balls scrotal stamina to prosecute the AG we may have to rely on a lady DPP with enough cuntal courage to stand up and be counted to do the needful! Isn’t it time to end this comedy?



BTW, can the rakyat institute a class action?


Anonymous said...

The ACA/Macc investigated Gani for fabricating false evidence. Under section 5(6) of the Macc Act 2009, Abu Kassim as Comm also has the power of a DPP.

Why don't you also check whether Kassim has balls or not.

zorro said...

Anon916pm....goes without saying he has none. If he has he would have acted....he only fishes for ikan bilis. Lets not waste any effort on this Kassim.....he can't do anything because ..... u know i know what!People are there because their balls can be squeezed. You know how J Edgar Hoover operated? Period.

wandererAus said...

Will the DPP who was engaged in a "fighting fish encounter" with shitful, while the SodomyII trial was in taking place, still be creditable enough to prosecute the AG?
DPPs talent in Bolehland does not lie in their academic achievements but, clearly in their licking skill!

Anonymous said...

Kassim, good for playing marbles but...have none of his own. This bastard before taking his appointment in MACC has got his balls removed by his UMNO masters...when one is below par in his qualficatios, one needs to stoop to get a flashy appointment. No point talking of a deranged low life...a motherfcuker!

new fart said...

The Imperial Palace would only take in men who were willing to be castrated, so in Najis Imperial Palace, how to find men with balls? Potong already lah!

new fart said...

Hey bro, you know what happened to the promised presentation in London last night on the Scorpenes scandal by the French lawyer? Dead silence everywhere, why?