Sunday, September 18, 2011














bruno said...

If Malaysians desperately wanted a regime change than they should come out in droves and vote for Pakatan Rakyat.The illegal imigrants granted legalised status will definitely vote for BN because they owe their allegiance to them big time.

The time to send BN to pasture is this coming GE13th.Oppurtunnity comes only once in a lifetime.If BN is still in power after GE13 the people will have to wait another 54 years,before they get another chance to kick them out.If BN is still in power after this coming GE,the people deserves them.So if they get to be kicked around and treated like footballs, they deserved it.Then the people have no rights to complain anymore,because they have decided to marry BN.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why they abolish ISA. If Pakatan wins, the first people they will use the ISA on are Muhiyiddin, Najib and Hishamuddin. This is outright sedition on their part ... and considering that 2 of them are children of senior statesmen.

backStreetGluttons said...

Malaysia is resembling a grownup adult still running around in shit soaked diapers, or issit a terminaly ill old man who forgets his past ( & present )

lol! but so sad really

Anonymous said...

Either way we are fucked la. for those who think having PR in Putrajaya everything will be a bed of roses, these people are just having wet dreams.

Just look at how PKR and DAP conducts their own party elections. They are not clean either.

Anak Meldrum said...

38.1% of employees under Johor Corp's payroll are pendatang.

So not surprise that this is an avenue to get instant citizens to vote for BN in Johor.

Anonymous said...

According to a Malaysian Insider report, Najib is paying (using rakyat money of course) political strategists behind Tony Blair’s “New Labour” and Paul Stadlen, the former boss of APCO Malaysia, to reinvent Najib as a cool and moderate reformist.

Millions of ringit has been spent on a new website hundreds of people hired to promote “Brand Najib” and “Brand BN” on social media and other websites. Najib attended Astro’s Suarakami concert on Saturday night as part of his makeover.

We all know that there's nothing REAL about Najib. It's all branding, trying to re-create a new image for him, one which they think people are likely to accept. Najib is branding himself with our tax money. Corruption and theft and cronyism is never cool, no matter how packaged.

It's not about branding folks. Malaysia is losing out to her neighbours in competitiveness, inflation rate increasing (despite what the govt would have us believe), corrupt practices rampant, judiciary suspect, etc.

The rakyats should not be paying for repairs to Najib's image. Cool this, cool that are all rubbish ! This APCO does not come cheap, you know.They cost hundreds of millions and our people can ill-afford such wasteful spending ! APCO is just taking Malaysians for another ride !

We want to see REAL CHANGE.
Not rebranding

Platun Mawas said...

Perkasa should know that their new Bangla abang adik are soon going to ask for a share of the economic cake once they get their citizenship. These foreigners, now citizens of this country, will demand for their rights.

nkkhoo said...

Is the ISA repeal another whitewash, a vote buying exercise for the upcoming general elections or a ploy to boost flagging ratings for our beleaguered Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak?

I would say it is all of the above.

Suara kami said...

Najib will only look cool if he wears the Bersih yellow t-shirt at the next concert of Jom Heboh event.

Need to make a special XXXXL size one for Rosmah.