Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The first salvo is FIRED!

ALAM FLORA, will cease collecting Selangor waste on 15 October!

The Selangor State Government Exco is meeting this evening to address this potential chaos.

You do not need much guessing on who is behind this.

The Federal Government, read BN, has tried all means from religion to race to win back Selangor.

The people in Selangor were not easily cowed.

They stood their ground until now.

But it will be different now, you bet.

The Federal Government have resorted to playing with DIRT!

Their crony company will let your waste pile high.






Anonymous said...

Gee! That sounds fun. The word "crisis" in Chinese also means "opportunity".

This is a great opportunity for the Selangor Pakatan government to :

1. show the rakyat how it can effectively deal with crisis such as this. There's less than 1 month to go but still enough time to put into action an alternative plan. The MB and his team need to have the guts to make tough (and at times unpopular decisions). They will also need funds to deploy alternative resources.

2. tell the rakyat how the federal BN government put them through problem for selfish political gains. Draw up a media and publicity strategy to tell the people what actually happened, what the S'gor govt. is doing to resolve the problem AND what can the Selangor people do to resolve the problem.

3. galvanise the Selangor people to rally together to do something for their immediate communities. Playing an active part to resolve the waste disposal issue in their immediate community is a good way to foster community spirit.

4. demonstrate leadership, courage and determination to work side-by-side with the Selangor people in times of crisis.

If the Pakatan team can handle this crisis well, you can be sure that they will retain Selangor, even by a bigger margin.

So ... how can I help craft the contingency plan for the Pakatan team? Apart from having to deal with my own trash from 15 Oct onwards

zorro said...

Anon530pm...man, I like your never-say-die spirit. It is my ardent hope that the Selangor Pakatan Government will prove to Selangoreans that they are not a one-term government.

wandererAus said...

Perhaps, have a new company doing the job minus all UMNO homes. PR should play dirt with dirt, there is no point to be nice with UMNO shitheads!

Anonymous said...

Former Prsident Bush claimed it was 'weapon of mass destruction' in Iraq and that was proven to be a lot of bull and shit.

BN now play the 'weapon of waste destruction' against the Selangor rakyat.

Let the voters hurl back this shit and waste back at BN come GE13. If they want to play dirty, let all play the same game.


Old Fart said...

Well, Selangor can start levying a RM10,000 charge for each rubbish truck going into Selangor from Kuala Lumpur as well as Putra Jaya!! And if they don't want to pay, let the trucks dump the rubbish within their own territories!!

hussin said...

selangorians going to work, be it by own transports or public transports, each carry a small rubbish plastic bag, can choose to dump them in the kl waste bins or strategic places in kl. we play by their "dirty" game. enough is enough!

Chen Ping said...

Throw your rubbish bags in front of Wisma Umno . Sure they will collect them .

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what the cost of rubbish collection per household is in selangor?

perhaps this could be the time to make the process more efficient, to facilitate recycling, and to show to the country what a good government and its people can do.

Anonymous said...

No big deal-lah! We who live in apartments already pay out of pocket for rubbish collection! Selangor govt just need to call for tender from these guys, then award the collection to 10 different companies for better management, rather than award to 1 company who can hold you at ransom! Having many guys work for you is more efficient too, anyone drop-out can easily be replaced. Toffee

bruno said...

Zorro,the Selangor state government is not that strong and stable as the Penang state government under LGE.A lot of infighting and backstabbing by Azmin's faction to undermined Khalid's stewardship of Selangor has caused a lot of damage to Khalid's administration.Internal sabotaging can caused a lot more damage than outside attacks by your political enemies.

Khalid's administration is weak,like a wounded animal.That is why it is most likely to succumb to the constant attack and pressure,by the dirty tactics of Umno.Just look at Umno's dirty tricks at LGE's administration in Penang.Hardly a scratch,lest to say a dent.Only when a party is weak internally can it cave in to external pressure.If Selangor were to fall back to Umno,then PKR has only itself to blame.

WTF said...

This is an opportunity for the current S'gor gov to implement its own waste disposal scheme. Lets stop wasting our energy on cursing and swearing atthe federal gov. Its akin to screaming at your excrement 'Why you so smelly like that'!!. You will not get a response.

With enough funds, which I hope the state has (if i am not mistaken, it did brag that it garnered a comparatively higher level of local investment)to start anew and make a difference. Alam Flora should be made history... just like the crap we flush down the toilet :-). PK .... start working hard and i mean now!!... There are countless hands at work to de-rail you.

Uncle Zorro, coming home at the end of the year, it would be an honour to have a single malt or 2 with u

Roti Sunshine said...

I quite like Chen Ping's idea. Don't forget their ADUN's and MP's office too.

Law of Physics. Action = Reaction. What goes around must comes around!

Roti Sunshine said...

Some survival tips till PR government resolve problem with the help of the people.

Keep all meaty and bony leftovers in your freezer and bury all unwanted greens and fruits skins.

Next step is the most important! Bury BN/UMNO at the next election.

Badut Nasional said...

Just throw the garbages into the longkang and let it floats to PutarJaya!!!

Charlie Oscar said...

The Selangor Government took over the Cleaning and Maintenance Works on 1st August 2011!!!
Alam Flora collects rubbish and wastes from house to house and Designated areas!!!
The rubbish and wastes in "common" areas are the Responsibilities of the Local Councils!!!
If the Local Authorities Did Not Do their Works, You Should Blame the Selangor Government and Not Others!!!

samgoh88 said...


To wage a war over waste
Is not in the best of taste
Consider turning rubbish into paste
And solve another problem with haste

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Thur.22nd Sept 2011.