Monday, September 26, 2011


PATRICK, I book one on condition that all those featured, if still about, can promise that they will take back PERAK for us PERAKIANS! Deal?


Starmandala said...

Yes, calling all Perakians... PLEASE reclaim your beautiful state from the greedy clutches of the BN zombies!

Anonymous said...

antares, how better the PR zombies can be? Their 'penasihat' is already a maniac! They are just bunch of idiots!

Anonymous said...

Me prefer the 'maniac' more,rather than the worthless C4 murderer!!!!

vinnan said...

When was the last time the PR people stole anything from you? As for BN, I am at a loss as to how I should catalog their thefts. Shall we start with oil blocks L and M of the coast of Sarawak which was 'given' to Brunei?

Anonymous said...

The uMNO'S idea of boosting bumi equity by forcing new companies or investment to give 30% to a bumi partner is very detrimental to our economy.

Who would spend miilions to start a company to give 30% to someone who will pay for the 30% after your company earns enough to give him the money.

About now some dick just commented that it should be 65% because there about 65% bumi population. Imagine someone giving controlling stake of his new company to a bumi if he wants to start a business in malaysia.

It is a wonder there are any FDI at all, which is why we need cheap labour, no tax and subsidized everything to get investment. Even a malaysian would find it more attractive to do business elsewhere if he can, and they do.

So most of the bumi equity ends up with GLCs and state investment bodies because of this. There are few real bumi businessmen but plenty of rent seekers.

Anonymous said...