Friday, September 23, 2011



I gathered that some FEEL GOOD radio stations scored a cool scoop! Sounds like the Sibu call: You help me, I help you.

You won’t get my favorite BFM going into such frivolities. They rather bring you THE Branding Guru Jack Trout who said that only countries with poor image and in deep distress uses PR companies to do damage control.


wandererAus said...

Ask Fat Mama, "Still functioning or already, a dead prick!" that cool?

backStreetGluttons said...

alamak, zorro !
you not scared dickhead use sedition act on you ah ?

zorro said...

BackStreet, when you show fear, the other side gets braver, no?

Tikus Demokrasi said...

Are we still on the road to becoming the best democracy as envisioned by Najib?

By banning the 'Undilah' video on TV, it gives the rakyat the impression that the government is discouraging the rakyat from voting or register as voters
I've seen the video and there is nothing propaganda about it be it from the ruling party or opposition

What is the ruling government afraid of?

To me, Najib's "coolness" has gone down the drain due to this farce
Ku Li was right to say that our country has lots of problems.

Pete Teo's Undilah is better than any rubbish from Rais agency.

Rais should line up for his turn in the Zorro's fart chamber. Zorro should grant him the express lane.

எந்திரன் said...

Cool: Nasi Lemak 2.0

Not Cool: MCMC told TV stations not to air Undilah video.

Lagi Tak Cool: PM lagak cool.

Malaikat Bonceng said...

Rais banning the Undilah video (that encourages people to vote) on TV ? Now that's malaysian world-class democracy!

Something is seriously wrong with this BN administration. They seem to fear their own shadows and everything informative is deem to be sensitive. What is the point of repealing the ISA when even a video calling on the people to vote is treated with such disdain?

Surely, Malaysians must have better grey matters than those in UMNO to decide what is right and what is wrong. The taking off of this video will be another Bersih 2.0 to UMNO/Najib, only minus the police. And the cousins will be in damage control modes very soon.

Something must be very wrong somewhere in the administration. Why is the Government so sensitive over such a small matters calling on eligible voters to register and vote? Never had we seen such a high handed administration in the history of Malaysia! There are just too much contradictions within the administration itself, add the weak Prime Minister, this country is running on auto mode !

Malaysians, aren't you tired of people telling you what you can do, what you cannot do when you are of voting age and a full adult? Let us once and for all dump this useless and reportedly hugely corrupt administration out for good come PRU 13! Even if we cannot win Federal powers, dump them out in as many states as possible in the Peninsular. Malaysians must speak out, wake up and show the world that we are ready for change and will not be controlled by a few mediocre leaders! Malaysians, Malaysia call upon you to Selamatkan Malaysia, come PRU 13!

Awan said...

The repealed ISA is to be replaced by the “the best democracy in the world” act, whereby no criticism of umno will be allowed.

Anyone who criticize “the best democracy in the world” will soon find himself charged like Mat Sabu for distorting historical facts and attempting to create chaos.

Yen Yen’s advertisements will no longer proclaim “Malaysia Truly Asia” BUT “Malaysia the best democracy in the world”.

Malaysia the best democracy in the world – that’s how saifool’s own sperma ended up in his own rectum.

That’s BN Transformasi for you.

Anonymous said...

Tahu kenapa Tun M support Lynas?

Anak sulung Tun Mahathir, Mokhzani ialah Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kencana Petroleum yang mempunyai sahamnya dalam projek nadir bumi Lynas. Kencana Torsco Sdn Bhd ialah anak syarikat Kencana Petroleum.

Syarikat itu memenangi kontrak yang lumayan dari Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd untuk merekabentuk, fabrikasi, saliran, pembekalan, pemasangan dan membekal karbon dan tangki besi keluli bernilai RM9.1 juta.

Anonymous said...

Another syiok-sendiri masturbation session by Jib.