Sunday, March 14, 2010


Maybe SHAME is too mild. You judge for yourself HERE & HERE  

"Good morning Ms Susanne Loone Your mission, Susan, should you decide to accept it, is to acquire intelligence critical to Penang. As always, should you or any of your M'kini  Force be questioned, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This blog entry MAY self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.


Jong said...

No shame, no conscience, dignity and integrity, now how?

That scalawag screamed he represents the people not the party that gave him the cosy shelter(meaning PKR).

Wonder which 'people' is he referring to now that Bayan Baru residents/electorates want him out of sight, out of mind - resign and GO, tebal huh?!

Oh dear, guess Anwar needs to go 'pukul-memukul', seek help of the White Tiger deity to ward off evils and put a stop to his trouble days. Strange as it may seem, Madam Hoo says it's very effective and swears by it. HaahahHHa!!! Consult her Anwar, you won't regret it.

Check out Thestar:

wandererAUS said...

This ex-UMNO dog, what does he know what shame is?
If he is a man of substance and integrity, he would gave resigned on his own accord...a maggot from the same UMNO shit house?....just dream on!
"ONE FOR THE ROAD MAN",..Fat Mama is going to give him a Big Ang Pau!
Sorry zor, no beer for you la....

Anonymous said...

Send petition to the Agong

Antares said...

Anonymous @ 8:51PM said: "Send petition to the Agong."

You think defler gives a fuck about democracy?

KoSong Cafe said...

In a Sunday paper, the independent MPs are given the name 'third force' with separate seating arrangements in Parliament. More like third 'farce' with expiry date only up to the next election. Of course, if with enough of them to constitute two thirds majority they would be of immense value to BN to do as they please until date of expiry.

motherchell said...

Oh Zorro!! if i was in his constituency, i would show my gratitude and hospitality for all that he had done so far. I will give him a grand makan-malam. Ikan Bakar(puffer fish from Haiti),toufu,briyani,and Bandung laced with a wee bit of cyanide.
He sure will sit Independently Upright in Parliament this time.

Anonymous said...

this message is not related to the blog entry but i am unsure how else i can leave one.

the assault on bloggers have started. Malysia Today and it's mirror site is unaccessible this morning.

is there a 3rd??

Anonymous said...

uncle Zorro. with thousands cursing and calling bad words against this idiot zah-hujan, one fine day he will fall to the ground and sei-zhore, due heart attck or stroke. enough said about this bus-tard lah.

Anonymous said...

keMALUan manyak BESAR nya !! said...

Zahrain rhymes with:


Anonymous said...

"You think defler gives a fuck about democracy?' - Antares.

Especially after he's telling us what to believe MSM and Gomen!

Time to discard wrong ideas and superstitions.