Wednesday, March 17, 2010




Punch drunk Ibrahim Ali said that  the Malays are marginalised.  

He added that contrary to preconceived notions, Malays have not “received much anyway, these are all misperceptions.”

Just wondering how did this happen and who made this happen!


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Anonymous said...

Perdosa lah !!

wandererAUS said...

This dick Ibrahim Ali, is mouth piece doing thejob for the political racist party UMNO...UMNPputras like to be seen, they are reasonable ass-holes! this moment is desperately trying to win back the Chinese voters.
There is half truth in his statement. Agreed, half the malays lost out but, who are robbers? Obviously, the UMNO elites that gobbled the lot?
So Fatso, go after this lot of privileged parasites in the establishment...if you have the balls!...or, are you the devil in disguise?

Liza said...

can we change punch to side kick for next time...I like much this picture... very terrible "mu Brahim"

nstman said...

This baboon should headline Jay Leno's circus act every day. He is so stupid he actually looks cute.

Anonymous said...

Betul cakap vincent Ibrahim melayu telah disinggirkan selama 52 tahun.Tapi siapakah dikerajaan yg menyinggirkan melayu selama ini?Mungkin ibrahim vincent sendiri nak jawab jujur.

Jong said...

Another sad piece of schizophrenic loony Malaysia needs to watch very closely before it gets out of hand!

jamri said...

Ibrahim katak should say that the malays are marginalised because they are too dependent on government aid/grant/scholarship/subsidy... and they never return the loan. the Malays (except Azizi Ali) never have proper financial planning, buy everything on installment and credit, no savings even though ASB gives them 8.8% divendend/bonus, wasted money on fancy cars, furniture to show off, then they blame other race who did the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Orang Asli ia lah bumiputras but yang lain 2 semua pendatangs !!

Anonymous said...

That...! He must tell his masters!!!

They are the ones controlling the country. Go bitch to them...!!

Better Vincent give him a few million, perhaps he'll just "shut up" yah.......!!!

Anonymous said...

Before those ardent Perkasa followers are further led down the garden path, perhaps they should ask thier exalted dickhead apportunistic leader IB who were those Chinamen he was squatting with after he was cast into the wilderness for supporting Semangat 46 in the 80’s. They should also ask him what was he doing for his benfactors.
This dickhead is worst than that Ahmad Said from Penang.

sampalee said...

It is not about malays and non-malays.It is the ugliness of politics.Like the stench of shit,it remind us to keep our distance.

telur dua said...

This katak must be an eternal optimist. He still thinks that at this time and age there are Malaysians who buy his garbage.

To put it bluntly, he is mentally sick.

Anonymous said...

Dear Z,
This character IA is NOT even mentioning. He is a real scumbag and a barking dog for UMNO and croonies.