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I received this in my comment box this morning before going to the Shah Alam Magistrate court to post bail for Raja Azman.

Nomad Muslim said...

Dear Zorro, I’m sorry to have used your website to campaign for Zulkifli Nordin. A non-Malaysian Muslim from South Africa who was a student here, my letter to The Malaysian Insider has been published. I did mention your blog in the letter and how I used it to campaign for Zul! You too can publish it and I would appreciate if you do that. Thank you and may God bless you!


I Contributed To Zul’s Victory & I’m Sorry 

 a mob1900 creation

Zul today wants PAS and PKR to severe ties with DAP but he thought it fit that he should use DAP support to win. He saw it fit to use Lim Kit Siang’s statement against his UMNO rival to get the overwhelming Chinese vote and today he talks as if UMNO gave him the seat. Any person with an iota of intelligence will tell you that Lim Kit Siang is more pro-Islam and Malay today than he was on March 07, 2008.

By Nomad Muslim

Dear Editor, I would appreciate if you publish this long but terribly important letter on Zulkifli Nordin, Umno, the Malays and the tragic state Malaysia finds itself in today. Thank you and may Allah (sw) bless you.

The letter:

I did contribute to Zulkifli’s victory and I’m sorry dear Malaysians
I’m a Muslim student in Malaysia from an African non-Muslim country. I have been here for a while to know much about this country. Although I’m in the science stream, I follow the Malaysian political scene with fervour. In fact, foreign students particularly Muslims follow Malaysia’s sorry state with disgust and shock. A nation we thought we could be proud of and sell to others including our countries, but unfortunately hell-bent on proving that God’s Grace can be a curse.

As Malaysia prepared for the now historic March 08 elections, we did whatever we could in our own simple ways of contributing to the Pakatan (later formed of course) groups particularly PAS and PKR. Either we encouraged our Malay brethren whom we knew were registered to go and vote or at least help in disseminating the PAS and PKR political platforms and popularize their candidates. One such candidate was Nulkifli Nordin, a Reformasi stalwart. Reading his blog then which was started in February 2008 was interesting. What a shameful metamorphism indeed! In case he deletes it, we have captured it for posterity and Allah (sw) knows much more. Now here comes what I did.

On March 02, 6 days before the poll, as I went through Malaysian blogs, I came across damaging information against the UMNO candidate for KULIM Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir published in the blog of former DAP MP James Wong, Here:(http://jameswongwingon-online.blogspot.com/2008/03/first-umno-extremist-named-by-chinese.html) who linked to a statement issued by The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH). The statement was carried by The Merdeka Review and it was in Chinese. Here:(http://www.merdekareview.com/news.php?n=6065). I immediately alerted Zulkifli through email and a comment left at his blog. I also sent him the link to Lim Kit Siang’s reaction to what Abdul Azizi has done by threatening to burn down the KLSCAH in 2000. (http://www.limkitsiang.com/archive/2000/aug00/lks0458.htm

By then, the people who were visiting his blog were very small in number. He was desperately popularizing his blog through Malaysia-Today, Harris Ibrahim and Zorro blogs which are of course very popular. But my information will change a lot. As I left the comment in his blog, I requested that his not publish my comment but act on its message. He heeded my call. To him, I was just a concerned “Malaysian” who was fighting with him (or for him?) to secure him a victory against Umno.
Zulkifli Nordin thanked me and on the same date that I alerted him published the KLSCAH information plus Lim Kit Siang’s press statement on Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir’s antics. Using the photo provided by Merdeka Review, he added: Tolak budaya samseng and then wrote: (We thank you wanyama for alerting us on this news....). Here: (http://zul4kulim.blogspot.com/2008/03/first-umno-extremist-named-by-chinese.html) Wanyama was the fake name I used to sign in. The reaction was swift. That particular entry was published in Malaysia today. I personally linked it to Harris Ibrahim’s blog and Zorro’s too through commenting in their blogs. 20 people including me commented on the entry and I wrote:  

I'm the one who rang the alarm bell. Mr Zulkifli, this is a big chance to awaken the Chineese. It should be printed today and made sure every Chinese voter gets it. It is politics of honesty, acountability, responsibility and good manners. UMNO samsengs have no such qualities no wonder they are threatening people with fire. How can such people be made MPs? Kulim voters, be they Chinese, Malays or Indian, reject samseng.”

Zulkifli who was struggling with the Chinese vote got a golden chance to awaken the Chinese in Kulim and distributed thousands of flyers over this “Extremist” UMNO man (to use his own words…how days change). This also proved fatal to UMNO. Desperate to defeat him, UMNO was distributing demonic CDs against Anwar Ibrahim in Kulim and Zulkifli was campaigning on the premise that he was a Reformasi man and that he was DSAI’s lawyer. Rather than continuing on its demonic spree against DSAI, UMNO in Kulim was put on the defensive and by March 06, it was clear that Zul was headed for an emphatic history.

UMNO tried to disqualify him 2 days to the polling date on the premise that he didn’t submit his Account Statement and he lodged a police report against the Returning Officer and also sent a scathing letter to The Star for publishing a report titled: “Question mark over Zulkifli” and demanded that it publishes his press statement. Later the EC clarified that he was eligible to contest. Note that UMNO wanted to act against him only after his chances of winning became clear and didn’t object to his candidacy on the nomination day as usual.

Then the DAY came and Zul went on to win the Kulim seat. His ranted against the evil, corrupt, extremist and disgraceful Umno (his words) and the people listened and voted for him. One day after the victory, a Mahathirist commentator who used the pen name: arb_ok wrote: “Assalamualaikum YB, Congratulations on your recent election as the people's representative. On behalf of my friends from KL who went back all the way to Kulim just to vote you, we sincerely hope that you shall carry your new responsibilities to the fullest.

Please remember not to take the voters for granted. The Kulim folks are no longer awed by the BN. I personally hope that despite you winning on Keadilan ticket, you shall not pursue the cause of DSAI as he is a gone case. Please remember to serve the Kulim folks well and you shall be rewarded handsomely.

And I must let you know that my vote went to the candidate and not the party. I despise Keadilan for their struggle on Anwar. Largely the Kulim folks are not fond of Anwar but we were simply sick of the PM and his advisers.

Selamat berkhidmat
. Wassalam and syabas YB.”

I responded to this rabid Mahathirist and defended Anwar, Zul and PKR as a “Malaysian” and I wrote:

Dear arb_ok

Your understanding is warped and your intellectual poverty is immense and heartrending that it needs attention. Let me address the issues that you have raised one by one.

1. You congratulated the new YB on his victory which is right. Then you went on to claim credit on behalf of your friends in KL. Well, you need to show the evidence that there were friends of yours who authorized you to speak on their behalf. I myself is from KL and went to vote in Kulim for Noordin. You said the new YB should carry his duties well since Kulim voters are no longer awed by BN. Agreed! But it is Malaysia which also is not awed by BN and its pussyfooters.

2. Then you addressed the new YB saying that he shouldn’t pursue the cause of DSAI since he is a gone case. It is here that I’m very interested in. first of all, what’s DSAI’s cause and who determines that cause? Secondly, how did you know that he was gone? Using which barometer? By what law, by what justice? Your calculation that you voted for the candidate but hates his party unearths your buffoonery since at the end of the day a candidate is voted on the basis of the ideals and manifestos of his/her party. Moreover, if Noordin is good, then it means the party that fielded him must have been good in the sense that it looked for the good people.

3. You wrote: “I despise Keadilan for their struggle on Anwar.” I must say that your hatred to Anwar the person has rendered you a buffoon beyond salvation point. This is because KeADILan is a party made of diverse people with diverse background driven by one goal: a better Malaysia. The fact that Anwar is part of that mass movement or party shouldn’t confuse you my dear. Yes, I can see you hate Anwar but Anwar even is not aware of your existence, so it will be civil and informed not to nag others about him as you are desperately doing here. Furthermore, the fact that KeADILan was formed after Anwar was jailed doesn’t make it an Anwar party. In any way, a party is borne at a given moment due to a certain political, economical or national cause at a given moment too, and therefore KeADILan’s birth at the height of the political assassination of DSAI doesn’t make the party bereft of any idea or its multifarious supporters and winners a hapless bunch of people wallowing in intellectual penury.

4. You said Kulim people are not fond of Anwar. Hehehe Which Kulim people are you talking about? It is just like how you said on behalf of KL friends. Mah! You are so cheap and condescending my dear. Your view and atavistic rage against Anwar can’t be said to be that of Kulim or its people. I’m sorry to inform you that Kulim is not you. Kulim has thousands of people with different ideas, perceptions, beliefs and orientations, therefore, your childish rants that the people of Kulim are anti-Anwar as if you are the Kulim itself makes your argument utterly naïve and ludicrous. Just say, as far as I’m concerned, ok? Thanks, wassalam.”
One may ask why all this trouble, well, we did all this to support the change and Malaysia’s prospect for a better tomorrow. We support the Islam of Tok Guru Nik Aziz (note I say Nik Aziz and not Ustadh Hadi) and the leadership of DSAI and now Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. We did this in order to support the people we thought were conscientious enough to understand that there is a crying need for a new paradigm in this nation and the salvation of this outwardly glamorous nation but deeply rotten inside. We did this because we have seen how rotten the system is, how failed Malaysia is becoming and how defeatist culture and inherent opportunism is becoming the accepted norm.

In 2006, a friend from another country was arrested in Kedah while he was going to Thailand. He was informed that his visa had expired the previous day by the Kedah Immigration and then he was detained. A relative of his requested me to accompany him to Alor Star to visit the man. I did. What I saw was shocking. Rather than putting the man through due process, the Immigration men demanded RM 10,000. And when we informed them that his case has already being taken to court, a lawyer from UiTM who was working with the Immigration men said this to me: “all this will be solved. Both the prosecutor and the judge are known to me and he will be released immediately provided you pay the amount”, and then he gave me his account number.

He was a treacherous man selling his motherland. He is a product of a corrupt system that’s hailed as a success. We wanted the likes of Zulkifli to do something for Kedah, Malaysia and all those who love this nation. And those petty Umnoputras who rant against the world for demanding a fair tribal for DSAI, it is because even poor foreign students know how corrupt Malaysia’s judiciary is. We are witness to it and the world knows much than you can imagine.

Like would a Malay(sian) student in the US would in all probability support Obama, or the same student in India would do a dig for the Congress, the overwhelming majority of foreign Muslim students in Malaysia unequivocally support Anwar Ibrahim. Make no mistake about it and we aren’t stupid about it. We also salute beloved Tok Guru Nik Aziz whose courage and fatigue represent the spirit of the nation. And we also salute the always urbane and truly patriotic Ku li. For me and many others, these three men (plus many others in the trenches) are the real patriots. A patriot is the one who demands the best of his/her nation, not a vile, tribal posturing, knife (keris) waving buffoon who can’t express himself in an intelligent way. These three men also have been victims of the system and they are ones who can only correct it.

For us, Zul was part of the true patriots. The man who accused his UMNO rival of extremism became its ugly and unacceptable face. There was no intellectual input from him on any issue, a typical Ibrahim Ali, only younger. The fact that Ibrahim Ali is a vile character who can bad mouth others isn’t a sign of patriotism and neither would his empty tribal rhetoric take the Malays to a new frontier. I have been observing Zul, and I must say I feel sorry that I did little to help him win an argument against a rival whom he embraces today betraying the men and women who struggled with him all along. May be the Arab saying that revolution eats its children is true.  
n fact, the Malays are very strange people if not the strangest on earth. Say, if you work together and you disagree, they will become your enemies and even do unimaginable things to you simply because you parted ways. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un
They will also go to your “original” enemies simply to spite you but it is they who spiting their own souls and dignity. You can say they are a people who cut off their noses to spite their faces. Ya Allah! Take former PKR Secretary General Dato Salehuddin Hashim for example. The fact that he has had few disagreements with (may be) some PKR leaders, today, he wants to destroy the party! That’s his way of his struggle and reformasi. Reading his statements in the Malaysian Insider and The Edge yesterday reminded me of the Quranic verse: “And do not be like she who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong [by] taking your oaths as [means of] deceit between you because one community is more plentiful [in number or wealth] than another community. Allah only tries you thereby. And He will surely make clear to you on the Day of Resurrection that over which you used to differ.” (16: 92)

When Malaysian MPs were going to Korea two weeks ago, I was at KLIA leaving for my country-South Africa. As I waited for my flight and roamed the airport, I saw PKR MPs Zuraidah Kamaruddin and Kapar MP M. Manickavasagam, PAS MPs like Dr Hatta Ramli and Dr. Lo’lo Ghazali and some UMNO MPs. Zul was the loudest and the most uncouth. Wearing a tight jeans and a T-Shirt (infidel clothes I guess), he never even greeted the Pakatan MPs. He stuck with UMNO MPs and you could see him haughtily laughing from around the corner. Loudly speaking on the phone, you could think he was excited for flying. I almost wanted to talk to him, but some UMNO MPs guarded him and I was fearful knowing that I’m a foreigner even if a Muslim.

Definitely he was a trapped man, and a perfidious character devoid of God’s fear. I want to say this to Zul, dishonesty and betrayal of ideals and friends is not part of serving Islam. And Islam is not served by attacking private premises, bad mouthing others, tribalising its universal message and turning it into a base political tool. Islam is more than that my dear! One way of serving Islam is respecting your friends and comrades even if they are non-Muslims let alone Muslims and disagreements in ideas and ideologies in Islam is a mercy. If certain PKR leaders take a position and you take another, that’s a mercy unto you all. Don’t force others to take your position and don’t humiliate others and be conscious of God in Whose Court you shall answer alone. Your intentions should be for Him and remember God wants us to prove that we love Him by loving humanity.

Zul today wants PAS and PKR to severe ties with DAP but he thought it fit that he should use DAP support to win. He saw it fit to use Lim Kit Siang’s statement against his UMNO rival to get the overwhelming Chinese vote and today he talks as if UMNO gave him the seat. Any person with an iota of intelligence will tell you that Lim Kit Siang is more pro-Islam and Malay today than he was on March 07, 2008. Rather than capitalizing on that; and bringing the nation together and giving the Malays dignity and bringing to an end this heartrending mentality of: “we are sensitive people, (you mean others aren’t?), we will ran amok. We are weak, we need eternal crutches”, Zul is going back, back on anything good.

If he was a visionary leader, he would have understood that neither UMNO nor the current mentality will sustain the Malays. He would have taken his people to a new frontier much as they may hate it because a great leader takes his people where they DON’T want but aught to be while a leader (UMNO type) takes his people where they WANT. (Responding to base reactions, empty rhetoric and visionless politics devoid of God’s fear and based on brutal tactics).
Allah (sw) has been good to you Malays in many ways. He made you Muslims, He brought the Chinese and Indians to this country, if you doubt their benefit and contributions, ask others. Ask us! After Islam, the presence of the Chinese and Indians in this country is the greatest grace Allah (sw) has bestowed upon you Malays. He gave you a beautiful, an abundant nation. He gave you meek people who accept second class status and never demand much-the Sabah and the Sarawak Bumis. He gave you resources and a strategic place to call home. Rather than glorifying God and taking care of this nation, you cry daily, whine daily, threaten others daily, refuse to ask yourselves critical questions. Blame others, shame yourselves by repeatedly saying ‘we are weak, we are sensitive’ and defame Islam by using it as a tribal bomoh culture rather than a universal message.

You cry our “Allah”, since when did Allah become your tribal god? Please explains to us Muslims from the four corners of the earth why “Allah” is yours for example? You are not more Muslims than us. Are you? So tell us why? You won’t respond and if you do, it will be along the usual lines: “Our people will be confused.” All that you know is to say: our people are weak, our people are sensitive, our people are easily confused, and our people can easily run amok”. Is that’s how you prove your intelligence? Is that’s how you want others to respect you? Is that’s how you want Muslims in other countries to take your case and explain it to others? Is this is how you want to be viewed globally? My dear brethren, my dear Malays…till when? For us Muslims in other parts of the world, we know why! Unfortunately the people who are responsible for this tragic state are the same people who are leading you today and you never even stop for a moment to ask: where are we heading. May be you will wake up when you have already fallen to the pit!

Islam is not for Muslims alone. Non-Muslims can use Islam against us if they feel we aren’t being true to what we purport to believe in. If the Chinese and Indians say NEP is un-Islamic, that’s true. The Prophet (pbuh) would have decreed the same today. The Prophet (pbuh) would have issued a decree saying the poor Chinese and Indians should be given aid too. But a typical UMNO-Zulikifli type would respond: “We are sensitive, hak kita, ini bumi kita…we will use the keris… we will run amok...May 13” There won’t be a single intelligent response. An Islamic input, a humanist input, an economical input. It will be the same Ibrahim Ali and May 13 rhetoric. Not only you shame yourselves, you do that to those who love you because of Islam.  

There is a crying need for the Malays to wake up and realize that business can’t be as usual. That protests don’t build a powerful community. They need to realize that Islam is for all and that UMNO’s tribal posturing will harm them more others and that the world isn’t waiting for them. You are being overtaken by all and sundry while you rant and rave, stuck in your own created quagmire. The Ibrahim Alis, demonic Utusan-undoubtedly Malaysia’s face of evil-, the Puad Zarkashis, The Alhabshees, BTN, and opportunist, inherently dishonest turncoats who can be bought for few Ringgits won’t help you in becoming a better people and a nation.

A man who can’t show your capability, but rather trades in your anguish, a man who sacrifices your future for political expediency, a man who doesn’t share with you the latest economic figures, research out, etc but sings a tribal song to you in order to inflame you and arouse your base emotions is not the one who will make you prosper and succeed in the Two World. You need intelligent leadership, a God fearing leadership, an honest leadership, true Malay leadership. You need Ku Li, Nik Aziz and DSAI. Allahuma Fashhad (O God be the witness).

“And that ears (that should hear the tale and) retain its memory should bear its (lessons) in remembrance.” Holy Qur’an 69: 13)


Your brother from South Africa


Ahjamal said...

To my Muslim African brother, ALLAH IS GREAT you have written the truth while UMNO Muslim together with others in Malaysia takes Islam as a commodity. They love not Islam but
they take Islam to paint that Malay owns Islam more then the ARABIAN. I will pray with other Muslim that ALLAH will guide this UMNO and Nordin to read and understand
what simple human should do that is to love ALLAH creation on all human mankind irrespective of race

Anonymous said...

As a voter who voted AGAINST UMNO/BN, not FOR Pakatan I am glad that the true colours of Pakatan Rakyat is revealed now.
With Anwar apologising for his bad choice of candidates, one can only wonder how PR will blunder the opportunity to run the country if given the chance.

Anyway, I do breath a sigh of relief. Because we voters got what we wanted.. reducing BNs 2/3 majority in order to wake BN up. Come 13th GE, we are going to think long and hard about voting for PR (against BN) again.

One wonders how many frogs will jump away, or if Anwar will plead for forgiveness for bad choices IF Pakatan takes over the government.

As i said, better the true colours showing itself now rather than after the govt changes hands. Better regret now with just a strong opposition rather than regret when they rule the country.

As one of the leaders of my extended family Co-Op, I called for a meeting amongst our members PRE GE12 and told them all to vote for the opposition to send a message. Unfortunately PR had messed their opportunity to prove themselves worthy. From Perak 3, to Penang DCM, to Zul, to Wangsa Maju , to Nibong tebal , one after another we see PR crumble. We gave you a strong voice in parliament, and now you seem to be slowly giving BN back their 2/3. We trusted you but you betrayed us.

My next co-op meeting af roughly 300 plus voters will carry a different message to our members. We wont stand for this kind of betrayal again.

Retired Civil Servant,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

mohsein shariff said...

very manipulative yet interesting story to assassinate a character that now no longer in your camp.

Kudos for the work. Typical PR mentality. AAA+

Anonymous said...

Thank you Normad Muslim. It's very refreshing coming from a foreigner and a true Muslim. Our beloved country is going to be a basket case because of greedy and devious politicians, some who called themselves Muslims but don't practice what they preached. Such people would quite readily prostitute their mothers and wives just for a few ringgit to pay their gambling debts and high-style living. I hope they will rot in hell.

A non-bumi

KK said...

Gee.. I too was conned by the Kulim bigot and thought the bugger was a decent man...had gave him RM 300 during 12th GE...

Big mistake huge regret !

Anonymous said...

Well written indeed. obviously Zulkifli Nordin and his UMNO DUMNO friends needs help to embrace future, the world of avatar.

motherchell said...

Thank You for that great deed you did this morning my dear Zorro. God Bless you and your family always. We are with you all the way from the 4 corners of the World.

motherchell said...

Such a gem from the mind of a visitor from earlier civilizations.He sees the ills first hand but not the UMNO Malays.
I wish this unknown brother we have the best of life itself. What a truthful testimony of how the UMNO Malays have prostituted their souls to the Devil----yet they think they are next to God!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brother who you are, thank you very2 much , BLESS you.

Antares said...

A heartwarming message indeed. But that bit about Zul Noordin snubbing his Pakatan colleagues while hanging around with the Umno clique sounds rather incriminating - it suggests that Zul Noordin is indeed an Umno mole whose mission is to wreck PKR. He's undoubtedly the least popular Pakatan MP around at the moment. In fact, Zul is a distinct liability to PKR!

shar101 said...

I saw with my own eyes what Zul Nordin did at the Bar Council Forum in 2008.

Instigator extraordinaire!

May his motorbike run out of petrol in downtown Kulim town soon.

Sukhdev said...

A vote for PR is in other words a vote for BN by the looks of things now. Might as well just vote BN then no?

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro
Reading our Brother from South Africa's writing makes my life brighter because justice and humanity are universal indeed. To have one from another country to feel like that, I wonder why can't we feel and do the same thing too?

Psychologically, no hypocrites would last longer than 6 months in doing something against their real selves. There are many hypocrites in PR and thank God for this human nature that we now could see 'musang berbulu ayam' leave PR in droves.

Dear Uncle Zorro, I am apolitical but I am quite emotional with PR because it has the word Rakyat in it. Any PR leaders or lawmakers would come and go but the ones that chart the direction of PR is us, the Rakyat.

May you and your beloved family bless with good health during this hot spell, Uncle Zorro.

Anonymous said...

I usually don't bother to read such long comments.
But this really caught my eye.

I'm not surprised. Why? Coz their style has been like that for more than 50yrs.....!

Most of the "jumping frogs" were previously from where arr...??????

Datuk Anwar....
Better late than never. "Clean your "house" with clorox....!!!!"

Thanks Nomad Muslim & Unca Zorro.
Translate to BM for those who can't understand English.

Sad yah... but what to do??

Anonymous said...

As a foreign student in this country, you have no business to meddle in our politics. We never asked for your support in the first place. You should apologise to the government for your action instead. Sick African you.

pinsysu said...

no fear ppl ... dat's wat forest fires do ... clear the field of undesirable elements ... and from the ashes a new gomen will be born. stay focus & do not lose hearts ... God/Allah is watching from a distance.

Anonymous said...

I cant understand how strange some people thinks... "wont vote pr anymore, they betrayed us" hello, those who betrayed us has gone join umno or bn lah.. so now you also want to help them some more by not voting pr/prm anymore? the shit has gone out now you want to follow the shit rather than continue the fight??? So many evil deeds committed by bn/umno after they lost the 2/3 majority you think they already 'awaken'? They need to be defeated, period!!!

Anonymous said...

Just throw this Zul bum to the Zoo Negara. He is only fit to be there so that we can throw a banana or two to this religious monkey.

Fairness said...

Hello, is that you RPK? Still alive??
Your writing shines through as a Royal Pain in the Konek (RPK).
Don't disguise yourself as a South African Muslim.
You expose ypurself by writing intimately on the PKR people who have left your fold.
We are not born yesterday.
Sad, sad you resort to this desperate way.
Uncle Zorro, did you receive your bounty from PKR? Bailing a no-account son of a no-good father.
Your money can be put to better use by helping poor Malaysians.

Mohsein Shariff

Its A+++. Yep typical PKR mentality.
Deriding their ex-leader. And they got the cheek to criticise UMNO whom they alleged of doing that.

Anonymous said...

First of all, such a detailed account of Zulkifli's history as a politician.

Whatever happens with PR now is contributed to the fact that, the leader has chosen the wrong people leading the party.

PR should take accountability of the problem with the leaders in the party instead of pointing the blame somewhere else.

Once PR admit that, yes, the problem lies with the party's leadership, PR can move on and face the true reasons why the MPs opt to quit. Then can, PR's leadership concentrate in prioritizing, evaluating, and implementing the best solution.

I don't see this being the case here. Instead, PR politicians rather look very defensive/insecure and are in denial.

sampalee said...

Wake up,all politicians are the same and we Rakyats are nothing,but chess pieces to them to play against each other for the prize power to reap the people.
We must refuse to play the game further.Rally behind good people like RPK so that our nation can heal from the wanton plunders of the politicins[both bn and pr]
In this hour of confusion.let the scriptures be out guide.

mauriyaII said...

A Muslim foreigner from South Africa is more knowledgeable than the UMNOputra muslims. He has more insight about Islam and the Malays than the stupid mamak who is nothing but a corrupted rabble rouser and who single-handedly brought our beautiful country to the level of Zimbabwe.

As for the frogs who have gone back to roost in their previous nest (UMNO), I say good riddance to bad, vile and stinking rubbish.

What is happening in PKR now should be a wake-up call to DSAI. Do not ever trust your former UMNO friends. They will stab you in the back and do you in when it fits their nefarious agendas.

The current episode of the froggies should be a lesson not only to PKR but also to PAS and DAP that UMNO has planted many trojan horses to do their dirty work from within. So, BEWARE!

The Pakatan Rakyat leaders should start identifying potential candidates for the 13th GE from now on. They should be vetted for their moral intergrity, political leanings, maturity, clean image without skeletons in the closet and their aim in joining PR.

It is good that these plague-ridden rats are abandoning ship now thinking PKR is going to sink with DSAI's sodomy case. Again, good riddance to political untouchables.

One thing is sure. They are already political hasbeens. They do not have any political future in PR or even in UMNO. They are in the same boat as the Jelapang prostitute.

All is not lost. A few froggies do not alter the political landscape. The 13th GE would be the yardstick.

Anonymous said...

This sick African wrote " I myself is from KL and went to vote in Kulim for Noordin." Can you believe his word? A foreigner voted in our election? If its true, then this is proof that Pakatan Rakyat won by phantom voters.

Not credible. Don't waste your time reading his piece.

Mat Tempoyak said...

Dear Zorro,
I suggest in the next election, PAS candidates stand in consituencies where PKR candidates have stood.PAS people have higher moral principles than these PKR blokes.

Jong said...

Didn't I warn of PKR shitpot that stings of UMNO/BN stench? - that's where all the problems in Pakatan Rakyat came from, where else!

Good that it's happening, let them go - good riddance to bad rubbish, and time to detoxify the party next, if it wants to stay relevent in preparation for GE-13.

Move on Pakatan Rakyat and never look back, we are behind you all the way!

Spring Cleaner said...

Spring cleaning time in PKR. Good riddance! Better to flush out the rotten eggs now than wait for the next General Election. Let them go.. it is like flushing out the bowels.. PKR will be cleaner and healthier once all these dirty lumps of shit are gone.

Anonymous said...

How did the candidates get selected in the first place?

1) Through merits?
2) Through experience?
3) Through connections?
4) Obligations?
5) Paying?
6) Promised Rewards?
7) Lucky Draw?
8) All the above
9) None of the above.

Obviously the selection process was flawed.


Jong said...

Joke is, ..looks like the two instigators/trouble-makers in PKR - Zul and Wee will continue stay on to see to the party's final destruction while its leaders including Anwar Ibrahim & Co need to jump ship instead? HahahHa!

Anonymous said...

To those ADUN, especially those FROGS who
1)Disrespect to RAKYAT’s will
2)Disgrace to RAKYAT’ vision
3)Disloyal to RAKYAT’s decision

We have to say that you are selling the soul of yourself and your family and also betrayer of the country.

We don’t choose you to steal our hard earned money.
We don’t choose you to make decision for us.
We don’t choose you to control us.

We only choose you to serve the RAKYAT.
We only choose you to follow RAKYAT’s vision.
We only choose you to fullfil RAKYAT’s will.

Remember :
We can put in , we still can flush you out like a waste.

Enough is enough


Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes. That's why we cannot blame PKR for picking the wrong people to stand for election. Remember that prior to the last general election, no one gave PKR and the opposition a chance. In fact except for hard cores like Tian Chua, no one was interested to really be a part of Anwar's party. Except for rejects from Umno. It was logical to pick them because they were able to cause havoc especially at the grass root level which they did. That's part of the reason PKR was able to win so many seats. That's why these people becomes greedy and demand their pound of flesh as their reward. Since PRK cannot give them, Najib did. Simple as that I think.


Anonymous said...

Well then, if this Zoo ooopps....Zulkifli Noordin now wants a Muslim panel to hear his disciplinary case, then he should have asked the Election Commission to disregard the votes he had obtained from the non-Muslims in the election. He should have made it very clear to the non-Muslims during his election 'ceramah' that he did not want their votes.
Anyway, why bother with him? Just tell this religious and holier than thou dickhead to leave. He is bound to keep on causing more trouble if he stays. He uses his religion to promote his own agenda. PKR does not need selfish religious bigots like him. Good riddance like that 3 other bums if he resign NOW.

samson said...

If that nut dares to step down for a re-election, he's bungkus!