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The Sultan of Selangor has done the right thing in withdrawing from his earlier agreement to open the inaugural general meeting of Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa Negara (Perkasa) on March 27. Although the reason given is that the Sultan does not want to be seen to be supporting a politician, namely, Ibrahim Ali, who heads the NGO, the more important implication is that right-wing organisations, even though they are championing Malay rights, have to be “tolerant and respect other races” and operate within existing laws.

Such a message is timely, especially since the country seems more divided than ever along racial lines. After the 2008 general election, Umno and certain individuals have been playing on racial sentiments to win back the Malays who had voted against the party, by warning them that the race is under threat. This has provided the impetus for organisations like Perkasa to garner support and step up right-wing activism.

If Ibrahim Ali is to be believed, Perkasa is attracting new members every day. He expects a gathering of 10,000 at the March 27 general meeting, which is pretty phenomenal for an organisation that is only one and a half years old. He has since gone on to form the Majlis Perunding NGO Melayu, a consultative council comprising 80 or so NGOs pledging to defend Malay rights, the institution of the Malay rulers and Islam.

Logically speaking, there seems no need to defend any of these because no one is foolhardy enough to fight them. The special position of the Malays is well protected, the Malay rulers are on a strong wicket, and Islam is firmly entrenched as the main religion of the country. The administration of this country, backed by the military and other institutions, is committed to ensuring that they will be upheld. Who would be bold or strong enough to go against that?

This is, however, not logical enough for Perkasa and its comrades. The Majlis Perunding NGO Melayu has asked to meet with Prime Minister Najib Razak before he announces his New Economic Model, which is expected to be soon. Ibrahim Ali, who is also their spokesman, has made it clear that “we want any policy made by the Government to get support from all quarters”. He also said that “if the Government wants the support of NGOs, (it) should also give due consideration to our views and feelings”.

This stance taken by Ibrahim and the council of NGOs reflects what the Jews would call chutzpah. They are thus encouraged probably because the Government has been taking a tolerant attitude towards them. Some political observers feel that the Government is actually making use of these right-wingers to articulate what the Government itself can’t, without contradicting its outward advocacy for 1Malaysia. Perkasa and its ilk serve the purpose of uniting those Malays who feel they are under threat, which Umno welcomes, while Najib goes about wooing the non-Malays with his multi-racial sloganeering.

Meanwhile, yet another right-wing group has emerged. Calling itself the Organisation of Former Umno Elected Representatives, it purports to champion Malay interests in the fields of economics, education, religion and language. That seems to somewhat duplicate the agenda of Perkasa and the Majlis Perunding NGO Melayu but it doesn’t seem to matter to its members. Perhaps they feel that by dint of their being former Umno representatives, they may be better received and considered more influential.

The trend, on the whole, is rather disturbing. The rise of the right wing could further widen the communication and harmony gap between the different races. It’s already giving the impression that a section of the Malays are getting agitated. The sad thing is, they’re getting agitated for the wrong reasons. Their enemy is not the non-Malays, but the right-wing leaders would have them believe this is so. And this is being abetted by the mainstream media.
Khalid Samad, the PAS MP for Shah Alam, recently said that Perkasa is “not a problem”. He asserted that “they don’t have much influence in society”. One hopes he is right. If the right-wing elements within Umno itself should be empowered by this growing development, the consequences might be dire. An Umno controlled by right-wingers is not a pretty prospect. Imagine a Malaysia regressing into becoming an ethnocentric culture when the signs of progress are pointing in the opposite direction. We will all lose out.

One of the messages conveyed by the Sultan of Selangor’s private secretary, Lela Bakti Mohamad Munir Bani, when announcing His Highness’s decision to not officiate at Perkasa’s meeting, contains much-needed advice: “Perkasa should be tolerant and respect other races in Malaysia, live in harmony and work together to develop the country.” There’s nothing equivocal in that message. If Perkasa still doesn’t get the hint, those who support it deserve what they get.






The speed by which Perkasa has taken leadership on the issue of Malay economics over sleepy UMNO, can only suggest that UMNO people have not been thinking about economics. Instead they are easily sidetracked into nonsensical things such as making police reports about Anwar using the name of Agong and all that. That's not going to save UMNO if Malay economy is kaput. Forget Anwar. Ibrahim Ali is mowing down your legitimacy. 



Anonymous said...

we all learnt that Hitler shot himself after losing World War Two, and The Pharaoh also had long dead and recorded in history books alike Hitler as well.

we never imagine that MAHAFIRAUN would appear as Hitler, not even in Universal Studio Movies but we are seeing it real in Malaysia.

Ong Kah Ting wants to make a comeback, that of course worry the Mahafiraun too, no..???

Anonymous said...

The strategy is plain and simple. Get Ibrahim Ali and the likes of him to hit the headlines on the front pages. This takes away the heat on the PM. All for a same identical cause. To champion the rights, special privileges and position of their kind. At whatever extent and means. Yes, by all means, rob Peter to pay Ali. The Federal Constitution allows it. Or so they thought. They just never learn. They expect freebies without having to work and earn them. So help them, Allah (and God).

Loyar Baru said...

An old malay proverb ' tak ada rotan , akar pun berguna ' Err but in this case the root is rotten and is in the final stages of decay . Even Colgate could not help !

Anonymous said...

Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa Negara? How many orang asli in their membership??

shar101 said...

To have TDM officiate the grand opening of Perkasa's inaugural AGM is like 'groveling' to save 22 years of 'perceived' legacy.

"Melayu mudah lupa" or is it, "Mahathir tak nak tahu".

Couldn't do it then, still can't do it now.

Couldn't do it as a malay, far from it as a Malaysian.

And as a blogger, he failed to enlighten as well.

Somebody should write "The Mahathir Dilemma" instead.

On second thoughts, don't bother.

P.S. Mar.M, this nonsense has got to stop. Make it happen if you can, please.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry brother!!! It will be Ibrahim Ali against Malaysians this time around.
Enjoy your drink!!!

Anonymous said...

Thru all the decades, Malays were "never" sidelined & threathen.

Malay people's privillages has "always" been signed, sealed & delivered....!!!

Non-Malays / non-bumis "NEVER" had special privillages like the Malays. Yet they still make something out for themselves thru sheer hard work & smart thinking....!!!

"WHY" is it only now the Malays feels threathen?
Says that Ibrahim Ali..!

For what...???
It's his own countrymen that ARE running the country. Making the rules. Seeing to the economy. Sitting on "the" top. Making "ALL" the decisions.

Each State has a Sultan. Oil for for who & who. The list goes further.....

So what the bloody crap & how is it that the Malay's rights are threathen...?
HOW da...?????????????

Empty vessels makes the "MOST" noise!
Just give a few million & perhaps it'll all disappear.......

"Hey..! I'm innocent you know. But I support it!!!"

Anonymous said...

Perkasa is like an erupted bad boil on the backside. It stinks to high heaven and causes a lot of pain but eventually it will subside and disappear.


wandererAUS said...

Muslims conceding to the MIGHTY Jews.....hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Zorro when the extreme right wing orgs such as Hindraf and Dong Zong and Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI emerged, nobody said it was disturbing.

Stop the double talk lah.

All these rubbish coming from bloggers are the ones that's disturbing.

Derring-Do said...

Ibrahim Ali is as racist as you are.
Infact, he talks more sense.
I am sure he's got more supporters than you, old man.
I doubt you can get votes if you stand as an Independent.
i challenged you to be a candidate in the next GE.
Under PKR of course, since you cannot stand on your own standing.

Antares said...

I can smell a Jewish spin behind all this. Create a monster more fearsome than Najib and Umno will appear almost reasonable!

Jong said...

Poor Mahathir, how did he come that low?

Sudden social isolation after being ostracized by society at large, not to mention he must now have realised he was surrounded by fake "YES-men" for 22 long years, has turned him into a schizophrenic screwball!

Teckky said...

'... especially since the country seems more divided than ever along racial lines. ...'

I don't know whether by 'country' you mean fellow Malaysians, or UMNO/BN politics. But let's not fall into their cynical mental trap, eh.

donplaypuks® said...

More like PERKOSONG! Empty vessels make the most noise!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

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Ahjamal said...

Ibrahim Ali is only a Malay crab trying to fool the Malays . Champion is race not knowing himself has all the dirty spots all over him. Should
those Malay join this crab then they are also crabs. Suggest Malays to look deeper who Ibrahim Ali is. For the king crab is none other then that
racist TDM

Anonymous said...

as you all fight, that Mamak who never dare to acknowledge his roots, will continue to accumulate wealth at the expense of the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

muslim having shares in gambling co.
apakah punishments nya !!??

Anonymous said...

Bro Z,
This idiot of a Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa at last has found an old senile RTM (Rehat Tunggu Mati)fellow to launch his racist party called Perkasa. In fact should be called Perkosa. Gave a bad name to the word PERKASA. Anyway, this old fellow has no platform to 'stand' on. So he is invited to stand on the stage platform 4 the launch. That is about all!!