Tuesday, March 30, 2010



A note from Jong:
Btw I spoke to Nizar today and from the horse's mouth - soon after Nazrin Shah addressed the Assembly and left, he walked up to  BN Speaker Ganesan  and blasted him: "You are a pengecut! You have allowed police personnel to intrude into the Dewan, and you are a lawyer, an insult to your profession!" 
The guy knows no shame, just smiled back! 


wandererAUS said...

BN Haram Speaker not even voted in by the electorates
protected by 6sergeants-at-arms in front of Speaker’s chair…what a blooming fuss, what a blooming DEMOCRACY UMNO practiced…protecting their shameless assholes…!

Anonymous said...

dia tak rasa malu pasai takda kemaluan!


Anonymous said...

Should we believe this horses's mouth talk?
I dont

storm62 said...

shameless police dogs playing hide and seek with the Perak ruler and son at the Dewan....ha ha ha.

Yoda said...

Keep on fighting Pakatan Rakyat... just a short time to go before the next general election and Pakatan will have its vengeance! Perak will be returned by the Perakians to the Pakatan as before... and this time Pakatan better make sure all its candidates do not include froggies!