Monday, March 15, 2010


Thanks Jong......its confirmed HERE.   
Will Ramli Yusuff  replace Musa and Rosli Dahlan  replace Ghani?
Tun Hussein Onn would be proud of Hisham if that happens, yes?
Then expect certain judges to wear diapers.  

....and where better for the inside story than HERE.


donplaypuks® said...

Thankful for little victories.

Next, who is "deep throat" who spilled it all to China Press? I hear Kerismudin can't swallow it!! Lol!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

too much malt, zorro?

hisha needs friendly parties. how about sticker monopoly and some toll for good measure?

zorro said... malt-less and therefore spiritless and therefore blurrrrr....don't get you, man.

Jong said...

Hey, could the White Tiger diety have arrived to get rid of those evils?

Anonymous said...

Hello,nice post thanks for sharing?. I just joined and I am going to catch up by reading for a while. I hope I can join in soon.

Cop said... there any different between musa and ramli? i dont so lah..

wandererAUS said...

A nation cannot afford to continuously, piling up shit day after day...eventually, it becomes untenable.....
The sooner the UMNO dicks realize it...the better for the nation!

We do not need a "Samseng Govt" for a young and small nation like Bolehland.
Anyone, care to remember ZIMBAWE?

Anonymous said...

It's not that the UMNO dicks DON'T realize it......

Just can't let go of the betterment that's current...

MauriyaII said...

The good news is the PIG is going to be history soon whether sacked, forced to resign or got stabbed in the back a la Caesar.

Only hope whoever is appointed is not another running dog of the UMNOputras. Hopefully he would be a man of intergrity and understands his responsiblities to the rakyat and the nation. Won't be surprised if the UMNOputras select another scum from its trashcan. Won't be surprised too if the moron of a S'gor CPO gets the plum appointment as he has been a rabid dog from day one to curry favour with the UMNOputras.

Anyway whoever is the next IGP his days are numbered if he emulates the exPIG because all these criminals againsit humanity will have to face the music after the 13General Elections.

TOKZ said...


Although I had been disagreeing with most of your thoughts with my comments regarding NATIONAL POLITICS, however, I can't help to AGREE on this one. Finally, we're agreeing on something. we go....

Wahai IGP Musa HASSAN,
Sekarang masa balik Tong SAN,
Ramli Yusuf akan balas DENDAM,
Musa Hassan sedang dalam KETAKUTAN.

Mari kita lambai IGP Good BYE,
Asyik makan rasuah close one EYE,
Sekarang IGP mula nak tutup KEDAI,
Malaysia dah hilang satu KALDAI.

Siapa Tengku Goh dan BK TAN?
Beranikah mereka sekarang nak LAWAN?,
Mereka sekarang dah tukar jadi PONDAN,
Bila dulu lagak macam PAHLAWAN.

Adik IGP tanya "Siapa nak jadi JUTAWAN?",
IGP pula jawab dia dah jadi JUTAWAN,
Sekarang masa untuk letak JAWATAN,
Pasal IGP sembunyi wang didalam JAMBAN.

Musa Hassan asyik tahu MAKAN,
Makan dari kiri sampai ke KANAN,
Bukan sekadar makan tapi juga TELAN,
Sekarang muntah balik Perlahan-LAHAN.

Wooi, Musa Hassan.....Hokkien say "HO LANG KAN"!!!

Anonymous said...

this is wat i think happened.
keris scar to break the news face to face. so he use a scapegoat to tell HIM to leave.

Anonymous said...


Ramly Yusoff is no paragon of virtue. For all intenrs and purposes, he is as corrupt as Muasa and the rest of of the bloody cops. His battle with Musa was just about control over the "black money".

Given that, I am not so sure if thing s are going to get "better" if Ramly becomes IGP. They all a bunch of corrupt assholes who should all be buried together. Our police force or for that matter any enforcement agency is beyond redemption, unles you have a white night, in the same ilk of Haris comes along to whip these dogs into place.

So please... don't be seen to be doing Ramly's bidding. He may have been acquitted on those charges, but that certainly does not make him a "clean cop"


zorro said...

AK, I just wrote three lines and the intended nuance escapes some of the readers of this blog.

You said:They all a bunch of corrupt assholes who should all be buried together.

I take exception to that sweeping statement! In my time I have met some police officers who are beyond reproach....and I think I have lived long enough to make this assertion and attestation on the exemplary officers.