Thursday, September 29, 2011





Bedul said...

Baguslah. Kuranglah sikit orang PKR mabuk. Mabuk beer dan mabuk power.Yes Zorro??

bruno said...

Zorro,more gambling and alchohol taxes,the haram thing is making the government's coffers burst at the seams.That is good for the robber barons to fill up the wheelbarrows again.Do not be surprised if the GOM legalised the world's 'oldest profession' trade soon.

Just imagine the thousands of underground vice dens.How many tens if not hundreds of millions are being paid to our corrupted men in blue for protection money every year by these illegal operators.These will make the corrupted mongrels laugh all the way to the bank.More taxes means more money to fill their wheelbarrows.

TSB said...

Najib playing racial politics with the country's Credit Card.
90% civil servants = Malays = More spending
90% income tax contributors = Chinese n Indians = More hardwork
But, the Malays should not be tooo happy = "Inflation" which had happened in many
countries as high as 1,000% like in Indonesia before .

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim said the “Undilah” video was unsuitable for broadcast as it contains “subliminal messages” aimed at influencing voters.

The Rakyat knows the problem are Corrupted government (kopi sini, kopi sana), Mongolian Model death, White Elephant project to feed 'their' cronies, 'Surprising' report on 2 person death under MACC care, Military expenses which does not fit to use (more rude to say 'they dont know how to use'), Land grab in day light etc. etc. etc.

Subliminal message to Rais probably meant the video did not imply nor implore voters to "Undilah BN."

If the 'Undilah' video is offensive, then sad to say, Rais Yatim himself is down-right oppressive. How can you pull this off the air bcoz some stupid small group don't like it?

If that is the case, then many movies cannot be screened anymore in our country coz some stupid groups are critical of it! Will you & your ministry act this way from now on?

Anonymous said...

TSB (12.03pm) will be surprised that civil servants may get up to 40% pay hike by Najib in his vote-getting budget. Too late to be a civil servant. Anyway may not qualify becos of kulificaion.

Tiger said...

More proof of how BN continues to rape the Chinese and Indians of their money via tax and abuse it!

Anonymous said...

Mabuk arak ok.

Mabuk Korapsi tak ok.