Sunday, September 25, 2011

OF PATRIOTS & pretenders.

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Anonymous said...

Wah good la zolloo,

Suddenly Malays are realizing that actually cina-man is actually hero in Malaya ah!

Haiyoo all china-man do in Malaya laa ah! Economy also china-man, merdeka also china-man!

No wonder now china-man banyak langsi ah!

No china-man Malaya cannot live la ha!

Wah now china-man want to re-write sejarah lo. Same like Singapore ah? Manyak heat oh Cina-man oh!

No wonder you also now langsi oh - same like your Ceylon friend Haris ah?

wandererAus said...

Anonymous September 25, 2011 1:47 PM

At least Cinamen have something to lansi about, what have you peeled dicks achieved?...standing all the time on your "triple legs" and bonking to glory...fu*king parasites...stick it up your....

Richard Loh said...

I think your mail box is hacked. Receive a mail supposely from you to click on a link with url

PLs check, I did not click on the link pending your confirmation that you sent it.

new fart said...

From watching these videos, it was obviously clear that um...NO hijacked the country with help from the evil colonial masters at the time! They had no interest in asking for independence from the British but rather just wanted to align themselves with the ruling side in order to reap the benefits! Their shameful and despicable action lingered on till today! Noble and righteous are words that they don't understand and they will keep raping this country till she drops!

zorro said...

Richard, I did not send you any mail. That URL is foreign to me. Thanks for alert.

telur dua said...

Now the fakes are finally exposed.

Anonymous said...

wandererAus 2.39pm,
there is no need to stoop to the level of anon 1.47pm. just let him/her be.

there are no major beef between the different races of the rakyat, only the cronies and political parasites.

do not be provoked. please. anon 1.47pm is obviously retarded somewhat, so let him be. have a heat, please.

do not argue based on race. we argue based on facts. these four videos should be made ocmpulsary viewing/reading by all malaysians.

jangan hanya pandai tulis komen, mesti tekun megaji juga. kalau tidak, macamana nak berdebat secara pintar and bernas?


Anonymous said...

The Communists were the patriotic nationalists, what are these Perkasa pigs? Muslim pretenders, parasite assholes!
UMNO deranged low beings, even have the cheek to twist history to glorify sad.

wandererAus said...

Anonymous September 25, 2011 7:08 PM

Thanks for your friendly remainder, it is a pity I am not good at pretending!...I treat rubbish with rubbish and unapologetic... before recommending this one-celled specimen to Zorr fart chamber.

wandererAus said...

Anonymous; continue...

There is a Chinese saying, "When you see a devil, you speak the devil language and if you see a gentleman, you respond like a gentleman"
Sorry, I called, " spade a spade"

Anonymous said...


gentlemen my foot! no use to fight with you ungrateful cina-man who main intention is to take Malaysia to another cina-man country like Singapore!

You are arguing for the sake of free speech? democracy? bloody hell you hypocrites wanderes!

I am tired and for that sake, most of the Muslim Malays ( i believe there many) are tired of you so called antiques of equalities.

You know why PAS is harping for Islamic State and Hudud now? cause PAS realised that the Malay Muslims support for them is going south!!

So face the fact,that now it is the Cina-Man versus the rest now.

Of course there will be some ungrateful munafik like Haris Ibrahi who will burn in hell later- who is the main supporters representing the so-called liberal Malays.

zorro said...

People I am putting thru the above comment just to prove that another village idiot has strayed out of his kampong.

Anonymous said...


You are just trying to push a point! A point which is pointless!

Are you saying that all Malays who is against the liberal Malays is kampong?

And are you pointing that all those Malays who are against DAP lead PR is kampong?

Well the the next GE prove that you are wrong!

zorro said...

Pushing nothing....I too am a kampong boy from Taiping and as early as 10 we already identified 2 idiots in our midst....every village has their village idiot, young or old. You dont know?