Friday, November 12, 2010


On 3 November, I opened up a new blog to promote waste management. In the process, even my old posts under which usually ends with posted by zorro have changed to posted by sampahman. Even my About Me profile has all disappeared. I probably did something stupid. I must have. Bear with me as I get some whiz kid to sort things out for me. Sampahman is me just as zorro is still me. There never was any intention to deceive or confuse. Have an enriching weekend yah and give SAMPAH a visit, yes?


Anonymous said...

Haris would have said, "I was only trying to save Malaysia"

and Hitler : "its for the betterment of the future of mankind"

Anonymous said...

Enough of sampah in Utusan and Berita Harian, why would you want to join them?

By 'The Law of Attraction', you will somehow attract their foul smell (bad 'qi') and bring bad luck to yourself.

Please use a more positive name.

zorro said...

Please brother, visit the blog and you will understand.

Anonymous said...

Zorro may have a lot of good writings, but somehow he always forget that the young generation has short attention span and do not like details, especially those embeded deep in other messages.

No wonder he is misunderstood.

Lesson for Pakatan. Keep your message short, simple and consistent.

Najib (may be thanks to Apco) learnt this. His 1 Malaysia slogan (although has no substance) somehow got many voters attention to win their votes in the recent buy-elections.

Walski69 said...

Uncle B, some unsolicited help with your identity crisis: I think it's because you changed your overall Blogger profile name to Sampahman, which in effect affects both blogs.

Remedy: change your overall profile name back to the original, create a new Blogger profile (with a new Google id) called Sampahman, and then add this new name as a team member for "sampah". When you post to "sampah", you would have to log into Google with the new 'sampahman' account, and post at zorro-unmasked as your original persona.

That should solve your problem - a bit more work, but at least you'll be able to post as different identities on the two blogs.

zorro said...

Walski69....thanks buddy for the heads-up. Have been ages yah....must catch you at Damansara Kim I believe. Hugs to you and wife.

Anonymous said...

hic! hic! hic!

Kijang said...

RPK said that:
"PKR has to break out of the Umno mould. It must not be structured the way Umno is and function the way Umno does. Think out of the box. Try doing things differently."

Now I know why Zorro has morphed into Sampahman!!!

Hee hee!

zorro said...

Dumbo can you understand what you read.You did not even bother to read the SAMPAH link.I doubt you read Walski69's comment. By the way Kijang, do you have a low voice. I was recently told by a psychiatrist friend that people with very very low IQ usually have a low voice and poor comprehension. Go get help boy.