Wednesday, November 10, 2010


BN of course have more than one weapon – phantom votes and postal votes….the second more lethal.

On January 17, 2008 I put up a posting


Among other things I wrote:


In the not too distant future, the hundred thousands of RELA will soar the POSTAL VOTES.

Can BERSIH 2 prevent this. This I hope to learn tonight at the PJ Civic Centre.


LibangLibu said...

Tuan Zorro,

u r right.

its going to happen soon.

Pak Zawi said...

If they really resort to that then Malaysia is doomed.

Rela Pos said...

There is a political agenda behind the decision to increase the number of the People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) in Selangor by another 300,000 next year.

The sudden increase of Rela members was a ploy to wrest away Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat, as these members could be depended upon by Barisan Nasional when they form part of the controversial postal votes in the coming general election.

Riad said...

Isn't it the PKR who is cheating in their party elections now.
Teach them first Uncle Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Riad, are you sure there was cheating in PKR election? Doubtful but only started by the sore loser.
Well, since you guy don't trust the PAKATAN so please don't grumble of the new initiative by BN.
Padan muka lu orang BN will continue to be in power and Zorro will remain as 2nd class and nasib la lu orang.
Saya sekarang mahu sokong UMNO and who cares! diri sendiri jaga lagi baik...

SetiaSelalu said...

YES... BEWARE of the cheating postal votes by Umno/Bn , as demonstrated recently in batu Sapi by election......a sudden doubling of majority.......Linda an unknown candidate who cant speak properly , cant converse in bahasa and what a suspicious choice of candidate......( Umno/Bn already knew the cheating postal votes will win them the seat ? )

Anonymous said...

Bersih 1.9 need to clean up the bias reporting of the maintreasm press before BVersih 2 can step in.

Anonymous said...

Bersih? Dont waste time and effort! What can Bersih do, except walk around in some silly tee shirt.

You can have 1000 Bersih, Malaysia will still be screwed. PR and BN, all same same one!

MZZainal said...

Phantom and postal votes? Aye, a pain in the ass.

Sensitization of the rights of Malaysians is good. However behavioral change amongst members of society should start with self-advocacy and start taking initiative to make informed decisions.

Anonymous said...

Zorro Sir

How about outstation concerned citizens ?

Any reps from Bersih coming to town in the near future ?


bumi-non-malay said...

To Fight the un-civil UMNO-BN with Civil manner in an un-civil courts and judicial systems is a Loser game. Do your very best in an unseen and known fashion like Mat Kilau to demoralise the Police/Rela...UMNO youth cawangan......lots of cawangan are meeting place to carry out their Evil......each time you make it smell they cannot have me!!

Better Selangor Government use the surplus money and give to Rakyat who are die heart supporters of Anti UMNO-BN is a best safe keeping of the money. In fact make sure there is a deficit in the kitty and leave it for UMNO-BN to fix the BLACK Hole.....IF UMNO-BN win Selangor. IF Pakatan/Barisan Rakyat Wins....then we will return the money back to the government for their management.....This is Insurance against the coming mega Corruption.....and more mega homes for the UMNO Racist goons!!...ala Zakaria rotting in Hell!!

Anonymous said...

The political dirt of BN is so thick that it may take all kinds of strong detergents for effective removal.

So Bersih will need all the rakyat support, knowing that the majority of them are unaware of the dirty deeds of BN.

Anonymous said...

I heard that old Dog Mamatir is making a comeback with the fabled Third Force.

Mission : Destroy Pakatan Rakyat at all cost

Are you also part of this new 3rd Power axis Mr Zorro sir ?

SAMPAHMAN said... is after 3pm in the afternoon and you just had a wet dream?
3rd force or spent force?

People can't say that you have absolutely nothing. After
all, you have ignorance!

Anonymous said...


You musnt forget the 3rd weapon that BN used in Galas - the orang asal vote.

Just imagine the orang asal living far in the interior where accessing their settlement will take time and effort,yet 90% voted in Galas.

Imagine how many more votes were added in the ballot boxes that was ferried by helicopter without any wakil from the party contesting.

sampalee said...

The world is MAYA,a never ending dreams.There are dreams with hope for bn dominance,an Islamic state,two party system and even that which allow a third force to sweep the nation burying pr and bn.There is nothing wrong with dreams except when some joker in the dream believe his dream as REAL and the rest sleeping in Ignorence.
The hindu have a name for this joker which is labelled EGO and is the mischiveous devil creating all the troubles on earth and in heaven.Now we understand the signifigence of breaking coconut[symbolising ego]during the recent deepavali's celebration.Let the light of wisdom shines forth.

Anonymous said...

If you guys wanna have another Bersih walkabout, dont do it as it creates a massive traffic jam.

Rent some stadium and you can shout and scream all day.


Anon804pm....mother-fuckers like you should be canned as jam. Is that what you worry about? Traffic jam? You sit at home whilst we get jammed by water cannon and tear gas. Darwin has proved that we all spring from apes BUT LOOKS LIKE YOU DID NOT SPRING FAR ENOUGH.
However when Bersih 2 happens we will give you enough notice. We may make available a hospital bed for you so that traffic jams will not be a problem for you....if your family does not like traffic jams than they dont have to come visit you. How's that? You want GH or some private hospital....we can arrange....our resources are indisputable. Really, I hope you are not the worm type....these have no backbone my grandmother told me about worms.