Saturday, November 13, 2010





baDboyzs said...

These are great videos.

Hopefully life changing for some
( high hopes )

even for one of them

lucia said...

don't believe everything you read. there are always two sides to a story. if a story carries only one side, people should not jump to conclusion. (and someone in haris' blog mentioned that FMT is a tabloid which like to sensationalise issues)

oh and the cafe and bakery mentioned are not for profit purpose.

Anonymous said...

tonywee said...

Hi Zorro,

I'm sure you stand for justice and fairplay. Perhaps you should "turun padang" and find out the background and facts of the case before passing judgement on the Bishop? There are always 2 sides of the story. eg. Wonder why even the lawyers stayed away from defending them?...rgds.

tonywee said...

By the way, Zorro, the videos are great. It touches your heart. Do keep on teaching us to walk the right path. God Bless

kanasai said...

Aiyoh. My 'broadband' cannot watch the video-lah.

Please be informed that any internet speed less than 1Mbps should be called narrowband and the local telcos cannot sell them to consumers by packaging them as broadband at high price.

Jong said...

This Roman Catholic Bishop of Penang in the name of the church, like politicians who promise you the moon, he promises you GOD arhh?


Lucia, surprised that you think I listen to one side of the story. You forget that last June I posted on this subject too. I put up the FMT editorial because it was current and topical FOR MY READERS. I did not form opinions for them. I asked, as an individual, that the Bishop act like a Christian. In this video it becomes apparent that the Bishop has transferred responsibility to the children to take in their elderly parents. That was an easy way out. That was easy for the Bishop,too easy a way out. I have not forgotten the episode where the parishioners of Holy Spirit protested at the Bishop. I was there in that drizzle that night. So was my 80 year old mother and my brother and his family.

I for one will not live with my children. I will not encroach into their SPACE. I value my privacy and my space, especially when we are already on in years. You will not understand this until you reach that certain period of your live.As an employee of the Church I too expect you to see both sides of this episode.

Tony Wee. I cannot turun padang anytime I wish. I do that only at by elections. I need people like you on ground zero besides my brother in Penang to update us impartially.

Anonymous said...

Penangites please stay united.
Penang is the last frontier that umno is trying to get hold via its agent Gerakan now that both of them have shake hand to make up.

lucia said...

i did look at both sides. i know some of the families staying at the village too (some negative and positive things of them). it's just that when you mentioned for the bishop to be more christian, it is telling you are against him. (why then can't the villagers be more christian?).


Lucia, of course he is not behaving like a christian....of course I dont like him and am not against him if he behaves like a christian. Who should be more christian? The evicted Christians or the Bishop.You never heard about his meddling with stocks?

lucia said...

zorro, it's your opinion, so i leave it to that. the strange thing is how can people said they don't like another person just based on 1 or 2 incidents/issues (ok maybe more than that). how does a christtian behave is subjective, up to one's personal view. i leave you with your intense dislike for the bishop of penang. god bless your soul.

sampalee said...

The church ground can be used as TEMPORARY shelter.For lasting solution,the christains who profess to be christain must do their part.Help them to be self sufficient and it will be heaven on earth.