Friday, November 19, 2010


One man’s treasure is another man’s rubbish. Namewee’s brand of music – rap or hip-hop with its emphasis on profanity is vulgar ‘noise’ to some ears but the young considers such tunes as music to their ears. That is why Eminem or Jay-Z are so popular.

Another ridiculous objection raised by Abu Jimmi was when he said that Namewee had “hurt the feelings of the people before”.

If I was given one cent for the number of times I had “hurt the feelings of the people before”, I would be a millionaire by now!




Anonymous said...

The banning of Namewee shud not have raised any eyebrow , even from a child.

The banning of using the word allah in Malaysia some many months ago as a be all and end all is good enough breaking news for me.

Do I need to repeat again ( and again ) that the country is somehow ( God forbid ) run by self righteous children who also happens to be damn corrupt & of course terrible hypocrites?

Your post here on namewee shows some naiveity here ( or as a recycled trash ) as tho this banning is terrible and some new invention which you just discovered yesterday & is a blockbuster current event ! Common, dun we have worthy news anymore ? Like how Najib has paid Zaid quite a sum & using Zaid to infiltrate the 3rd force or something like that ?

new fart said...

Third world mentality in a third world country! What can you do? Even as a 55 year-old, I love what Namewee does with his songs. Keep at it Namewee!

shar101 said...

Anon (12:26pm),

Najib paid off Zaid? Third Force to be infiltrated by Zaid?


But you yourself can't substantiate these allegations but instead expect others like 'Z' to write about it.

Btw Namewee is Namewee - as in a name we refer him as.

Yer just an anon.

Anonymous said...

Namewee is merely hitting at those who are corrupted and inefficient.
That's how the young people express themselves. If you do not like it, then this is how they will vote with no regards to any previous emotional baggage.

Bumi Boy said...

What's become of us? An unpatriotic guy we hoist as an idol, an icon.
This Taiwan University grad seems to find fault with everything the country does.
Maybe he is a bum with no job. I guess his degree is not recognized here.
Or else why is he so bitter.
And why is the old lady Mariam Mokhtar writing about the punk?
As to you Uncle Zorro, I understand. A comic relief. A deviation
You are damn frustrated your keadilan is in shambles and its your idol Zahid who demonised the party.

motherchell said...

As always Mariam, your pieces digs into the inner judgments of convictions for the truth to be laid upon.
To them looting and murder is a song. The Ruling Class can never think --its made that way for the past 52 years.
If they are so hurt -- its makes it easier for invaders to just write a simple lyric to litmus the mind of the nincompoops than use expensive armaments. Its just a "song" to invade Bolehland as they sulk on a buffalo!!
Cheers to you Mariam!!

Anonymous said...

Bumi Boy,

Ya Allah....otak hang dah bengap ke?

kamu ni keluar dari universiti kangkong di malaysia...yang mana ye? jangan jadi bodoh sombong cam UMNO/BN ..tak de maruah.

ikan tongkol

bumi-non-malay said...

Well Dumb Boy

.....that is because of May 13, Islam has been corrupted by UMNO Malays. What use patriotism when the country Insult Allah with their Racist Ideology in UMNO. I am glad I am unpatriotic cos I feel no guilt doing my Best to wreck Malaysia Economy, making all those racist cawangan UMNO, Rela, Pondok stink.... + waiting for the day of Hunger and Anger.....when rakyat drag all those RICH UMNO leaders from their PALACEs into the streets of People Justice!!...its coming....

Here is a Rap for you:

Because of May 13, Malaysia Football is Jaguh Kampung - Longkang standard- I malu, melayu UMNO happy asalkan Sultan FAM Happy!!

Because of May 13, the myth of Melayu Tak malu curi hak Istimewah orang asli is EXPOSED!!

Because of May 13, Chinese/Indians were here before Melayu pendatang UMNO. Nothing wrong defending OUR land of Malaysia with Orang Asli.

Because of May 13, Melayu UMNO hisap Candu Korrupsi.

Because of May 13, Melayu UMNO is an Islamic Cult.

Because of May 13, Melayu UMNO Hilang MARUAH!!

Because of May 13, Melayu UMNO leaders all die a Lonely Death and meet their maker in HELL!!

Don't cry...ok...I know it hurt your feelings. Better hurt now than hurt in Hell...Bertaubatlah!!

Anonymous said...

I am patriotic to Malaysia.
But I am not patriotic to the present government.
There is a difference.
And Bumi Boy is jsut a blind follower, like those who define patriotic as flying hte flag of supporting the national football team.

baDboyzs said...

We are neither fans of Namewee nor against him. He is just a part of the local lacklustre music scene. Just that we find his performance style rather pretentious, and outright copycat of certain US rappers, albeit a mediocre one.

In many ways Namewee is crude and unpolished and interestingly he has hidden messages which is actually not so hidden.

We do not believe he has the right to represent the views of the majority on non Malays ( as he would say ), and of universal freedom as he never fail to espouse in his numerous interviews with news-strapped journalists.

Having said that we believe the various opportunistic NGOs or whatever are simply trying to play politics with him and Namewee may end up as the loser ( or maybe this maverick marketing gimmicker will make himself even more famous because of his so-called seditious controversy ?

Confusing right ?

He shud just stay clear of "politics" & trying too hard to be a race/country champion and concentrate on his half-past-6 music. But then again, he has brought much attention & sales to his CD, so maybe he is doing the right thing ( for himself ).

Hopefully Malaysians can see both sides of the coin & do not end up as the final loser because of just another try-harder but admittedly gutsy musician called Namewee

SAMPAHMAN said... on!

Bumi Boy said...

Ikan Tongkol

As I said in my earlier postings here, I went to an Ivy League school in the US on mom-and-pop scholarship.
No need for mediocre results of 9 As to get JPA scholarships with the pressure of MCA and MIC.


Drag the UMNO leaders into the streets of justice? That's not going to happen.
That is for Anwar and Zaid who are already swirling in pig's swill.
Really hard up to be a bumi yeah that you become bumi-non-malay.
Rewriting history that Indians and Chinese, the pendatangs were here first.
That must have been written by Chairman Mao who was so glad you were hounded out of China.
Hey, where did that Tanah Melayu which you all were sensitive, came from.
A bit of history lesson here. Lim Kit Siang was the one who sparked the May 13 when he shouted at Kampung Baru telling the Malays to balik kampung.
But at least, we have a kampung to go home too.
China would not accept you man.
Bertaubatlah. Wah suddenly imposting as Malay and Muslim.
Now scram, your mum is yelling you are late for your History tuition today.
Make sure you get A yeah to get the JPA scholarship you so covet.
Think how many poor Malays and other Bumis were sacrificed to please your demands.
Greedy, greedy.

Ivan said...

Bumi boy thinks that his Malaysian kampong uni degree suffix BTN diploma is better than Namewee's Taiwan degree! Holy crap, Bumi boy shud try getting a job in that small island state and see if he meets with success! Maybe as a road sweeper!

Ivan said...

Bumi boy..., Ivy league...? Like Dr. Hamidi... Alaska punya...ya? Beli punya yaaa? With your shallow arguments.. mesti la!