Tuesday, November 9, 2010


May I humbly and respectfully suggest to our rulers that they drop the word Malay and refer to themselves, much more accurately, in my view, as the Sultan of Kedah, Perak, etc as the case may be? That would be a gesture of inclusiveness, reflecting the reality on the ground and in keeping with today’s mood.

I am no respecter of institutions that cannot justify their existence, especially those rendered dysfunctional on moral or ethical grounds. I am afraid many of the institutions of government put in place as part of the Constitutional arrangements to protect us, the citizens, have been systematically interfered with and cynically exploited and viciously compromised during the long Mahathir years of impunity. He had them reduced into dens of iniquity to serve his unbridled personal and political ambitions.

Rulers for All Malaysians, not Raja-Raja Melayu


“I’ve got more money than I can ever spend, so I don’t worry about money. All my children now look after [my money], so I am giving you something very nice”

“I am prepared to give you 600 ringgit per [longhouse] door, normal thing right, no change. People have said that’s a lot of money. I have many friends all over the world. They are in Germany, Japan, China. We can talk, ask them to invest here.”

“How many of you have a salary?” he asks accusingly,”For those of you who have a salary, how many of you can afford to buy a house?”

He scolds his audience to “stop their old customs” and abandon “cultivating hill rice”, because it is ”no progress and no benefit”. Instead he tells them to ”go for a Master Plan” and “give the mandate of the land to the Government!”.







PKR is not about Anwar anymore. It has become the aspiration of the people to bring changes. Right now it has failed to show that it can hold his house together in a professional manner. It has failed to perform in many areas. I say ZI withdrew because he felt that is the best for him. The question is whether AA will do the same for the best interest of the party. Who is important, the party or the individuals who has craving for a “deputy premiership”?

However PKR has not been able to shed its core struggle that it is about Anwar and that is bad for the party. Allah forbids but what will happen if Anwar drop dead tomorrow? Can the party leaders continue the struggle? Can Azmin who grew as a loyalist but without going through serious political challenge hold the party together? In my honest opinion this is something that is debatable.

Who is important: Zaid, Azmin or PKR?


Anonymous said...

We have one sour grape royalty in Tunku A. Aziz. Sell his soul to the DAP and became a "Royalty Murtad". Meludah ke langit, jatuh ke muka sendiri.

Rakyat Frastrated said...

The answer to your last question:

All have decreasing importance towards zero importance (yes, Z for Zero) as time goes by for the obvious reason.

Anonymous said...

The low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be result of the "lack of patriotism", Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi says.

This is true because Chinese and Indians have been treated as 2nd Class (Pendatang) by BN with no NEP benefits. Zahid shuold know this.

For Pete's Sake said...

The real story behind Merdeka:


sampalee said...

Religion is our only hope so do not bad mouth it from lack of understanding,Most teachings uses allegory as the Truth is subtle and cannot be directly displayed.
In the scriptures,mankind are potrayed as sick beings wallowing in misery because of IGNORENCE.The sages are like doctors sent down by the devine to heal the sick and teach them proper hygeien to star healthy.Ever heard of Doctors calling on the healty?

Now one can understand why the Sage Tunku Aziz is attending to dap.Hopefully Tunku is successful and the dap leaders pratices good hygeien like natural JUSTICE

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Uncle Zorro.. a separate issue.. I had a visitor from MPSJ today, enquiring with regards to getting a dog licence for my newly acquired dog, which is fine.. However, what is not fine was En Ashar bin Abdul Aziz's parting words to "menyokong BN".. What the F.. Besides, dont these guys have anything better to do rather than to go house to house to check on homes with dogs that dont even leave the house..?

elizabeth said...

Zaid, Azmin, Anwar or PKR are not important. What is important is the redemption of our nation from injustice, corruption and decay. We want true merdeka for all malaysians, not just exchanging a colonial master to the yoke of racial divide. We want to arrest the economic slide....

Bumi Boy said...

The Rulers are Malays and they are the protectors of the Malays.
So Malay Rulers are so apt to call themselves.

On who is important: None of those mentioned.
We can all live without them.
Disband PKR and we can live happily.
Can ah Uncle Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Apalah rasionalnya Zaid menyalahkan Anwar dan Azmin berhubung kemalangan yang diterimanya hari ini? Beliau telah melepas semua jawatan dan menarik diri dari bertanding jawatan timbalan presiden. Kononnya beliau berbuat begitu kerana tidak percaya kepada PKR, tentunya kepada Azmin dan juga Anwar Ibrahim.

Sesiapa pun tidak menafikan Anwar ada melakukan kesilapan, dan begitu juga dengan Azmin. Tetapi apakah orang boleh mempercayai kalau Zaid sekudus ahli syurga yang cuba hendak memperbetulkan PKR? Apakah Zaid tidak ada kesalahan? Sejarah penglibatanya dalam politik sudah diketahui umum.

Kalau dia masih berharap untuk meperbaiki PKR caranya bukan begitu. Zaid perlu ingat dan sedar diri bahawa sewaktu rumah PKR di bina beliau berada jauh dari pembinaan itu. Bahkan beliau berada di sebelah sana. Sumbangan Zaid kepada PKR dan juga reformasi tidak sampai sekacip pinang pun.

Sesudah rumah siap baru dia mendekati PKR. Itupun selepas dipecat dari Umno. Beliau menggunakan alasan Umno korup, tidak demokratik maka beliau 'keluar' dari Umno. Betulkah?

Celaru atau tidak PKR, Anwar, Azmin dan rakan mereka yang lain ternyata bejaya meletakkan PKR ke puncak yang dirundui oleh Zaid.

Hari ini dia buat kenyatan akhbar bersama penyokongnya. Apakah natijah kepada tindakan Zaid itu. Ia sesuatu yang menyedihkan. Baik-baik penyokong itu dulu bersetia dengan PKR, kini sudah berpecah. Penyokong itu akan ikut jejak langkah Zaid. Bukankan Zaid ini sebagai agen pemecah belah?

Saya rasa PKR rela hancur dari melacurkan diri untuk orang seprti Zaid ini.


Anon327pm....thanks for your input. Its pathetic yah....but thats what these guys are QUALIFIED to do...under the guise of checking on dog's licence and parroting menyokong BN. By the way did this En Ashar bin Abdul Aziz have a low voice? I ask because a low voice equates with a low IQ. These are the types the BN let loose on us.

Anonymous said...

Chinese and Indian "lack of patriotism", Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi says.

Kanineh! we the chinese pay so much taxes so parasite like him can send their bastard childrens to oversea uni...

Ptui! this pundek can go eat pig shit & rot in hell!

Anonymous said...

anwar & zaid in pkr?

one mountain cannot abide two tigers...

zaid should just join dap and get them to be the third force.

Antares said...

We need more open hearts and closed mouths. It looks like the opposite holds true so far.

Anonymous said...

Anwar was working round the clock, so was Azmin and Khalid Ibrahim in Batu Sapi. But no sign of Zaid. When it mattered, no one saw Zaid, nor did he articulate his vision for PKR,or Pakatan Rakyat as he boast about.

Instead,Zaid kept his mouth shut. But now when it comes to fighting internally - tough fights that can split the party - suddenly Zaid is in the forefront and wants to be the hero!!

Zaid with help of Jeffery Kitigan had pinned his hopes on Sabah divisions to support him,instead they voted Azmin instead. The main reason being as many PKR & political observers discovered that Zaid had not helped PKR campaign in the recent Batu Sapi by-election.