Sunday, November 7, 2010



KEADILAN views with gravity allegations that PKR election ballots are for sale and as many as 1000 ballots can be purchased from last week’s elections and reused this week. An online news site claim that next weeks ballot papers are already available and circulating.

KEADILAN will like to inform all KEADILAN members and candidates that the ballot papers for the past week cannot be used this week or the next two weeks. All ballot papers have the following security features:

1. Ballot papers for the following contested positions have serial numbers:

Deputy President, Vice President, Women Chief, Deputy Women Chief, Vice Women Chief, Youth Chief, Deputy Youth Chief &Vice Youth Chief. The 20 positions in each of the three Excos have up to 132 candidates and are in a booklet format.

2. All ballot papers need to be stamped by Election Officers at the division level just prior to giving them out to eligible voters. Any ballot paper without that stamp will not be valid.

3. Each week’s ballot papers will be printed on different colored papers. This coloured code will not be known to any of the Election Officers until the day of the election. Therefore the impression created that that ballot papers can be reused or recycled is completely untrue.

4. During the election process, candidates for the Deputy President, Women Chief and Youth Chief positions can register their representatives to observe the entire process with the Chief Election Officer – this totals a minimum of 8 representatives from the 8 candidates as election monitors. ALL candidates can register their representatives as counting agents for the positions they are contesting who are allowed to be present to observe the counting of the ballot paper. These electoral procedures can be downloaded from the KEADILAN website.

5. Each Election officers will fill up a tallying sheet which must be signed by him and also the candidates representatives. The said tallying sheet contains the results, the number ballot papers issued, number of votes cast and number of spoilt votes. Many of the candidates in particular those running for the deputy president’s position had appointed their representatives both to observe as well as counting agents practically at all divisions. Such agents were actually present throughout the whole process and signed the said tallying sheets.

Issued by,

Secretary General


Unknown said...

Why should the SG making the clarification when Doctor Molly should be the one.This will be like Najib answering for the chairperson of EC.And they think they have pull it off.

Jong said...

Why is Saifuddin Nasution Ismail issuing this PKR Security Features & Electoral Procedures statement? Why and in what capacity, ...Sec Gen? Shouldn't it be the responsibility of Chairperson of JPP? This should be out of Saifuddin's juridiction, furthermore he had some vested interest here - isn't he a strong supporter of Azmin Ali?

What's going on in the PKR, Wan Azizah?

Anonymous said...

Too late. Credibility is already down the drain. Last election I voted for PKR. I hate BN but in the nxt GE, I will either stay home or at best vote for BN. At least I know how bad BN is. PKR is becoming a joke ... and I'm not a UMNO cybertrooper.

Unknown said...

strategi yang paling bodoh pada yang mengaku duduk dalam KEADILAN.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

This is the latest , Zaid is pulling out and resigning from PKR .
He is sticking to his principles and he quit.
Azmin can be the drag queen of PKR now.
Hope Anwar, azmin & wan azizah will be happy now.
It is good news for the anwaristas.
but it is bad news for PR.

Anonymous said...

Torres' double sunk Champion Chelsea to move Liverpool up to 9th place in EPL.

In the similar manner, BN is back in business with double win, and Gerakan is down but not out.

So, Pakatan, especially PKR better watch out!

Anonymous said...

KEADILAN will like to inform all KEADILAN members and candidates that the ballot papers for the past week cannot be used this week or the next two weeks. All ballot papers have the following security features:

Now only the members are informed about this?

mauriyaII said...

If Zaid is indeed quitting PKR, it is good and it shows that he is not willing to pawn his principles to the likes of Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar Ibrahim, for all the bravado about being the champion of all Malaysians is just another faggot who hates any politician of calibre and intergrity who is better than him and might pose a challenge to his leadership.
Anwar would rather have underlings such as Azmin, an unscrupulous yes-man, who is willing to do anything just to be the DP.

Does Anwar realize Azmin might be the trojan planted by the UMNOputras to scuttle PKR when the time is ripe? Anyway cronyism and political patronage are two things imbued in Anwar by his mentor/nemisis Mamakthir a/l Mohamad Kutty that he just cannot shake off. He is too soaked in the mamak's political shenanigans to have any situational awareness. He is just too blind and deaf to see and hear what the Pakatan Rakyat supporters want from him and PKR.

PKR political clout and Anwar's dream of Putrajaya is fast waning. He might even lose his Permatan Pauh parliamentary seat in the 13th GE if he does not put a stop to the sandiwara of PKR elections.

The general perception among Malaysians who support Pakatan Rakyat is that Azmin and his ex-UMNO gang has hijacked the PKR elections with the help of Anwar.

Azmin is no political leader but a lowdown thug who will stoop to the lowest to cling onto power and corruption.

If Anwar has any true leadership moral, he should ask Wan Azizah to scrap the present PKR elections immediately and call for a fresh impartial election.

Would he be able to do that without antoganizing his fanboy Azmin?

Which is your priority Anwar - the crediblity of PKR as a political party capable of looking after all Malaysian interests or just taking care of Azmin and his political ambition which is to be the head honcho of PKR at any cost?

Pundek Kena Rogol said...

The PKR supporters have been fooled all along and only now is Zorro begining to see 1 % of it.

Zaid was too stupid to believe Anwar's bluff and now he also kena hantam belakang.

Wonder when RPK will also kena Anwar's hantam, if not already kena.