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Anonymous said...

Now I have to buy plastic bags for my rubbish disposal?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, why the big fuss? Just use bio-degradable plastic bags and pass the law that all plastic bags must be bio-degradable. As for Shafie Abu Bakar, we should just shrink wrap him with bio-degradable glad wrap and throw him into the Klang River.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

A lot of us never realised that being environment friendly is never a cheaper option. At times one has to incurred a lil bit more cost just to be friendly to the environment. What we need is a change of mindset. Which is more important? Environment or personal convenience. Answer it with your own conscience. As a temporary occupant in this planet, we need to put in some effort in preserving the environment. It's an easy decision anyway but for some people, they just don't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 16, 2010 9:50 AM,

Agree with you! All the govt needs to do is to make it compulsory for all plastic bag to be made bio-degradable, no need to debate it anymore. In addition, I would also appreciate some recyclable brown paper bags to carry my groceries.

But pls don throw Shafie into Klang river and pollute it! Tho I would not be adverse to the idea that you throw him into an incinerator and get rid of the garbage once and for all!!

GobloKing said...

ROOT of the problem is: in the end, how are our garbage disposed?

It's not the choice of what materials for our bags

How on earth can we bring meat back fr the market if not in plastic? In the 50's & 60's meat was wrapped in large leaves (lotus?).

We have no recycling options here except wrap rubbish in smaller plastic & then throw into bigger plastic bags!

Corruption & its ensuing inefficiency in Asia means we will never be able to recyle..mind u, same as in UK!

I dont think even in the next 2 generation in Msia can we see any action like in Germany, where recycling is so serious, u throw away wrappers AT the supermarkets (after paying), & garbage men will not pick up yr garbage unless there's no glass, alum, cans, bottles, or compost!! a footnote: some yrs back, even the germans discovered to their horror that some of their garbage (which became un-sorted) ended up being dumped in some 3rd world countries!

homemaker said...

When I was in England during the late sixties and early seventies, we were bringing our own shopping bags and the wet fish or meat were wrapped in white papers.We would wash our dirty shopping bags to be used for another day's shopping.Thirty years later I visited England once again and wow people are still bringing their own shopping bags and now biodegradable plastic bags have since been introduced.Come on guys and girls,I am sure there are many old bags stored in some corner of the house waiting to be of some service to the environment.
YB Elizabeth Wong please be firm in what the State Government believes in and do not give in to grouses by consumers and businessmen. Whenever there is a law, enforce it without fear and favour.

Anonymous said...

Stupid! It's not paper or plastic? It's about reducing the use of plastic AND paper bag by using a green bag many time over to reduce the waste.

Anonymous said...

elizabeth said...

It's inconvenient, but it's got to be done!!! Biodegradable bags can be a nuisance becus they disintegrate and u got to clean up the mess. But the good thing is, it will motivate people to not take these bags unless they absolutely have to.

Dettolman said...

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Anonymous said...

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