Thursday, November 11, 2010




LibangLibu said...

Tuan Zorro,

like that la this people tuan.

that nvr affect me/us one bit kan?

lantak la this fler.

go fly kite la. everything want on his plate.

Anonymous said...

Go Zaid Go... and Go all out for it!!
I want to be your first 100 member. Let’s show PKR, Anwar and his family party a true meaning of ‘KEADILAN’

For Anwar, here are my last few words for you; you don’t even know the right meaning of ‘KEADILAN’ maybe you should replace it with ‘KEBUNTUTAN’ instead.

zorro fans said...

syukur uncle zorro tidak ikut jejak harris ibrahim.

i will always be your fan uncle.

not necessary i agree with JPP or azmin but zaid is way out of his mind.

Anonymous said...

Has dear Zaid been drinking too much with you guys, or has he been to that bar all by himself getting pissed & koyak ?

You can never trust this kind of wealthy buggers who love playing games


Anonymous said...

it is also not too late to change your vocation...take up golf man!

Anonymous said...

PRR in the making? Parti Recycled Rejects may sound appropriate, should Zaid burn the bridges.

But these rejects were wrongfully rejected, so they will be a new force to reckon with.

Many untold stories will surface, should Zaid run for president.

And like wise, Zaid is already a demon in the making by the Anwar/Azmin duo.

Get ready, campus stories will be played to the hilt, old flames will resurface and the voters will buy all those stories, instead of a manifesto for nation building.

Just you wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Uncle, are u joining the new party : PARTI KEADILAN FOR zAID (PKFZ)?

Anonymous said...

If that's what he meant then that's the last thing I cud think of- Kentut Baru and after a while it becomes old fart.

The current Taiko(s) - old faces are left too much to be desired. We dont know who is orang and who is hantu.( Nang botik nang or kui botik kui) - Hantu tak macam hantu , orang tak macam orang.

Everday we have to endure political and religion issues which are not constructive at all but Silly Jokes.

Have you seen any poltician lately who got BLUSH ? That 's the small favour we ask for if there is any chosen leader to come by.

We dont need perfection cos saint cant survie in politic as quoted by one of the porn leader.

All we need is the new breath- NAFAS BARU RAKYAT.

Red face kid.

Anonymous said...

stars in 'Dirty 5' !!

Anonymous said...


what do you mean? I am unclear.

Zaid is not in the picture right?


Anonymous said...

Brother! real joke! Parti Keadilan For Zaid -PKFZ... someone said.
Same thing will screw up everywhere and cheat all the people.
Itu macam punya orang lu lagi mahu sokong ka?
He doesn't care about others except for himself. He will be joining that idiot MP from Kulim Bandar..... chau!

Anonymous said...

I will never give my support to a party with these 5 crackpots, esp the Kulim fella.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, you know lah, leader who can perform do not need this type of cheap stun to get attention lah.

Very obvious lah he need it lah, he is not joking, that is the best stun he can draw.

I suggest he wear under-ware to parliament, or drive round KL naked in his Ferari, he will definitely get international attention not kampung attention only.

He is not bad looking, should look good naked, pity his brain has no substance, may be empty.

Sang Kancil Guru said...


I think Zaid meant it as a jest when he spoke it to his meet the pkr members session. He wasn't being serious, and you should know of his style of being light-hearted at times, even in the most serious of times and press conferences.

So dont get to worked up over this, ok?

Anonymous said...

Only common sense can solve your predicament, do you have it at all ya zaid?

Pak Zawi said...

Ultimately we have to accept a revamped BN if they are ever revamped. There seems to be no other alternative.

Anonymous said...

Zaid has made those former PKR deserters great heroes in the eyes of the public.

Bumi Boy said...

Not suprising at all for the power crazy Zaid.
All signs point to that.
He is waiting for Anwar to sack him.
He badly wants to contest in the coming GE.
Actually Zaid and Anwar should be president of the jungle with monkeys as members.
Don't know why Uncle Zorro and you guys go for losers like them.
After the GE, there will be no more Keadilan.Only BN, PAS and DAP.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro
How did you think Zaid made his money ? Like now as he has always been. Selling himself.

We always believe and still do that there is no such thing as ~free beer~

Zaid epitomises the true character of many humans.



Jong said...

LOL!!! Don't be silly, it's a joke, has got to be.

Those venomous mentalnuts all in a row need urgent cure.

Anonymous said...

Zaid got into PKR with the sole aim of destroying Anwar and his party. Anwar is no angel but you have to admit that he is the one leading the Pakatan coalition. Pakatan will lose its sting if PKR is destroyed and Anwar along with it. Anwar is likely to be found guilty and jailed - this will take him out but it is not enough to destroy PKR which is anticipating Anwar to be convicted and is trying to get a new leader. PKR has proven that it will still be a formidable force without Anwar. So, PKR has to be destroyed at all cost. This is where Zaid comes in. His job is to make sure the party is destroyed beyond recognition before the next GE. At the GE, Zaid will stand as an Independent candidate and will later switch back to Barisan where he will be given a nice comfortable Cabinet position as reward for a job well done.

Anonymous said...


About time to update your cast in the list of Dream Team:

New entrants should include Zahid, Zaid ...


Anon1005am. Agree with you all the way about Anwar. I still have faith in him.
But I disagree vehemently if you say that Zaid went into PKR with the sole intention of destroying PKR and Anwar. Unfortunately, recent events and utterances may have driven you to that conclusion. You have a right to this opinion. As a friend I did caution him on my 16 Sept. posting.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Zorro, The faces in the picture are good materials for the "One Dream Third Force" that we love to see in GE13 except they lack charismatic leader to attract the young and naive liberals. Mr.Zaid fit the bill. Based on their experiences and reputations, the strategy should be Zaharin to team up with Zul the great to play the Ketuanan Melayu Islam sentiment(To quote RPK: you can take a malay boy out of the kampong but can never take the kampong from the malay boy). And Zaid and Wee will do a road show promoting his book 'Saya pun melayu" to the not so happy DAP, MCA especially the gerakan members.

mauriyaII said...

Why is everyone making a big hoolabaloo over a photoshopped picture of those racist, corrupted and religious fanatics?

That is Zaid's way of poking fun at the current PKR which has turned out to be a party of jokers with their own petty egos and agendas.

With such scums as in the line-up and with the help of Anwar-Azmin it is ripe for an implosion.

If Wan Azizah does not put a stop to the on-going PKR election charade, PKR can just forget about Putrajaya. Already many divisions have asked for the elections to be declared nul and void. If PKR leaders do not listen to the supporters at grass-root level and if they still insist on bulldozing their favoured line-up at all costs, BN need not do anything. PKR will implode. It would also ruin the political success of the PAS and DAP.

Anwar/Azmin have through their myopic views alieanated the ethnic leaders in Sabah and Sarawak with their brand of PKR being led only by Muslims without taking into consideration the feelings and sensitivities of the bumiputras of those two states.

The recent election there has shown what a stupid selection of a tainted candidate and the arrogance not to compromise for the sake of a united oppostion led to BN winning with a total newcomer to politics.

It is time to take stock of the situation, formulate strategies and take pains to implement them without infighting if Pakatan Rakyat is to ride on the success of the last 12th GE.

The goal is to send the UMNOputras and BN packing. The UMNOputras and the BN are the common enemy.

Anonymous said...

Sampahman ( previously Zorro)

It is pretty clear that well-to-do "Saya Pun Melayu" Zaid has all the time aimed for the very top of PKR, preparing his groundwork by pretending to get close to some power Bloggers.

Unfortunately, as always with this kind of people, his great impatience ( aka Anwar 1998 ) & drunken penchant for the loose big mouth did him in.

I am as usual particularly disappointed with the fact that nobody could see through apprentice Zaid earlier on, since it was he himself who self destructed, by accident and which we dozing innocents( including PKR big shots ) realised only now. Thank God the Zaid Shit hitted the fan & came out as it did, otherwise the energetic & highly self righteous but recently badly distorted Haris Ibrahim of one time darling People's Parliament would have been the first to be trojanised to ashes, followed remorsefully ( thank god it didn't ) by the impeccable Z, now known as
S... ampahman...Phew !
that was close

Good luck


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Hopefully Wan azizah will give some consideration to Jonson Chong's letter. Get those votes audited by an accounting firm .
Is that a photo of the "famous" 5 lanun?