Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today, our Doctor of Philosophy cum Minister of Defence trained his pea-shooter at the pendatangs not in the armed services. He accused them of being UNPATRIOTIC! I ploughed thru my Thesaurus to get a better sense of that word and this is what I got:

alienated, apostate, betraying, double-crossing, faithless, disaffected, insubordinate, mutinous, perfidious, recreant, seditious, subversive, traitorous, two-faced, two-timing, treacherous, undutiful, unfaithful, cheating, untrue, untrustworthy, cowardly, unpatriotic, wormlike.

DANG! These are inflammatory definitions! These unpatriotic pendatangs should be lined up against the wall and shot one by one by the Minister of Defence personally. And the Minister better be a good shot as these wormlike low-lives do not deserve a second bullet.

Let take a glimpse of the only one qualified to shoot these traitors:

Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (born January 14, 1953 in Bagan Datoh) is a Malaysian politician and is currently the Minister for Defence in the Barisan Nasional coalition government of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the Member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Bagan Datoh constituency in Perak. He is a member of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

Early in his political career, Zahid was a Senator and chairman of Bank Nasional Bernama before becoming the head of UMNO's youth wing. In 1998, at the UMNO assembly Zahid spoke out against then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, calling for an end to cronyism and nepotism in the Malaysian government. Zahid , seen as an ally of deposed Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was subsequently arrested and held in prison under the Internal Security Act. However, in 1999, Zahid was welcomed back into the UMNO fold, stating that Anwar had put him up to raising allegations of cronyism and nepotism and alleging that Anwar had used his position as Finance Minister to direct business opportunities to Zahid. (smacks of disloyal, betraying, double-crossing, faithless,

perfidious, recreant, subversive, treacherous,treasonable, treasonou, two-faced, two-timing,undutiful, unfaithful, unpatriotic , untrue, wormlike!)

After the 2004 election, Zahid became a Deputy Minister in the government of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. While a Deputy Minister, Zahid studied for and was CONFERRED(!) the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

After the 2008 election, Zahid became a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. He was appointed as Minister for Defence in April 2009.


After he made this patriotic accusations he left the house. Seeing red over Zahid's comment, M Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat) raised an objection under Standing Order 36(10)(c).

Kulasegaran demanded that the minister apologise for the statement that non-Malays lack patriotism.

As Zahid had already left the House by then, Kulasegaran branded him a “coward”,
given that the minister had been asked to remain in the House.

Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia did not order Zahid to withdraw his remarks but instead reprimanded Kulasegaran for his use of the unparliamentary word “coward”.


sampalee said...

Dao mp need not be hypocrite and put up a show when their own veteran TBH was summarily executed without a fibre of natural justice.If this injustice is not undone,it will forever haunts the party.Charity begins at home.If you cannot pratised justice within the party,do not bring it to parliament.

Anonymous said...

First thing first.

1. Ask that as@H$#E why he did not join the armed services???

2. Is he unpatriotic?

3. When pea-brain open their mouth he will always shoot his own mouth.

Anonymous said...

aiyooo ada beza dari thesaurus and a dictionary. A big different. Things can be taken out of context if u used thesaurus

Please laa why used thesaurus? want be a batu api ka?

It really shows you know if you used your thesaurus.. This piece is full of malice.

@#$% Zahid said...

This fella is a real coq tokker.

When non-Malays apply to join most were reject except for a token few. When people complain why there so few non-Malays this lembu turns around and accuse them of not joining because they are unpatriotic. After too many rejections they don't even bother to apply.

It is the same with Police and GLCs.

So Zahid, @#$% you lah.

new fart said...

Ha..ha..when they needed you to die in battlefields only they asked for your patriotism! Otherwise you are just fucking pendatangs that's all! Hey idiot minister, patriotism comes from the heart and only when a citizen is treated equally with his compatriots can he then show loyalty to the country. So don't be a hypocrite!!!

Anonymous said...

If being patriotic means wearing a uniform and stopping speeders with a "I tolong you and you tolong I", please shoot me a the single bullet. My parents brought me up to love my country, be kind to my fellow human and live an honest and meaningful life.



When you know the word and want the meaning, you look up a dictionary. When you know the meaning and want (another word/synonym), you look up a thesaurus.

Please note that there is no synonym for the word 'synonym.'
That's English for you. I can't make it any simpler.

Don't feel bad. A lot of people have just no talent. Your job must be to spread ignorance.
Don't let your mind wander -- it's too little to be left out

Malice? Some people see malice in the color of their mother's panties!!!!

Anonymous said...

that arsehole is patriotic? ya, stealing from the coffers is patriotic. Go jump off the cliff, arsehole.

Anonymous said...

go have a wank, idiot of UMNO. turncoats like you dont even know the meaning patriotism.
may the dog pee on your grave one day, dumbarse.

Anonymous said...

and this bunch of pussy lickers in putrajaya keep issuing gambling licenses & increasing gambling draws... keep encouraging gambling.

holy shit, they are damn patriotic and guess this must be their religious duty... !

they says malaysia bolih! 1malaysia! and i say...

kkkrrrgghhh ppttoooiii !!!

Bumi Boy said...

Don't spin stories Uncle Zorro.
He said maybe not enough patriotism.
He listed four maybes:
1). No interest or encouragemednt from parents.
2) Lower pay than the private sector.
3). Could not stand the discipline.
All the four were qualified with a maybe.

Can I add to that.
You all look down on police and army.
Don't want messy jobs dealing with blood and dirty hands. Simple as that.
Expect the Malays to look after your property and your life.

Ada faham??

Anonymous said...

Hey Bumi Boy,

Putting a word "maybe" doesn't mean he didn't intend to say it. It is a cowardly way of telling things, when they can't provide proof. Ada paham ka BUMI BOY?

Hello, don't think you are taking care of our proeprties, in fact, MAYBE you fellas are the one provide the link to criminals. MAYBE you fellows colloborate with criminals to steal.

How many nons are recruited as policemen and army personnels? not even 10 percent of the total. Even in this 10% it is mixed from all other ethnic races and thump their chest to say that they being fair. Butoh lah!

Why can't select a non to be IGP or the Army head? When you see a dead end in the job, no point wasting your life in that job.

Besides, POLICE AND ARMY JOBS ARE UNPRODUCTIVE JOBS. IT IS A WASTE OF PUBLIC FUNDS. Mostly Malays are in the job because they can't take the pressure of private firms or simply have no BRAINS to comprehend the tasks given.

OF course I won't encourage my son or daughter to join the security forces because it doesn't provide a good future, he can't go up the ladder, he/she will be demoralised.

YOU are damn right the private sector pays better and it is wise to work in the private sector than to live a living from paycheck to paycheck and DUIT HARAM(KOPI)

My toes are laughing at your point number three "Could not stand the discipline" When there is hardly any nons in the batch how did you determine that?

BUMI BOY did you pass your SPM?

Anonymous said...

Look at this link....


Hmmm....Zahidi is leading towards our Zam Zam former Information Minister

motherchell said...

Its time the Pandikarus and the Filosopus anythingus are fixed into a same sex marriage to come out with a super race.Afterall one is a Doktoor of Pilisopus while the other is a successful midnight fiddler!! If we bury these two alive -- the soil would be polluted.

Anonymous said...

In 1986, I went to the Batu Road Boys school in KL, for the army intake. I went throught all tests and finally was informed that they will send a letter to join at the Port Dickson Army training. Since that day until today I am waiting for that ticket! But today I am already 48 years old.

I did apply to be Leftenan Muda, no reply too. I knew I was shorlisted but what went wrong only God(NO!), they know.


Patrick said...

I'm patriotic alright!But not when idiots like Zahid are still in government!Remember,in the words of Mahathir,they're all half-past six!

Bumi Boy said...

So there. You have articulated the nons distaste to joining the uniformed service.
So what's the quarrel?
I studied in the States on mom and pop money.
Don't need JPA scholarships like you all.
Haha, look at the crime statistics, who are the gangsters, aside from Indon illegals?
Wanna be IGP or Chief of Army, how?
Can;t even pass the drill tests and your numbers are too small for consideration.
Ada faham??

Anonymous said...

Bumi Boys

Nobody expect malays to look after our property. Even the polis.

I am patriotic because my income tax enables government to feed the army fellows and their families.

Anonymous said...

Wahhh, just pass drill test can be IGP one ah? Wah, Bumi boy very easy lah! That means, the criteria to become an IGP or Chief of Army is DRILL TEST? No need intelligent mind? Hemmm..No wonder a lot of crimes remain unsolved.

Gangsters? This is the government's propaganda which starts in school itself. Constant labelling and selective punishing for petty issues are the reasons.

Bumi boy, nah seposen, gi main jauh2 ye!

Anonymous said...

Such species of people should be featured on channel NatGeo wild.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bumi Boy or Budak (for short),

There's nothing great for you to shout about being educated in the States with your parent's money. There are tens of thousands of non malays who had been and will still continue to be educated abroad with their parents own hard earned money, no thanks to this government who is intent only to destroy the education system so that malays like you can brag about getting a proper education overseas to "lord" over the ill-educated malays. In your case I will reserve my judgement on whether you have done justice to your parents money as your "educated" logic leaves much to be desired. I guess that you probably just scraped through your overseas education so don't think too highy of yourself, ok.

As for your logic that the malays are looking after our "property and life", we nons have stopped expecting such "protection" from the corrupt police and armed forces long time ago. Perhaps you should read the Auditor General's report to understand the corruption that goes on in your malay police and armed forces before commenting in Zorro's blog on things that are beyond your mental capabilities.

Bumi Boy said...

Is that so? That's news to me.
How come the Chinese are so hard-up of JPA scholarship??
MCA grovelling to get Chinese and more Chinese to get it.
Can take all, no problem.
What's the point of getting scholarships to go to community colleges in boondock towns among corn fields in the USA.
We go to IVY League schools.

Anonymous said...

gee...bumi boy...wonder which half-past-six uni you went to in the US of A!!! And don't for 1 minute think that people will look up to u just becos u went to a US of A university! In any case, with your pea-sized brain, it was a total waste of your parents' money...faham tak, cibai!

Anonymous said...

Its pointless sending these budaks overseas, they just come back with more sophisticated argument(courtesy of Dr Azly Rahman) but the siege mentality is still there

Anonymous said...

Bumi Boy fcuk with his mouth and the only cure is the lemak khinzir.

Capt Din said...

Hi Bumi Boy...
Dont layan them...remember..there are all frustrated bastard... put them back in their mainland...they cant even afford an underwear.. here they talking cock, paying a couple of hundreds of tax and claiming saving the country..

there are all from the chicken family, no balls, no guts, and only have cock to talk Hhahahaaa....

Damak said...

Let see when our country under attack...who will stand and fight... Zaid was very soft and careful in his words, but this is something i dare to say, .. all the bloggers will run hiding with their laptop (and still trying to get connections in their hiding..) Maybe there will be a handful of Chinese and Indians will go to the front line and fight... but the rest will start packing their money, jewellery, bonds, share certificates and INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT, and rush to the airport catching next available flight out of the country...

All the ‘Anon’ out there who talks like they know patriotism means, here’s a simple way to exercise... sing Negara Ku in your heart everyday.
I bet none of them who posted their comments here can sing it completely right...

Ask yourself, if country under attack, where will you be? Will you dare to burn your International passport, stay and defend your country?
...patriotism my foot!

Anonymous said...

no damak...I didn't! Left your shitty country a long time ago. A proud Australian now and with my children would die for our beloved ADOPTED country anytime! You want to know why? Because she treats every citizen of hers equally and fairly, irrespective of race, religion (YES...even your fucking Muslims) and gender. That's why!!! Non of your racist crab, NEP, Discount-lah, scholarships-lah, Bumi-fucking-putra lah....here in our country! Yes, you are right about one thing though, Patriotism comes from the heart and the heart only feels for the country when you are treated as equal citizen, get it mate!