Monday, November 22, 2010


Malaysiakini reported:

Newly-elected PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has vowed to rid the party of “traitors” following the bruising two-month-long party election process which has soured the party's public image.

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby today, Azmin (
right) said the “clean-up” will begin immediately after the party's national congress on Sunday.

He urged party members to develop “principles of loyalty” to preserve the
reformasi spirit and ensure that there will no longer be any treachery within PKR.

A tad too arrogant, no?

Syed Husin thinks and did say so, yes? Arrogance that is.

The true mark of a leader is to give solutions.

You do not arbitrarily impose solutions until you know the cause of the problem in PKR.

It is a known fact that the whole and probably only cause of the problem is the suspicious election process that accumulated more than 160 complaints.

The attendant infighting and back stabbing are the symptoms of the problem.

It is a known fact that the recently run elections nurtured and was the breeding grounds of “traitors” within PKR.

It is a known fact that Azmin’s victory was a hollow victory because approximately only 8-10% of the nearly 400,000 members. Is that a satisfactory mandate to scour for “traitors”?

It is time to clean house, as the party image has been bastardized rather than soured by the chicanery exposed.

It is time to heal!

This is not the time to “KILL!”


Anonymous said...

Whatever the dispute or outcome , the award goes to BEE END.

The more infighting the merrier for Bee End.

Mahakutty saw the sign that some PKR states going back to Bee End.Ya, one does not need a fortune teller if this scenario continue.

Whatmore with new parties (syok sendiri party) coming soon and you can hear BN singing THAT'S THE WAY AHA AHA I LIKE IT.

Road to Putra Jaya ? I thought I heard this song this morning - To dream an impossible dream...

Once a man was told by a bomoh that if you want to stay good and out of touch with devil , all you need to do is that you stop ejaculate just before climax for the last three times, Finally the man decided to shoot saying Devil pun Devil lah.


Sang Kancil Guru said...

That's what you get from Parti Karut Rakyat.

I hope a 3rd alternative will be a reality by the next GE. I can't wait to teach these arrogant PKR baggers a good lesson. And I will wait for Zaid's party, join it and campaign for Zaid too.

Dennis said...

Anwar should be top on list to be "cleaned out" by PKR, because he behaved and talked he talked like a President but he never registered himself as a PKR member. He could be the real Trojan Horse ready to jump into any ship, including UMNO, for his private and political survival.

Next to be cleaned out by Azmin is Azmin himself. This guy even mocked the hundreds of official complaints on election cheats, manipulations and irregularity as small matter.

What moral does Azmin has?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone credit the wild accusation that Zaid is an Umno plant when it could hardly have been Najib Tun Razak who invited Zaid to join PKR, could it? And who promoted Zaid to his high status in Pakatan? Who handed Zaid the responsibility of drafting the coalition’s common policy framework? Not Najib.

Anonymous said...

campaign for zaid...?? ahahahaha...ahahhaa...

sore loser.....x sedar diri...x tau nak hutang budi...pooorahhhh...

Unknown said...

Agreed wit u....Zorro

Anonymous said...

Pronouncement-wise, certainly not a good statement by the winner. Does he sound like he's really got the right stuff?

Also PKR should stop trumpeting about the Road to Putrajaya. Too much hyping and ppl hasn't even forgotten the 16/9 fiasco(as expected).

Jong said...

Let Azmin Ali 'syiok sendiri' with that toilet roll crown, a pyrrhic victory it is!

Let's sit back and watch the evil in him oozing out that umno stench!

shar101 said...

If undivided loyalty to the top leadership was a main criteria to ascend the throne, Badawi was an equally good example.

And we know how that turned out, don't we.

Instead of magnanimity with his impending victory which one should consider a pre-requisite for a future .. cough.. PM, Azmin wallows in witch-hunting instead.

Sooo .. was Anwar a bad example to emulate?

Let's see what Mustafa Kamil has to say.

Or perhaps, the horse-trading is already in full stride, eh Z.

Anonymous said...

I give up all hope on this bunch from PKR. We definitely need a new force and time is running out before the next GE. Our only hope now is to rally behind PAS and DAP.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

I shall only focus on PAS and DAP.
The rest are irrelevant and I can sleep peacefully without all the noise.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Azmin Ali trying to deflect all blame from PKR by focussing on Zaid?

As if any disenchantmnt with Zaid is translatable as support for his camp?

Anonymous said...

Witch Hunt?

Cheap and Arrogant!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Umno, talks like Umno, behave like Umno, fart like Umno too ....well, what conlusion can we draw from there?!They are a bunch of ex-Umnoes. They left Umno but Umno never leave them.

Jong said...

PKR Sec-Gen Saifuddin Nasution claimed despite the low turnout at pkr party election,'s a good start? ..hahaha, and under 10% members voted?!

There's a chinese saying in ref to idiots like him -"Even in death when all organs stop functioning, his lies still froth out of his mouth"! :D

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Azmin. He had to fight the odds too. Many of his enemies within and outside the party wanted to get rid of him, but he soldiered on like a true warrior.

Now, he has the unenviable job of continuing where Zaid left. He needs to go on six months leave to prepare the framework for the party. Aw, give him a chance. He needs to prove his capabilities before being shot to the ground.


new fart said...

My son and I attended Anwar's lecture in the University of Sydney recently. I must say I was not suitably impressed in his overall performance. There was just too much of that old bag being carried around and quite frankly, I thought he kept harping on old issues most of the times. Some tricky questions were thrown at him, but being a seasoned politician, he just kept dancing around the questions without actually giving more serious and direct answers. If the opposition is going to win government in future elections, fresh faces who can lead with clear reform agendas would have to be found. The present leadership are just carrying too much baggage from the past association with Ameno!

Old Fart said...

I hate it when "leaders" call for loyalty from their "followers" and supporters. Why do they need loyalty? Loyalty to whom? Or loyalty to what?

What does PKR stand for anyway? Is what happened over over these last several months representative of what PKR is supposed to stand for?

If not, then who is it that is responsible for disparaging what ever it is that PKR is supposed to stand for?

It is weak leaders who have something to hide who tend, more often than not, to ask for loyalty. Even worse, they don't even bother to say what or who it is they want the loyalty for. Reading through what Azmin says and also what I have heard from other PKR leaders it would seem like it is loyalty to them that is being sought. Have they forgotten their cause?

Loyalty is a dirty word. One thing I know and I can see, is that amongst Barisan Rakyat bloggers it would appear that most of them have been loyal to their own understanding and reading of the good that they want to see happen. This is why, one day we can support Zaid and the next day diss him. Same with PKR or DAP or PAS. Just don't take it for granted that our support for you is unreserved. We are only loyal to our own gut feel for what is good and not even loyal to one another!!

Zorro, you agree?

Jong said...

Well said, I agree 100%, Old Fat(what a name!) LOL!!

Yes let it be known we are not their "fixed deposit" and will never be. Sorry to disappoint Anwar - weren't many of us were once strong supporters of his? Sigh!

Zashnain said...

A witch-hunt is completely against the principles of democracy. Azmin needs to infuse his approach with humility, respect and honor. I am against any politician who thinks he/she can run amok amidst the carnage.

Anonymous said...

I like you Jong...well said.
But this is not the kind of ‘Anwar-Azmin-like’
I saw a banner ‘Anwar Love Azmin’ in one of the protest held at the PKR HQ. There must be something about ‘them’...God knows!

Anwar, you are just a big talker, no action. There are sins, too many sins that you should seek pardon...
And I trust you are familiar with this malay saying... ‘bangkai gajah tak bolih di tutup’

Starmandala said...

The line between self-confidence and arrogance is often blurred. I'm self-confident but you are just plain arrogant! Deep emotional therapy and massive software upgrades are in order for all of us - not just those who aspire to lead us through political office. The murky and turbulent political situation is a powerful wake-up call for us to upgrade our own inner calibrations in order to manifest a reality where the bottom line for accepting public office is buddha consciousness.

Anonymous said...

PKR have lost my vote on the next GE

Anonymous said...

after the election, close rank & work together la!

kanineh ! this bugger want to go on a witch hunt!

lol! go tell this asshole go eat pig shit & rot in hell !

Anonymous said...

Brother! wake up! Only 8-10% turned up to vote. Do you know why? PKR candidates have no money to bring those voters out! They are not like UMNO as most candidates are filthy rich!
Mobilization need resources, so there are some lessons learnt!
Go ahead vote for BN/UMNO and continue to enjoy underwear budget and have fun to be treated by "I am a Malay first and Malaysian second" and have fun to be with the new party PKFZ aka Party Keadilan For Zahid ... Lancheow! for your sake I will vote for BN so that people like you can continue to be what you are.... hahahhahahha there is no Bangsa Malaysia but only Bumiputra-stupid!.

Unknown said...

We have left and Ignored umno,beacuse we have given up hope and it does not warrent us wasting valuable time and efforts.It is time we use the same wisdom with pkr and let them rot.The rakyats still need us and we must not deceive them that pr can deliver.IT WILL NOT.

Anonymous said...

imagine...Azmin as next TPM or PM?
hell NOOOO!!!
what this asshole can do? reformation???
taking revenge for Anwar???
In PKR, there are hates all over, and we can expect if they take Putrajaya, the first term will be all bout revenge and suing and blaming and bla bla bla....

DAP & PAS are equally, stupid, dirty and selfish...

WTF? bloggers, form your own party.... Zorro can be president?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

This is what we will get when the so call leader is a hot head.
The minute he is install as the 'queen" the next minute he is showing off his new found power&position.
A good leader will think of ways to patch up with his competitors in order to face the coming general election together and to emerge as a stronger resilient party.
But this air head said he is going hunting like the Klu Klux Klan did to the colored minorities.I can say that Azmin is no better than ibrahim ali and MahaKutty.
Good bye PKR , i am gonna support DAP.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Those known to be full of arrogance
Are often fools filled with ignorance
Without sufficient sense of tolerance
Will have problems with mutual acceptance

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 241110
Wed. 24th Nov. 2010.

Anonymous said...

When one criticizes Anwar, Azmin or the stupid PKR secretary general who usurped the powers of PKR election commission chairman, it does NOT mean we are against PKR per se. We are only totally against these so-called egoistic leaders who have placed themselves before that of the party. They are so self-centered and arrogant just like the UMNO goons that they can't stand constructive criticism. They are in denial mode like the UMNOputras who believe that they are God and not capable of making mistakes.

Pakatan Rakyat supporters and like minded Malaysians HATE UMNO/BN for their corruption, racism, arrogance and religious hagemony.

We are fed up of body snatching, child snatching, death in police custody, trigger happy police who kill innocent teenagers, the impotent judiciary and the clueless MACC.

We wouldn't want another 50 years of slavery and subjugation at the hands of the UMNOputras who are manipulated by the evil Mamak and his henchman, Ibrahim Ali for their own agendas.

What we don't like is the current happenings in PKR. Anwar has lost sight of the ultimate goal - Putrajaya. He is so myopic that he castigates anyone and everyone who is against Azmin. If he is unable to differentiate the trees from the wood, then it is time he steps down gracefully.

Let someone with calibre and unquestionable intergrity take over as the leader. One of the most important things is that person should not have any skeletons or excess baggage in his closet.

Azmin is no leader. He has proven beyond any doubt that he won't hesitate to stoop to the lowest in order to win. He is so arrogant from his UMNO dna that he wants to go on a witch hunt.

Go ahead Azmin. Form your own KKK within PKR and go on a rampage and help your exUMNO friends in the 13 GE. Trojan horse? Who else, only the great Anwar does not see.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, do you know what happened to Malaysia today?

zarinahtakesapaycut said...

a bit out of topic, but arragonce live in the Securities Commission too.

a little on tan Sri Zarinah Anwar