Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ever since Nurul rejected to stand as Deputy President I have been silent on the PKR elections. Although I respect her decision it does not mean that I agree with her decision. To me it was a missed GOLDEN opportunity. Period.

The current PKR election is a circus with clowns taking to the ring. This is a circus with no trapeze, no animal acts…..just clowns clowning miserably.

MESS is what PKR is all about and it portends to be messier if nothing is done.

Kak Wan has been the President since PKR formation. She is the unopposed President. She must free herself from this cacoon, burst out like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

She cannot continue to be a puppet on a string.

She must be in control!

Take control.



Anonymous said...

Brother! the truth is the party is not ready for this one vote one member as yet.
Logistically is way out.
The people, well big question mark?
The procedures- wonder whether it was well thought of?
So, off course you have a circus!
And many people not helping only good at complaining-when Zaid was leading the pack, all was quiet and when he is trailing then, here they come back making all sort of accusations.
It is best to tell them LANCHEOW and puki mak lu orang.
Have fun by the swimming pool and see how stupid and greedy are MALAYSIANs. Tropicana Inn KL.

Anonymous said...

Do you expect to be young again Zorro ? of course not ! Azizah is just a bland figurehead with the awful tudung on her small head, and nothing on earth can change her into an attacking bee !

That will be Anwar's job ain't it, dun you get it ?

Anonymous said...


Its over la. PKR-PR cannot pakai one la. PKR can even run its own house, how in the hell are they gonna run the country la??

Batu Sapi and Galas, let the people decide, ok?

Anonymous said...

either she act like what a president should or just stay at home and be a housewife/mother.

sammy boy said...

MCA’s Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon chicken out after DAP’s Dato Ngeh Koo Ham took up his challenge for a policy debate.

More than a thousands people gathered at Taiping Kwan Tung Association Hall to witness this historical event. However, after waiting for more than half an hour, MCA’s Mah failed to turn up. The public jeered at Mah when the organizer shown the video clip of the MCA Youth Assembly where Mah issued a challenge to debate with Ngeh’s cousins brother “any time, any place” on the Pakatan Rakyat’s policy— but all turn up to be a mockery of himself when Mah disappeared & finally swallowed his own words.

Anonymous said...

This pkr, one member one vote, at least they try to be transparent & riddance of vote buying...

lot better than amno, one warlord one vote...

Anonymous said...

I don't trust PKR to run the govt what with the happening in the party.

i am moving on.

sampalee said...

She is a nice lady,but thta is no excuse for being an imcompetent leader.

Anonymous said...

Championing for PKR Senor? PKR is finito. You know that as a fact and felt the jitters because 'YOUR' DAP will be weak without PKR. Better start seriously courting that old man, what's his name errr... Tuan Guru Nicky. DAP alone will not be able to hold on to Penang.

Anonymous said...

Pemandu must stop digging a deeper hole for itself in defending the Government's poor performance against corruption

It is sad and almost comical for the current administration's leading agency to be tripping over itself repeatedly to demonstrate, however insignificantly, that the Government is delivering improvements in its fight against corruption.

Anonymous said...

PKR no head...that is why the mess is now. Anwar just is too busy with Sodomy..and.. ...indecisive...He just want Azimin to win...that is why he doen't care the chaos and mess...so long Azimin win...

remie said...

A dutiful Muslim wife will not publicly go against her husband, no matter what.

A dutiful Muslim daughter will not go against her father's wishes, no matter how she feels on the issue.

This is a religious/cultural thing that will not go away for both their generations.

Forget PKR and look for alternatives. Mind you, I am just as disappointed as you are. But I have seen it coming from the beginning. A great deal of potential but no fruition whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

so who is the puppet master?

Anonymous said...

Kak Wan is silent control.That is new style of management.Belief me,PKR will more strong after their election

Jong said...

Wake Up Madame President! There's an on-going battle of 'war for change' and you have lost steam? Are you still in-charge?

Wan Azizah has done a wonderful job - her mission to hold office waiting for Anwar to take over the party leadership is most admireable.
It's obvious this dutiful wife must be so tired waiting and waiting, having to go through hubby's Sodomy II, so soon after Sodomy I - don't think any wife however dutiful would have that strength to carry on what she has been doing. Many I'm sure would have fallen to pieces along the way or even gone crazy!

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but PKR has lost its credibility among the rakyat. This is not the case of whether Zaid or Azmin is better. Or whether Izzah should be deputy president. It is the way this whole damn election process unfolds that leavea a bad taste in the mouth. Anwar's elegance silence ala Badawi makes things worse. Not asking him to support anyone but it would do a hell lot of good if he was to come out openly and bring integrity to the election process.

As it is, the whole damn charade is cloak and dagger, comrade stabbing comrade in the back.

We don't need this type of people to be the future government. We have lots of them in the present government. The rakyat is sick of these type of people. Why replace the known devil with an unknown one?

Anonymous said...

She makes a better '1st lady' than the big fat mama!!!

rakyat ditipu said...

"Critics say forcing consumers to tighten their belts without the government undergoing an austerity drive was meaningless."

That is so true. We are supposed to tighten our belts while PM Najib Razak will be spending RM65 million to renovate his residence in Putrajaya, not to mention the insane amount spent by Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen on her overseas trips. And the list goes on.

bumi-non-malay said...

Why Bother with PKR?? Their Election...etc. If those who are hard done by still hang around, then one needs to EXAMINE their brains...they can always go to DAP or PAS or form their own. Remember its Barisan Rakyat....and PKR don't call all the shots. PKR is like 1/5 of a pie. If 4/5 tells PKR off then PKR must bow to the 4/5.... Its mad for Sabahans to vote that PKR guy or SAPP over the BN.....what do the people benefit? Yet its an election of siapa Terror....like PKR elections now .....using blog of Public opinions to further their Loser cause. Give each so called useless Leader a state to lead.....the one that makes the greatest in road into UMNO-BN should be noted. Rakyat adalah Boss!!

Better use time to FORCE UMNO-BN by legislation to make ALL Senators to be elected by the people better. Otherwise they are also puppets and getting paid $$$$$$$ on your generosity. Senators in Malaysia are so Useless that I wonder why Malaysia needs them for 52+ years....yet Malaysian never know how to get value for money.... Oh Well off to my next Mat Kilau Disruptive act today. What should I Squirt under the door of a cawangan UMNO cyber tropper door/window...??? hmmm

Anonymous said...


PKR is a gone case. It's a party affected by the UMNO disease known as GREED just like the rest of the BN component parties such as MCA, MIC, PBS, etc.

Anonymous said...

In politics you must be seen and heard!
Why is Anwar known?
Why is Zaid known?
Who is Azmin?
Who is the president of PKR?
Politics is all about advertising.
One, you need a product.
Two, you need someone to advertise it.
The only one that has clearly advertised 'his' product so far is Zaid!
Clean out the judiciary or I resign!!!
Anwar advertised defections that did not happen and HIS dream of Putrajaya. Nothing about what he is going to do if ever getting there.
Azmin, have never heard anything from him.
Kak Wan simply the wife and 'caretaker' of Anwar.

Jong said...

Anon 10.34AM,

How could you have 'missed' Azmin Ali's constant reminder(advert for him?) of his links to Anwar family - quote:

" the decades of closeness between our families"

and that he had been through storms with them the past decade, and how he single-handedly organised Nurul Izzah's wedding. ..BIG deal! :D

Other than being a loyal faithful Anwar side-kick, what has he got? ..management expertise for pkr banners, tables and chairs?

Then we heard his Sabah lieutenant Ansari claimed over tv news interview that he has never worked so hard in his life! LOL!!! ..that shows he has never been working, had never done his rounds meeting the people/Rakyat and pkr supporters, which explains why he fell into the sea not once but twice during current election campaigning!

Anonymous said...

Why dun you ask Anwar this question ? Why go for his innocent wife ?

If you are serious , do not go round the mulberry bush & divert attention

Anwar is the man you want, dun use his wife as bait, thats unzorro-like

James G said...

Dear Anonymous 11:35AM

What wife what husband?


Anonymous said...

James G
What President ? As Zorro has said "dun continue to be puppet on a string" ! She's a puppet dun you see ? Has always been !

Read well before you comment

Sang Kancil Guru said...


Really, Azmin claimed he single-handedly organized Nurul's wedding??? Better tell him then to be Malaysia's next Vera Wang than be PKR DP! Much more suited to his feminine style!!

Jong said...

Sang Kancil Guru, here's one of Azmin Ali's bla-bla videos - wow interesting listen to this aspiring pkr deputy president, masterplanner of Nurul's wedding, so much for his decades service and anwar-loyalty. LOL!! ...hmmm, how does it affect PKR/Pakatan Rakyat, the people and nation for that matter?


Anonymous said...

The present malaise in PKR can be attributed to Anwar's incompetence and off-hand approach in leadership. The mistakes he committed in meeting the BN's onslaught was so fundamentally flawed and quixotic. His short-gun method of capturing Putrajaya was not only irresponsible and desperate but also ventured on the realm of stupidity. How he relied on BN's MPs to cross over and underestimated the BN's capacity not to play dirty confound the imagination of many. And he did it with much fanfare with the revelation of plans and dates. How could a general win a war with such stupidity? This opened the door for the BN to justify their action in toppling of Perak state government. Once he couldn't deliver on his boast his credibility was damaged beyond repair. His credibility was further damaged when his party, PKR that was supposed to be the guiding light of the coalition was racked with dissension. While the house was on fire, Anwar went AWOL.

Anwar initial brilliance in forging an alliance and gave the BN a black eye could not be replicated with his yen for grandstanding. From a conquering hero he has become a serious liability. Whether he realises this or not, the coalition is now on the brink of irrelevancy.