Tuesday, May 1, 2007


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Pic. 1 (from top down)

The Spanking New Court Complex at Jalan

Duta where Justice is seen to be done.

Pic. 2

A hole in the ceiling of Court 6 gents wash

Room, It is directly over the urinals.

Pic. 3

PM wondering if the hole is Sam’s innovative

fire-escape. Minister of Defence prefers it for

covert filming of anti-government elements.

Pic. 4

Aesthetics OK. Still negotiating for best

commission before purchase of hand

detergents. So wait, ok?

Pic. 5

Corridor outside Court 6. No ashtrays but

evidence of disciplined smokers; stubs

congregate religiously.

Pic. 6

Only court employees can part inside the

court complex. They sure have a loose

interpretation of considerate parking.

Three weeks ago, operations at the Immigration Department at Putra Jaya came to a stand-still when a pipe burst.

Ending last week, at the Entrepreneurial Development and Cooperative Ministry, a ceiling collapsed in a multi-purpose hallcausing a water pipe to drop and burst, creating another havoc.

Yesterday, a ceiling at the Jalan Duta Court Complex came crashing down.

It was reported that the Prime Minister said: "I feel angry. I feel ashamed. What the hell is this? Its so new and such a thing happened. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. We need to know. I can't be jumping all over the place."

Pak Lah orders immediate inspection of govrnment buildings. Meanwhile The Works Minister will have to go scape-goat hunting.

But like all things over in this land, a cool wind will blow over and we will live happily ever after. No?


J.T. said...

Like always, we adopt the "wait and see-lah" attitude. Something happens, then they look into it.
Maybe all that slapdash work is due to this:

Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool?
No sir, but got contracts
three bags full
One for Ali Baba
One for your papa
And one for you
to give to your saudara

Daily Nibbler said...


There are many more building around the country in pathetic state due to lack of maintenance. It all depends on:

1) Are there maintenance budget for each building?
2) Are they sufficient to do a good job?
3) Are they tendered and awarded to professional maintenance contractor ? (I hope I am not inviting a debate here as to what constitute a professional maintenance contractor.)
4) Are there sufficient supervision of these contractors?
5) Are payment being disbursed based on actual work done? Based on KPIs agreed upon?

The problem with Malaysians is we clamour after having first class buildings and first class infra. Simple thing like public toilets are still in a sorry state not to mention leaking this, cracking that. Some politicians just want to score big time in pushing for mega contracts and leave the maintenance or maintainability issues as secondary if not non existent. We are suffering from this attitude as well as deficiencies in 1) to 5) mentioned above.

WattaHack said...

what maintenance? brand new places falling apart I can't imagine 5-10yrs on. If its junk in the 1st place no amount of maintenance can stop it from crashing down! its a sign from GOD and more slip-short handed work will be exposed ... its good to know there's a GOD!

yok hoong said...

first samy blames the wrong usage of pipes and then that screws were not as tight as it should be. now, improper attachment.
common, mr samy whats next if the urinal bowl is not working? pipe diameters not large enough? or EPU is at fault as they decide on the contractors?
by the way, mr samy appreciate if you could do me a small favour by giving me a contract and then cancel it and then award me the same quantum of damages as the crooked bridge comtract. And i promise to employ a team of professionals to inspect all the new buildings in Putrajaya and Jalan Duta as well as provide maintenance for free for the next 3 years. how about this proposal? no, because i am not well connected enough?

Trashed said...

Mr PM,

Once again, you are asking the wrong questions, addressing the symptoms and not the cause.

shanghaistephen said...

First rule of responsible leadership..."whatever happens down the line you take responsiblity and not pass the buck"...and going by that rule Samy resignlah,head of EPU resign,sack the contractor..awwwh shit man... the whole cabinet resign lah...!!save a lot of finger pointing.... opps I forgot ..you CAN point your finger skyward..heh..heh...ACT of GOD !!!

zorro said...

Shang, I did not say it but was hoping somebody would say it....poor God, blamed eternally for human follies. You think, one day he will send a bolt of lightning down Samy's way? Even God can loose patience,yah?

monsterball said...

hi Shanghaisepthen...At Rocky's site..you F.. me for nothing..but here I must agree with you wholeheartedly.
Have a nice Wesak Day and be good hearted.

shar101 said...

Aahhh! AAB's busy looking up when it's time for him look out for 'sinkholes'.

Now what would be the chances of a whole building having that sinking feeling.

On a another note, you're supposed to rise and bow your head when the judge/magistrate enters the courtroom. Will there now be changes to court etiquette allowing people to look up instead, especially when court officials are wearing crash helmets?

Kata Tak Nak said...

That hole in the ceiling is actually commissioned by court officials. Its for stashing evidence like a few kilos of ganja here and a few thousand shabu pills there. This is so that there will be no evidence and cases can be dealt with fast and court officials can get rich fast too.
Its part of dealing with backlog cases.

zorro said...

KTN...yes novel way of hiding evidence and lucrative too. You are giving ideas, brother.

Shar, looks like they have to revise protocol to combat emergencies.

WattaHack said...

wow... more maintenance contracts for grabs now! quick setup alibaba company!