Friday, May 25, 2007



Sir, as a senior citizen I can empathize with you. The work is never done and to leave it undone is just isn't in our blood. However, Tun there comes a time when we need to just sit back, re-energize, recharge, enjoy the family and just shoot the breeze. Do that and when you come back, you'll still be needed, if not to probe, at least to encourage. Cape diem, sir. And as a parting shot: Sir, boleh kah, sometimes listen to your children when they ask you to slow down or take it day at a time.


Daphne Ling said...

Hahahahahaha! Wahahahahahaha! Kekekekeke...*Hiccup*

Tun will never go easy (listen to his children!?!?), but in a way, that's what I like about him...It's when he doesnt go easy that he really carpe-diem's!

But like I say everywhere, take care Tun...Again, like I say everywhere, I hope to see you in the year 2020 (only 13 more years to go! You can do it!) because if anyone deserves to see Malaysia then, it's you! Thanks to your vision...

BigDogDotCom said...

Sorry Bernard.

This time Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad really got to slow it down. So much needs to be done but we have to learn to deal and undo these issues on our own, from now on.

Three heart attacks in 6 months is not a good sign.

Maybe, if we pick up where he left of and carry on the struggle, (eg. Criminalizing War campaign), is a way to demonstrate our appreciation for what he had done and still wanting to do.

Trashed said...

I remember Tunku Abdul Rahman being quoted (when in retirement) that there were two doctors keeping hiim alive - his personal physician and Dr Mahathir !

Kata Tak Nak said...

Reign of Terror.
Sorry Zorro not with you on this one. If Pak Lah did many wrongs, its because he is a lousy student of a very good teacher.

zorro said...

To each his own Chegu. But I dont get you on that part....if Pak Lah did many wrongs, its because he is a lousy student of a very good teacher....or do you mean he had a bad teacher??????

elviza said...

Ye lah Chegu, a bit confusing your sentence tuh.

Oh hi Zorro dear,

yes yes yes yes.... easy Che Det...easy...

Kata Tak Nak said...

His teacher is very good at doing stuffs (like coining charges, getting people beaten up all blue-eyed getting the press to report what was once taboo daily, getting judges to come out with absurd sentences on his political enemies, geting the tvs and press to potray mayhem under opposition rule in the run up to the election, getting people transfereed to far away places because of political differences, don't say thats heresay, I personally know of people who suffered, getting the FRU to beat the shit of people, making people turn left and right before they dare to speak in public for fear of SBs. getting SBs to enquire about people who speak against them, getting his children filthy rich, his in laws filthy rich and the list goes on)

So here the teacher has laid a strong foundation for his successor. His successor is merely doing what the master did but being the dumb sleepy head that the successor is, he screwed up so he is a lousy student. That is of course the way I see it, I don't expect anyone to agree with me, just giving my two sens.

Ben said...

Yes, TDM needs to take it easy. We still need him to advise on the government he helped to create. Take a deep breath and exhale.

I still remember when we took part in the International Motor Show in PWTC. It was the general election year and the organisers were not sure that TDM would turn up and officiate the opening. Being cooped up with his GE machinery must have been very stressful.

When he appeared, everyone broke into thunderous applause for the No.1 salesperson in Malaysia. We built up enough courage to ask the organisers to lead him to our booth as we had prepared a gift for him. They said don't bother as TDM was very tired and will only be there for a few minutes. Much less will he climbed up a long flight of stairs to visit a nobody.

After the third "no", I decided to try to get TDM's attention. I lined up my team on both sides of the stairs. As soon as he passed the stairs enroute to the exit, my team broke into a frenzied kompang rhythm using only their hands. TDM looked up and saw a team of young enthusiatic salespeople smiling and clapping with awe and immense respect for him. He made a RIGHT turn.

He climbed up the stairs briskly (even his entourage had problem keeping up with him) and spent about 5 minutes asking and learning more about us. He graciously accepted our token of appreciation. He left as quickly as he arrived. Our fellow exhibitors crowded around us and asked if we had special connections with TDM.

A couple of days later, the PLUS GM of road safety and French consultant visited us to learn more about our N-S highway safety plans.

TDM is decisive and action-oriented ; he gathers info paying great attention to details, research and implement his plans acording to his direction. These are the qualities of a good leader.

Unfortunately, the power he accorded to his "students" corrupts them and they rebel and degenerate into self-righteous, pompous fools revelling in their whims and fancies. TDM, I pray for God's healing powers be upon you and give you speedy recovery; there is still much you can do for our nation.