Friday, May 18, 2007

Toothless Cabinet


Hantu flew in with some shattering news that the two bocor recalcitrants made a formal public apology to all women. Did they apologise personally to MP of Batu Gajah? So Sharizat thinks that she has done her job as assigned by Cabinet. Somebody said that if these two ever attend Parliament in its next session the lady minister would seal their mouths with sanitary pads. Wicked but appropriate, the source said.

The Cabinet sits back and said, case close. No way! In the first place, you abdicated your duty by passing the buck to the lady minister. And now the two bocor nits get away with just an apology. We have numerous cases of murderers saying to family of those they murdered, "I'm sorry" though that would bring the victim back to life. Sorry is such a cheap word today. If the cabinet had had what it takes to do a man's job, they would have sacked both the MPs and then hurray we will have 2 buy-election and millions would be seeing its merry way to those two constituencies. Not a bad idea, on hind-sight .

Lady, you suck, to put it very midly.....women wont be proud of you if that is all you managed....just an apology. Did you notice them snigger when they left your office? Hantu, saw.

And the cabinet....time you got new sets of dentures from you know who, what? Shylock would have done a better job....pound of flesh with the blood too. But this is Malaysia. This is how we operate. To another fifty years of deceit, chicanery and tidak apa.


bennyloh said...

They did fianally apologise?

Nora said...

Well bro,

I think tat lady minister is being infected by the just close one eye syndrome. Just say SOLI, mouth also can close.

By the way bro on the diff. subject, thanks for the tips. The boy is recovering now.


muststopthis said...

9 Days....this should go into Malaysian record books as the fastest apology ever made by Malaysian Ministers......but then again it doesn't qualify does it?
Fong PK was not included in the apology, which by the way still sucks big time even it was accepted.
come to think of it, Barisan National accepted the apology, not us rakyats!


bennyloh said...

Stupid, right?