Saturday, May 19, 2007


MU brudders and sistas, this is Aunty Kuan, die-hard, hardcore, tru-blue MU moll. I bought her lunch today and she reminded me about tonight's extravganza. Aunty Kuan, has been in and out of hospital and has not been well, but when I met her this morning she beamed when she talked about tonight. I took this picture of her this morning. Her late husband Mr. "Bulldog" Kuan (not the motor-racer but a discipline master at St. Paul's Seremban) was my spiritual-mate (if you get my drift). I miss him dearly....less one spiritual kaki. However until she became ill, Aunty Kuan packed a mean "bottoms-up" kaki......"Bernard, give it straight, no watering it down, down the hatch!" still rings in my ear. I cannot be with her but I promised that I will "down the hatch" for her after the Bloggers United Meeting at LakeView Club tonight. OK you mad MU mob out there, send Aunty Kwan your MU mate a Get Well Greeting over the weekemd OK? Glory, Glory Man United.


WIELMAJA said...

Bernard, I have posted a get-well message to Aunty Kuan in my blog.
Please convey our best wishes for a speedy recovery to her. Thanks!

J.T. said...

My sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery for Aunty Kuan.

Aunty Kuan, if wishes were like flowers, right now you'll be in the middle of a garden of beautiful flowers. *hugs*
(borrowed this from a get-well-soon card)

Daily Nibbler said...

She looks like a very nice lady. Please get well, Aunty Kuan. Zorro and MU needs you!

svllee said...

Hello Zorro, greetings to you and best wishes to Aunty Kwan. Hope you are not too upset with the Chelsea win..! London will be celebrating tomorrow! Good to have caught you at the Press club the other week. Its too smoky for me though!

zorro said...

Thanks people for get well wishes for Aunty Kuan. I am compiling your postings and will print these out for her. It will make her day. I do not know her reaction to that goal, but this spunky lady takes things one day at a time. You people take care huh?

Kata Tak Nak said...

They say the older you are the more cultured you get. Only trully cultured people know how to appreciate good football teams.
Glory, Glory Man Utd

Mat Salo said...

Hmmm, I beg to differ, I no like itu merah, but merah in Lidpool or Gunner I don't mind.. I know you Unker2 here gonna tembak me one.. hehee.

But Unker Z, please convey my best wishes to Auntie Kwan. I takut la, I'm sure she can drink me under the table... All my respect Aunty, hope you get well soon!

P/S Unker, where's the update on the BUM thing? Real BUMmer cannot join you lah..

zorro said...

KTN. Agree. Those who understand football will appreciate a good game and give credit to a team that had that little extra to make a diff. What I can't accept are people who say that EPL is controlled by bookies. How stupid can some be. Some are even playing God in their predictions from here. i never like a game to end in penalty kicks although this will continue to be a luck/skill exercise. However MU will live to fight another day. I will watch next Wednesday Champions League final and hope to see really good football.

Mat Salo of the Kalimantan Swamps, you still on the barge or the platform. Is your cell still on vibrator? You devil incarnate!
BUM gathering was great,a meeting of now not-so-faceless strangers and old friends. Met up with so many bloggers - so 90 I think. It was good, except I missed Sheih. I thought he would be in town during weekends. MIA. You care to find out?

zorro said...

Steve u back in London. You win some you lose some, but life just goes on and we try to win the next time around. Yes NPC must improve their ventilation...more so with guys like me puffing like a chimney on me pipe.Until you are back take care and good wishes to the misses.

svllee said...

Txs for the wishes, BTW, your portrait is up on my site, check it

BigDogDotCom said...

Bernard Khoo,

I know this is a little bit late, but now ONLY I can come and comment here. So here goes......


The insignificant team from up north LOST!


What a great way to baptize the new Wembley Stadium.....with a London trouncing the insignificant team from the north!


FA Cup also cannot win aaaa..............?

Ballack did not play, you know!

Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahha :)