Friday, May 11, 2007


AFC chief Mohamed bin Hamman told Minister of Youth and Sports to stop the MU invitation as it will take the thunder out of the Asian Cup.

I don't remember any Asian Cup. I do remember our Malaysia Cup years ago. I can recall Burnley Cup and then the President Cup, but Asian Cup? What is this Asian Cup anyway....something to do with pony riding or desert-rat race? Anyway, Hamman, you can keep your Asian Cup but don't interfere with Malaysian Football, it already being in deep, deep fertilizers.

And AFC Hamman, just stick to football-speak and not dabble with "colonial way of thinking". Football columnist Bob Holmes,adequately hit him below the belt when he said (to Hamman): Strikes me if anyone has a "colonial way of thinking" it is the AFC and FIFA." You Hamman is learning very fast, coming to KL so often to check on the AFC are getting into the grove of our popular "foot in mouth" trend, branded by many of our cheap publicity-seeking politicians.

But like all with no scrotal jumption, the FAM, now-jaded Minister of Sports and loud-mouth-women-bashing Minister of Tourism, kow-towed and gave in to the wishes of a foreigner. It was a spark of an idea, MU invitation being the brainchild of the Adnan to celebrate VMY2007 and our 50th Merdeka Anniversary. But like a spark it didn't ignite into a blazing fire. Adnan, capitulated in favor of Hamman. Come on, you two, you are elected Ministers and Cabinet Ministers. You both got cowed by nomad from a wee country. He ain't even a sultan lah!

Malaysian want to see MU. Only AFC and probably "theres money to be made" FAM want to watch the Asian Cup (yeah, I just learnt it is a football regional fair). It is like asking us to choose a lunch-date between BradPitt/Angeline Jolie and our hot-air Bung Mokhtar from Kinabatangan/Azlina. Get real Hamman, if entry was free you wouldn't fill our stadiums even if you throw in a pre-match buffet dinner, complete with personal hand-shake from Mawi. We Malaysian football fans are a discerning lot. Don't force HPS (half-past-six, is it?) events on us, when we can pay and watch a 6-star extravaganza complete with its attending razmataz. razzle and dazzle.

From your position, you should be offering solutions rather than make arbitrary decisions for us Malaysians. Who are you? Football can survive without you or AFC. Think global & (to use your own words) do not indulge in colonial way of thinking. Your interference reminds me of the oft-told mid-east story of the scorpion and the frog crossing a river.

So Azlina, floor this guy with one of your favorite taw-kwan-do moves. As for TA, if you can't see this project thru, don't start it. Go remedy the medical-tourism fiasco. They need your mouth to mouth resuscitation expertise.



Anonymous said...

i'd rather watch LIVERPOOL but i get where you're coming from :-)

Kata Tak Nak said...

I wouldn't go if it was Liverpool. Yo! Zorro, way to go man. I heard on the news numero uno himself asked that MU be invited (I thought I saw KJ's shadows somewhere). Asian Cup?

yok hoong said...

hi zooro

where's yours idiot of the month award? TA and Sports Minister dont even stand a chance!
cant beat the two orang utans from Jasin and Kinabatagan. Also, in the running is another orang utan who gave them the moral support by saying that their demeaning comments about women are not offensive.
zorro, think at the rate the orang utans are misbehaving themselves, may be the idiot of the momnth award should go weekly. there are more than enough candidates.

zorro said...

yook hoong, capital guys can help me do that. If you do not have a blog....send it over and I will publish it with credits to you all. In fact yesterday, at our meeting with Dauk Seri Anwar, I asked him if he had credible candidates, unlike the resident clowns in Parliament. He smiled and said "still looking."

yok hoong said...


my choice of idiot of the month is Nazri ( forget about the datuk. idiots are not supposed to possess such honours). He just shade the two morrons for this award by trying to defend the indefensible remarks by the two morons. anyone to support this motion? guess, it is only fair that they must be a seconder.