Thursday, May 31, 2007


On 30 May, I completed my fourth month into blogging and this post is my 86th. OK I suppose, but I am always haunted by what 2 commentators said when I launched my maiden post on 30 January 2007. Linken Lim asked me to "keep your promise to reveal anything swept under the carpet and unmasking the sweepers" and Michael urged me "to keep true to your mission statement."

Let's say that these 4 months have been a dry-run and now is as good a time as any to do the right stuff.....looking under the carpet.

In reply to the 48 commentators in that maiden post I did appeal to them to let's put our shoulders together to the task. Over the months we have read in the MSM on whistle-blowers. I honestly do not like this term. It has a negative connotation like in snitching. I would rather we refer to our resources as PWC - people who cares.

Because we care, we want to uproot the stifling weeds and the life-sapping parasites to stem the haemorrhaging of public funds. As such, shouldn't we be asking questions like: Where is Daim with his billions; what happened to Halim Saad with his millions; where is Akhbar Khan; where is AP king, Azman and is MB Toyo demolishing Zakaria's Mansion?

Shouldn't Sports Minister Azalina tell us the whereabout of the RM700k architect's fees to "revonate" Brickendonbury, or whether anything else is hidden from DPM and the rakyat.

Shouldn't we depoliticize state institutions like the SEDCs, town/city councils who are invariably endowed with longer arms and deeper pockets.

Should we use the next General Election to RESTRUCTURE rather than to reform?

Shouldn't we demand swift accountability across the board from leaking pipes to leaky mouths?

Shouldn't we put an end to our elected political-sycophants' plundering and piratise-ing tax-payers money?

Why are we still tolerating a government that is forever giving excuses that even a vegetable is ashamed of?

Why are we putting people in government who have not learned from the past, not worrying about our future and unashamedly screwing up our present?

Why are we still tolerating MPs and State Assemblymen who dont show up when you need them because they say they are busy - as busy as a dog with two pricks. So busy that they wonder how leaks can happen instead of wandering around to look for "leaks" and "leads".

Shouldn't we also depoliticise religion. Religion teaches good values. We have failed in this area and failed miserably after 50 years . Just visit our National Zoo at Jl. Parliament and experience the stark difference between good values and desecrated values.

So People Who Cares....if you have something to whisper in my ears go to


Anonymous said...

The helicopter reminds me of when the pm went around surveying the horrible damage done to bukit cerakah by contractors. The state govt then said it needed RM200 million to 'repair' the damage. Has the issue been swept under the carpet too?

kerp said...

4 months of quality. your entries r informative, provocatice, witty, hilarious and even touchy to thousand of readers.

zorro-unmasked is just pure enjoyment to read. thats how i believe most who surfed in felt. I certainly did.

Just keep on rockin and rollin', uncle bernard. thats the only thing matters.

zorro said...

Thanks Danny for the thumbs-up....will continue to do same or improve for my readers.

Anon....yes that needs probing!

J.T. said...

I joined the blogosphere in March and since then, I have been informed and entertained each time I visit your blog. Keep revealing anything swept under the carpet and unmasked those sweepers. Cheers Zorro!

Mat Salo said...

Bravo Unker!

You remind me of that scion of investigative reporting, Messrs. Woodward and Bernstein. But here, beside's you Unker, ppl you mentioned like Nades, Terence, Jacq etc, they have my "tabik spring". Not too forget our own blog fraternity too Unker - RPK, Penarik Beca, Shar, A Voice, Datuk Ron, KickDefella, Anu Radha, Nuraina, Rocky, Jeff, Cikgu NK... too many to mention - all command my respect too - excellent writers with a social conscience.

But writers need information just like RPK has his "Deep Throat" I'm sure. I think you have some leads already...

yok hoong said...

regular visitor to your site and I gotta say thumbs up. keep em coming and best wishes.

zorro said...

JT, the above cartoon courtesy of TonyG. Appreciate sentiments expressed....I visit you daily.

Mat! Recently there was an article "Brom Blogging to Blooking.About bloggers who struck goldmine when they translated their postings into books. Of course, you, JT and Noraina and Kak Teh came to mind. You people just write so beautifully and there such a word.

Yook Hoong, long time no see your comments. Welcome again and thanks.

J.T. said...

Awww.. Zorro. Another compliment from you. Thank you *hugs* I feel honoured being mentioned in the company of Mat Salo, Nuraina and Kak Teh.
Love that cartoon from TonyG. I am glad he is back with his postings. Missed them :)

eva's haven said...

Cool, zorro sir, cool.

stand-up philosopher said...

Continue to leave the sign of the zeeeeeeee. Much to think about.

Linken Lim said...

Hi, Uncle Zorro,
Honored being mentioned in your post.

I am quite 'addicted' to your blog, the hilarious and witty entries, the beautiful English.

That reminds me of my late English Teacher, Mr Chin Seng Piow @ Chin Ah Kow, wonder if you know him ?

He used to stress the use of 'quite' in place of 'very' like 'quite addicted' than 'very addicted' as he said 'quite' is stronger in sense than 'very', well I might say perhaps. I am really bad in English. The more I learn, the less I know!
Cheers !

zorro said...

No I dont recall knowing your Mr Chin. However I like the "quite" and the "very". Welcome back, and do contribute your comments. Much cheers to you.

A Voice (from the Brick) said...

Continue to do your

... zat
.... zat
..... zat

Have no fear zorro to the rescue.