Wednesday, May 16, 2007


For those of you who missed your copy of the Sun, here is a letter which would never see print in either the NST or the Star:

Captioned: No cab ride for crude MPs.
A taxi driver whose cab I had taken recently spoke for most of us, expressing disgust at the sexist remarks made by two MPs in Parliament. He was furious calling the MPs concerned kurang ajar, kurang adab, kurang adat, not fit even to be taxi drivers to welcome tourists of both sexes to Malaysia.

He asked, what about th wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and other female relatives of the families of these MPs. Don't they too have menses like the Opposition MP from Batu Gajah?

His tirade went on and on. Finally he said that although these "orang besar, yang berhomat" are unlikely to be his customers because they have chauffeur driven limos, he would never take these "binatang" if they should ever flag down his cab.

Sit Hin Kin
Kuala Lumpur

..............and this from a cabbie......let's see what the masters of our destinies, the Cabinet, will decide. Let's hear how they are going to rid Parliament of cockroaches, rats, and anything abhorrent. Its this rodent family that is insidiously biting into the fabric of our society. But can the Cabinet do the exterminator job? I dont hope for much so lets all kneel and say a prayer for them decision makers.


HSingh said...

Hi Zorro,

I tried to do as you said - knelt and prayed.

Thunder, lightning (missed me of course) and voice from above said -

" Dont waste my f***ing time with these prayers for these undeserving people - Dont call me, I'll call you .."

Kata Tak Nak said...

We seemed to be at an advantage. What advantage? To show these people that the people have awakekened and are not happy with their antics but how do we translate this advantage into an election strategy?

zewt said...

they apologised.... a very clear signal that the case is close. it's also indirectly telling us all... your ass will be in trouble if u cont to talk about it.... sam jiu ler...

Daphne Ling said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,
A very Happy Teacher's Day to you...=)You still accept Teacher's Day greetings after all these years, no?

zorro said...

HSingh....u still in aussieland...god said when he sent down that boly...missed the bastards. But not to worry we have time on our side...come the GE, just as Kata Tak Nak infered.
Zwet.....our ass will be in trouble if we continue to talk about this? We aint running away scared are we?
Daphe....once a teacher always a teach....cant run away from this. how are you doing girl?

J.T. said...

Zorro, Happy Teacher's Day. Have an e-beer on me.
Those fellas may have apologised but the damage is done. It won't be forgotten so soon. It was so digusting to watch their behaviour on YouTube. If they can say that in public, I wonder how much respect they have for the females in their families. sigh..

Daily Nibbler said...

The Star newspaper today said MP Bung Mokhtar retracted the apology following a Cabinet directive to discuss the matter with Sharizat. MP Said Yusoff would only make an official statement after meeting Sharizat despite apologizing.

The heat is on for Sharizat to do better than the apologies rendered. Otherwise, she is doing a lousy job as a Women Minister. Looks like the apologies made are not sincere in the first place - can be retracted or postponed.

Meantime, Nazri said, "To apologies to Fong is not on. I don't agree." Is Fong a male species?

NST make no mention about the apologies rendered.

The circus continues folks. The more I follow the ding dongs, the more I want to muntah! And I was about to have my breakfast when I read the above. Ni lah kerajaan Pak Lah!

Daily Nibbler said...

Why does Elton John's song "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" comes to mind?

bennyloh said...

True, true (hardest word)..

yok hoong said...

the cabinet will just look the other way. bn solidarity, they said, supersedes everything. even an apology is no go for the Nazri chap. what more do you expect?

Elviza Michele said...

Zorro dear,

So sorry 1000x, happy teachers day!

About these two, I commented to much already on them. Too tired