Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What's the point of being well-read when one still cannot make a decisive, intelligent statement?

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was asked to comment about the 'Bocor" MPs, loud-mouth wind-bag Bung Mokhtar and the one-eyed, timber-thief whacko Md. Said. He said it was up to Parliament. Brings to mind an incident when a a parent came to me in school and asked me to punish his son. On probing I learnt that the kid called the sister a bitch and the father wanted me the punish his son. I sent the parent off with this simple question, "Mister X, who is the father? I think it is you. Go act like a father." So it depends on parliament....always passing the buck.

Pressed further as to whether it was proper for MPs make such remarks, amidst stutters he said: [parenthesis mine] "I dont want to pass judgment on what they said. They said it in a very .....(stutter and indecision)....it was not supposed to be taken seriously (were you there and did you see the body language on the YouTube.....Datin Seri Rosmah.....did you hear that....tsk tsk) I think if you take it with a sense of humour, (which sane man amongst us will take as humour, our mothers, our wives, and our daughters menstrual cycle...and we dont publicy talk about such private matters!.....where then is our self-respect?).....then.....But of course people are making a meal out of this issue. (It is not an issue, it is an attack on our women's tissues...and making a meal, just like Malaysians are having a dinner party over the Mongolian lass. This old heart can/t take all this travesty anymore so I will dedicate a verse of this song from Chocolate Genius "Half a Man" album, which it is said knocked Dick Cheney to his knees and shot his hunting buddy:

"Half a Man" is the money song. A rootsy ear-grabber. Think of The Wallflowers. Now, think of The Wallflowers slapped around, spit on, penniless and doused in really cheap beer.

Save yourself
Me, I'll be fine
And save your breath
Stay away from mine

(you're giving me a bad hang-over)


alliedmartster said...

Bad eggs...all I can say is Bad eggs!
NIAMAH! That must be the reason, how else can you explain the wanton side step of such discriminating insults on our fairer fellow citizens?

Its one thing allowing some to take on 4 wives, it is another when they make a joke out of discriminating statements like this!
And would the 2 YB take it likely if we call their partners leaky pipes?

Now, now, lets have some control.
Keep your dogs in the kennel!

zorro said...

These type of canines cannot be put in kennels or pounds....why waste NOOs money. They should be donated for scientific research: why some domesticated dogs can be so rabid.If they cannot be used for research then they should be put under.


tomorrow's cabinet should be interesting. shahrizat said she's going to take up the "bocor" issue. but then, again, some people might say that doesn't say well for our leaders .. if something so straigthforward has to be referred to the Cabinet.

Daily Nibbler said...

Sigh...the phrase "semua sekongkol" comes to mind.

bennyloh said...

"Supposed to be taken not in a serious manner"
Like this,

mob1900 said...

Besides Bennyloh above,
I, too have a appropriate 'counter-measure' for blatant gender degrading for ehem you-know-who:


kekeke give him the Mexican Chamber!

Mat Salo said...

Unker! Selamat Hari Guru, Sir!

Voon Tek said...

errr, the photo, that a manga in his hand?