Saturday, May 19, 2007



This week has been a trying week for those of us who pursue peace and harmony in this our country: Consider these: (parenthesis mine)

Tun Mahatir was hospitalized for breathing difficulties, (Thank God, he is fight another day? Go easy Tun, please)

Pak Lah had a full physical after a fainting spell. However it was his physician and not MB of S who said that semua-nya ok. (Yes PM Sir, besides the heat and exhaustion deep down I know you have been stressed by the your two 'bocor' boys and the real leaks in Putra Jaya and Parliament House. Go easy dear Pak Lah, please)

Minister Fu a k's boys raided MPH and confiscated (not borrowed, not bought, but confiscated -so bangsat lah!) "May 13" presumably to trawl for any mis-steps that might endanger our fragile race-religion fabric, already always eroded by politicians and misguided religious zealots.(A prerequisite for election-aspirants should be his/her ability to do what the electorate wants them to do and ask permission before they speak....we vote for them to do a job....we did not vote for them to think for us. Just shut up and do what we tell you to do. Simple mah? So easy and go easy on the truth about May 13, please.)

PWD Sam has predicted that if the roof is not reconstructed, the roof will fall and hit our erected YBs and not the other way around!!!! (now, now, that will be a great loss, yes? but also can be a welcome change, no? Go easy on the calculations Mr. Value....and watch the tenders lining up....or is it too urgent to call for tenders....better you use the same guy and this time dont pay him.....that will save our money....brilliant idea.....but you can use it, no charge.) He also said that water-proofing is necessary. Why wasn't it done in 2005. Water-proofing is not a new innovation. (May be water-proofing was paid for but not done, ah ha!......and ACA, get off your butt, you cannot bust criminals by sitting in your office, lah)

The Cabinet orchestrated our version of Russian Roulette and the bullet was given to the Right Honorable Minister of Womanly Affairs to kow-tim the bocor buggers. (This is discrimination,not even subtle. Why can't the male dominated cabinet do the obvious? Boys will be boys mah....let her do the dirty work....boys, lets go for our leak....while she patches the two leaks....Zam, you first. Go easy boys, you just let off a whiff of sexism.)


The overcast was fortunately blessed with a beam of hope and some rays of sunshine . My man for next Prime Minister Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah took as his bride, the ravishingly stunning Zara Salim. He made history (and you bet, there will be many more firsts from him) by not accepting state subsidy for his wedding and urged all well-wishers to donate to the poor instead of putting out adverts in the MSM. WE SALUTE YOU FOR YOUR MANGNANIMITY, so rare these days.

CONGRATULATIONS to Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Besar Perak Darul Ridzwan Tuanku Zara Salim, on your being bestowed this title and Perak's highest award, the Darjah Kerabat Seri Paduka Sultan Azlan Shah Perak Yang Dihormati.

Malaysians in general and us Perakians ask for God's Bountiful Blessings on you both. SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


yok hoong said...

agree with you. the marriage was and is the only bright spot. good man with such brains and forsight like him should be leading the country.
by the way, just wondering why samy said there's a need to instal waterproofing equipment. really beats me. to paddle the bill? any comments from engineers/contractors coz i am ignorant in this line of business?

Daily Nibbler said...

Yes, hope YM Nazrin has the gumption to join Malaysian politics. Its a different ball game altogether for the newly weds.

The whole week was..'leaky'.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have calculated the cost of repairing the parliament. We want to build the biggest parliament in the world or else TDM would not be proud of me. So after much calculation I think 4 Billion should be enough to build a new parliament. I am also suggesting to federal gov to buy a few thousand square kilometers of land for another Federal Territory to house the Parliament otherwise Tun would not be happy with me. He would say I didn't learn from him.

Oh, no the 4 billion is for the Parliament building only, for the New Federal Territory we would discuss with EPF and Petronas.