Sunday, May 13, 2007

No leaks Pak Lah, its a gaping hole lah.

I awoke to Mothers' Day and prepared myself for a glorious Sunday, looking forward to a late breakfast with Mrs Zorro. Pre-breakfast is always a pipeful first, and piping hot local kopi, and surfing the Blogs. But this morning when I came to the notebook, on top of it was the Sunday Times. Usually the Star (for I have broken off my 50 year love-affair with NST) is on the lanai table. It was Mrs Zorro's way of saying the delivery boy brought in the wrong paper. However it was problably destined that way this day. PM's quip: We are on a ship. If it leaks, we sink! Nothing prophetic sir. There are no leaks, its just one big gaping hole, captain sir. However in any sinking ship, the first to leave the ship would be the rats, then us if there are sufficient non-leaking life boats, and last, by heroic tradition, the captain. Kapitan, aye aye sir, the leaks are not because of poor maintenance, which normally is the case in our country, the big hole was gnawed by the rats you have in your ship.....2 rats in particular, but that later on in this posting.

Our PM further volunteered in his speech at the MIC's 16th General Assembly: Race and religion is not an excuse to think and act blindly. I wonder if he was referring to the Islamic Abducting Agency or the Shariah/Judiciary who lately seems to be targeting our Indian Community. PM is very unpredictable. Did he say these because, not a single MIC male or female came out in defense of their kindred in these troubled times?

I doubt you acted blindly when you said that had other prior pressing matters to attend to and therefore the Building Bridges conference should be postponed because you want to attend. That would be inconveniencing a host of international academics, wont it? I hope your pressing matter has nothing to do with damage control over some nasi kandar outlet overseas.What other pressing matters sir? You already vowed that the economy is vibrant, BN has won all 5 buy-elections and the Mat Rempits have not killed anyone this week and SIL is effectively and efficiently holding the fort! CAPE DIEM,captain of SSMalaysia, seize the day. The photo on Prime News page 7 tells a moving, impactful much heart, so much soul, so much unity in diversity. What would those seven Malaysians think of their leader, the architect of Islam Hadhari.

Hantu, perched on my shoulder, whispered: Take it easy, Zorro, maybe his pressing matter is that he wants to tackle those two rats that created the hole and have jumped ship. That makes sense. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Too many pressing matters can cause drowziness and can cause chronic inertia. Yes captain sir, your two delinquent rats, the "genetically defective" (so said one of my commentators Vooooney) oaf with the name of Bung something, and the optically diseased timber-thief from Jasin, must be caged and exhibited to our millions of women in Malaysia. Beats me you have not done anything to them. Have they got you in their grip on u-know-where. You seem so helpless. Of course the Speaker, the near-senile MB of Perak is oratorically impotent and half the time lost in his own thoughts. Maybe your'e waiting for a signal. Well here it is. A commentator on my blog, Ben, asked me to lead a peaceful demo, like a poll. Fact is I am not tech savy enough to do this. No this is a stupid excuse of mine. I have procrastinated....the Malay Male had already volunteered to teach me this technique. But time is of the essence....can I call on the Malay Male and Walski of myAsylum to do this for me in anticipation of the coming-soon Fathers Day? Poll Question: Sould these two be sacked?
Captain, sir, just to help you a bit, read Malaysian Unplug on what people think of these two creeps of yours.(May 12)

Like I said, blogs is part of pre-breakfast. I surfed into Rocky and low and behold, these people, Ali Rustam, Rahman Thambi Chik (the guy of the 14 year old girl saga), Mat Tyson (who couldn't read airport signages or is it custom's declaration?), Aziz Shamsuddin, Noraini Ahmad (some princess, yess?) Sabahan Kamal and Rizal Merican Neena Merican, all want Maybank to stick to their guns, despite the captain of our ship's directive to do otherwise. DO I SMELL A MUTINY. I dont know. At this stage we have to rely on my expert blogger buddies to enlighten us: AM Ubaidullah, Aisehman, AJK, the Scribe, Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament, Marina Mahatir of Rantings MM, Datuk Ron of Cyber Prince, Shar 101 of OBE, Zaharin of Sang Kelembai, Husin Lempayang, A Voice, and Big Dog and Penarik Becha, please give us your take on this. Open our eyes on this as PM did say that Religion and Race is not an excuse to think and act blindly.

I am on the roll today. Also reported that Malaysian have got their work cut out for them when it comes to making the National Unity and Integration Action Plan happen. All these thanks to the effort of Dr. Maximus and his team. It is a beautifully thought-out strategy. And it is strategically also aimed at the young, so says Education Minister. Well youngsters learn from their elders. Mark my words this wont work because you have two members of Parliament who are no examples for our young and then you have Petronas, who does not believe in integration of the races in its employment policy. Go read Malaysian Unplug, 10 May.

Parting shot on this Mothers' Day from one of my blog-buddy from Penang Katak Tak Nak: "I would like to wish the mothers of the 2 delinquent MPs Happy Mothers' Day. Dont blame yourselves for having children like them. Maybe they have developed LEAKS in their heads."

Touche che gu.


The Ancient Mariner said...

"We are on a ship. If it leaks, we sink" says the PM.

Well I got news for the PM. Ships leak all the time but will not sink if properly plugged, cement-boxed and all the pumps running if necessary.

But overloaded ships with top heavy unnecessary cargo will keel over and capsize easily.

So time to jettison all the rubbish ...!

Daily Nibbler said...

And pay YTL RM 1 billion or more to collect the rubbish jettisoned, part of cleaning the rivers (or seas) project?

Brilliant plan, my chap!

Daphne Ling said...

Erm, Just here to wish Mrs Zorro a very Happy Mother's Day only...

zewt said...

by far the longest post you've ever posted. very informative... haha... indeed, a mutiny beyond the horizon? having said that.... i think the sailing has been smooth for him, dont think anything will happen... the only sure thing coming is GE.... i think :)

happy mothers' day to mrs zorro... may all lil zorros be as zorro-like.

Elviza Michele said...

My dear Zorro,

Thank you... thank you for remembering

Elviza Michele said...

My dear Zorro,

Thank you... thank you for remembering