Saturday, May 12, 2007



The way some people turn out, have coined the phrase "the sins of the father". WheRE these two low-lives are concerned, we cannot blame their fathers. For all you know, their fathers were hard-working, clean, honest people. These two specimens demean our parliament probably got where they are through stealth, cunning, crawling, ass-licking, all modern UMNO ways to move around and up. I never said I dont like our PM, I just said that he has awakened but have not got out of bed yet. Proof? He is letting these two walas make a mockery of the government and he couldn't do anything whilst slill in bed. Pak Lah, if you do not clean up your act ( and one of the things you got to do is to drop these two dead-wood from your will have to accept what will happen in the next GE.....learn from Ijok....listen to the undertones. If you still keep these two then "the sins of the father" (you) fits.

The loud-mouth from the interior cant believe that he is allowed to wear a suit to look civilised. It is very difficult to change when you still have this tribe mentality. Putting on western apparel dont make you look cultured. What makes you cultured is what comes out from your mouth and from the time you stepped into Parliament, you have mouthed filth that we associate with imbeciles .....the people of his constituent must be sloshed with tuak when they voted for this critter. Leak? If not for the leak-cycle you might not be around......and this is the type of base insult you are flinging at your mother(?), sister(s), daughter(s) and all women. Hey Bung or whatever you call aint no are an insult to us men. Go slither back to the jungle where you will be more comfortable with your kind. And take along with you, your close one eye robber friend. Notice how these two gets featured together....who was it that said that misery always find their soul-mate? Thick as thieves? crows or a feather flock together? Everytime I see this monkey in formal western wear, I just laugh at the incongruity....the face, the body, and the suit covering this multitude of sin, vermins, filth. And these two hobos were confered cheap can you get. These datukship thing has lost its prestige and how can those who confer these titles sit back and do nothing.....these two insult the title you gave them thus insulting you.....even if they are paid for. Anyway, you two continue to have your day, but when Pak Lah gets out of bed, then your days are numbered. If Pak Lah dont get you KJ will. That one my man lah....he can get many THINGS done...and his way too. So enjoy until the day when we will see the stain on your pants caused by the LEAK.


Vooooney said...

one sentence to decribe em


That's a simple explanation, aint it?

Daily Nibbler said...

Well said, Zorro. These two whatever you call them are a disgrace. Also Nazri for defending them. By now, the whole world knows what they have said.

Our female BN MPs who are supposed to be defenders of women's rights are silent of the matter. Could it be they are giggling and saying to themselves, "shy lah to talk on this topic.."?

Pak Lah, why, oh, why did you choose them? Limited pool?

Come on please, have some dignity!

Ben said...

Enough said.

Let's start a petition to remove these 2 who do not have the common decency and courtesy for our loved ones. Let's show them blogs can fight for our rights; not just report.

Sometimes action is needed and can be done in a peaceful manner. All the ranting and raving is not getting us anywhere. Zorro, please lead if you agree.

eva's haven said...

There are more where they came from.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I would like to wish the mothers of the two delinquent MPs HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Don't blame yourselves for having children like them. Maybe they've developed LEAKS in their heads.