Monday, January 7, 2013


When I had lunch with Zaid together with Commander Thaya in a quaint Kelantanese outlet, the Zaid Ibrahim that I have known has not changed and come through again despite having left PKR in a huff and setting up KITA. He would probably not stand as a candidate in GE13 unless (?). That, he said was not his priority at that point in time. But he has vowed to lend his support to the Pakatan cause. He is no firebrand speaker at ceremahs. His message is clear and measured. In his blog he wrote:

Stories of him having billions stashed away are lies. He has wealthy friends, of course, and they have kept his struggle going. I don’t believe money is terribly important to Anwar and his family, so I don’t think we will have pilferage on a huge scale when he becomes Prime Minister. So one up for him.
Malaysians also want to coexist in harmony. They are tired of UMNO’s divide-and-rule system. Anwar has  travelled  far and wide in his political campaigns and has seen for himself how groups outside the gated communities live. He relates well with the rural as well as the urban poor and emphatises with the grievances of the marginalised. His concern for the less fortunate is genuine. His strong sense of justice is perhaps due to his own experiences, but they are real and something we can trust him with. He has changed, but Dr M has not. Two up.
An important point to remember is that Anwar has a close relationship with PAS. I was initially sceptical that PAS could ever be a strong political force in a moderate Malaysia because for many years, they were hystericaly extreme in their views. Today Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is no longer the firebrand Islamic leader from Rusila of the 1980’s, but a moderate and practical politician. PAS has many young and moderate leaders, and they inject a strong ethical amd moral dimension to governance, at least more so than UMNO.  I believe Anwar’s influence on PAS and political Islam as a whole is positive. Three up.



Anonymous said...

Zaid, like Anwar is also a Privileged & Elite product of UMNO.

While Anwar went to prison on ridiculous charges, Zaid was basking in the limelight & making his multiplying millions.

In politics you can never fully trust a person, hence great caution is advised, more so in this case of the X rubbery Law Minister with a strange affliction of revealing his wishy washy colors in times of stress

patrick said...

Zaid has always come across as a thoughtful gentleman politician.Hopefully Pakatan can include him in their future plans.That'll definitely be one up for Pakatan!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Zorro. Still do not trust this bloke called Zaid. He's been around the various enemies and making another round to make sure that he remains on the gravy train.

If he is a man of principles and is really honest about AI, he wouldn't have left Pakatan.

To put in polite language, he is curry-flavouring AI to try to come back.

Anonymous said...

Zaid's word of opinion is definitely up for Pakatan. Even he is out of Pakatan league, his word can trigger the bullet to doom Mahathir legacy.

wandererAUS said...

Anwar 3UP and Zaid 2up:1 down. Zaid, you have changed too! a return a the prodigal son?...thank God! Funny though, I have cursed you but, have never lost faith in you as a decent bloke...sometimes, naive maybe. It is never too late to walk on the right path. One thing for sure, you are definitely not Mamakutty..a self confessed devil..."Father of all bastards".

Anonymous said...

Beware ot moles from Umno.

Anonymous said...

Syabas Zorro. You have the patience to listen to the load of crap from the ex KITA President. If UMNO allows him to contest in Kota Baru, he'll be back to the Dark side.

new fart said...


Jong said...

Quote Anon 11.55PM: "If he is a man of principles and is really honest about AI..."

YES that was exactly what this MAN of principles did!

He left PKR to the dismay of many - friends, supporters, and observers like me who had hoped he would stay on to fight the mess at PKRparty election, smile and play chess with that little man and his pretty boy & Co whom many believe, had sabotaged him at both PKRparty Election and Hulu Selangor Parliamentary By-Election. Of course Zaid was too decent a bloke for that sorta game, what a pity!