Saturday, January 19, 2013


Uncle Bernard….that Judge being investigated….wasn’t he the former Principal Legal Officer in the Ministry of Defence who suddenly resigned to do private practice and opened up a law school. As Principal Legal Officer, wasn’t he the one who handled the collision between KD Raja Jarom and the Japanese tanker Shoyu Maru in the Singapore Strait? Was this related to his sudden resignation from the Ministry?

I replied: JJ, I really cannot answer your queries…..let me ask some Naval friends of mine but in the meantime I can contribute something about this Judge:

PUTRAJAYA: To be able to administer justice according to the law is what this retired Court of Appeal Judge described as his memorable moments during his service in the judiciary.
“It is something which is our mission in the judiciary and it is something we hold dear in the course of our work,” said the judge in an interview with Bernama.
He clocked out for the last time as a Court of Appeal judge in August after being in the judiciary for 42 years.
“It’s my mission in life to be a judge and I am happy with what I have contributed to the judiciary.”
“I am proud and delighted to say that I have written almost 1,000 judgments to leave behind in the judiciary for the benefit of the legal profession, the judiciary, the academia and law students.”
Asked to describe his life as a judge, he said that judges led a very disciplined life.
“Upper most in my mind is always the judges’ code of ethics,” he said.

If you cannot piece together the above, let’s wait for the gavel to call the court to order! Cheers JJ.


backStreetGluttons said...

Judas Iscariot was a "loyal" Jesus disciple. He sold out Jesus (and let him be tortured/crucified and in great pain) in the end for some gold. In the end Judas committed suicide.

That is a true story I think

Many of our learned Malaysian judges are like this Judas. Their end will come soon enough, when Putrajaya re-opens for business

Anonymous said...

Forget about Putrajaya when PR idiots like Patrick Teoh dont even respect Islam.

Anonymous said...

One should listen to the "poison' spewed by the racist mahathir in his 'Bicara Minda' lecture in a forum on the "future of the malays". It was aired on astro Awani last night. He failed to explain that, had not the nonmalays cooperated with umno, malaya would not have gained independence.

Anonymous said...

This retired on Aug 9 after being in the judiciary for 42 years.Link at

Anyone else unker...? Am i missing sumthing...



19 Jan 2013

Constitution of Malaysia said...

Uncle, I may be asking you something out of this topic. I read so much the last few days on our ex-Pm Kutty in giving out blue NRIC and citizenship in the 1990s like hot-cakes to illegal muslim immigrants in Sabah. But Dr. kutty still maintain he has done no wrong as it was legal.
Can you get the Sections of the Law into print as to the criteria to legally qualify for a blue NRIC or Citizenship. So that the excuse that staying for more than 10 yrs and can speak fluent bahasa melayu and what not can go into the dust-bin.To-date no one has put forward in print on this legal point. Thank you Uncle.

zorro said...

Constitution of Malaysia: I hope some of these comments can be of help:

Alan Newman said...

A criminal with grip on 3 super posts: CM, Finance Minister, Minister of Planng & Resource Managemt. Nominates the TYT/Governor, appoints the Dep CM, all the ministers, all the city mayors, all directors of departments. Awards timber concessions for decades without tenders. Land grabs, collusion with timber, oil palm , shipping & development tycoons. Cousin runs the Energy and the giant Naim Group. Devours all the mega million projects with prices inflated for kickbacks, control the media….Cling to power for 31 years and wanting to be TYT. Now upcoming cronies plotting to take over and plunder another 30 yrs. Even USA Pres Obama needs senate approvals for appointments. What kind of democracy is this? Hell broke lose! This is not a can but a sea of worms, maggots, devils & monsters. Your CM is rated at some RM50billion, and look at your rural living conditions. And you can tolerate another day without protest?

Anonymous said...

If the RCI proves that Umno won elections by fraud and cheating, it brings into doubt the legitimacy of this and previous Umno/BN governments. By cheating, Umno has disenfranchised the people of Malaysia and forced us to wait until GE13 to gain our choice of ruling party.