Friday, January 25, 2013


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Save Sabah Citizen said...

Greed for power as shown in the video. On this, UMNO knows no bounds. They turn political loss into a religious war using the Muslim illegal immigrants as their tool. Of course with political bias attitude of the Federal Govt UMNO/BN seize power from PBS. In short. Sabahans were cheated of their right to rule.
Very tragic but Joe Pairin eventually joined the group of satans in betrayal of the highest order. Hope Sabahans in this coming GE13 will wake up for change. It's now or NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Najib is using the same modus operandi invented by Tun M in his desperate move to retain power, espcially with the high numbers dubious voters in Selangor.

Jom Pantau!

Anonymous said...

no point even going to the polls - the going price for crossover is RM 15 million and no matter who is fielded thats enough for a good life should stand zorro~!

najib manaukau said...

This is Najib's transformation he is talking about !
NJajib can only hang on to the post that was handed to him and not that he was elected as P.M. but how much longer can he hang on ?

Lanun Sabah said...

By nature Sabahan people (minus the Muslim UMNO) are friendly and timid. They are very tolerant and accomodating. That is why the Muslim lanuns from Mindanao province with Mustafar as their chief and instigator took advantage of them wrestle political power from PBS in 1986.
History repeating itself? Pray and hope not.

Jangan Salahkan Rakyat said...

Dear Zorro,
From the video it is very clear that the PBS was the political party the local people had chosen. In not for UMNO elements no rioting would have taken place.Then not long after that our Mamakutty became the PM and the overall scenario became erratic and stated plunging into the depths of no return.
Oh yes Uncle Z, our turn-coat friend Raja pariah RPK is standing solidly behind his Master and blaming the rakyat for voting him in. Yes, rakyat may have voted him in but that does'nt NOT give him the license to rob and steal our money to make himself n family rich. Read about it in the HarakahDaily today. Woh...RPK has got to earn his keeps otherwise how to justify his RM withdrawal from the ATM machine. Real white-skinned pariah putting the blame on the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Najib's visit to Gaza was politically motivated to get to the muslim voters hearts for the GE. In our country rather then to honestly embrace and support our diversity in race and religion, UMNO-BN uses it to divide, create tensions, issue out threats and use it in anyway to advance its own poitical ambitions much to the suffering and discrimination of sectors of the Rakyat.

Anonymous said...


That's the Chinese New Year wish for a cean government!

Sandakan Girl said...

Uncle Zorro

Do not forget to give credit to director Nadira Ilana for this wonderful documentary.

BAPA ABU said...

GE13 coming . Just let all the rakyat go for ABU...ABU...n...ABU!

Anonymous said...

Very good video.

Good job Nadira Ilana!

Yo are better than any directors in Finas!

Anonymous said...

You help me first and then I "will" help you but what have BN done for the past 5 decades to help the poor backward poor Indians? Now that there is a good possiblity of losing their power there is this frantic call for help from the marginalised Indiand community and I earnestly hope they will not be deceived by $$$$thrown in to influence them to vote BN.Leopards don't change their spots overnight.

Anonymous said...

Why did Najib agree to Sabah RCI and timed it to unroll just before the election. Is he so confident that the findings will absolve BN of any wrongdoings and this will thus propel him to be reappointed as PM again?

Najib could have easily rejected or deferred Sabah RCI to a later date after GE13 if his calculations showed the RCI will impact BN's fortune unfavourably.

It appears that Najib has positioned himself dead-centre in a do-or-die mission in this coming election much like Rambo's dare in the Sylvester Stallone's movies of 80s and 90s.

The only difference is, will he get out of it unscathed or will he be dumped unceremoniously by the voters?