Thursday, January 17, 2013




Roti Sunshine said...

The Sabah can of worms is no match for the West Malaysia one. The peninsular one will be the Grandmother of all Worms!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why BN can stay in power for so long. Foreigners coming in illegally also can get blue IC. The actual immigrants from China and India who came in legally can only get RED IC.

The population of Malays in Sabah in 1991 was about 57,375 and in 2010 it was listed as 362,700 which means in 19 years the Malay population in Sabah has exploded 6.3 times which is ridiculous.

I hope that Pakatan can take over the Government and go after those corrupted leaders once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Projek M:

“It was a project to dilute the Christian population of Sabah by flooding Sabah with Muslim immigrants who would be issued with Malaysian identity cards. And once they are the owners of Malaysian identity cards they can vote in the elections. And once there are more Muslim voters than Christian voters, the PBS ‘Christian’ government can be brought down. And this did happen, as we all now know. It is being used to reduce the non-Muslim population so that Umno can practically rule forever.”

telur2 said...

After being shafted since 1963 I hope Sabahans will finally wake up in 2013. They have to start helping themselves.

najib manaukau said...

The RCI is only coming up with proof of how and what the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir did just to remain in power. He knew he wasn't the most popular half breed to remain as the P.M.. Therefore for him to remain in the watch he was not only deceiving the people with all kind of false figures .At the same time he was implementing all the mega projects for the mega 'commissions' that went with them so that there will be enough of crumbs leftover for his cronies. What wouldn't one do for crumbs ? I would say selling off their mothers, sisters, their souls including their own race !
It would also give him enough of time to remain as P.M. to continue 'stealing' in the name of a Malay, to be fair to the Malays this shenanigan scum is not a Malay. That was how he had also managed to become very quietly, the richest man in Asia and at the same time one of the top five richest men in the world.
Bill Gates and all the rich men in the world became filthy rich because of their innovations in modern technologies and or plus their acumen in business But this crafty dirty old man and his family amass their fortunes through deceits, frauds and above all from 'stealing'.
Now that more of his deceptions are being revealed almost daily and with the GE just around the corner and also with the certainly of the opposition taking control of Putrajaya. He and his family members are fighting for their lives and shitting in their pants daily. Not to mention the sleepless nights on the indictments they will have to face when the opposition become the tenants of Putrjaya, and the thoughts of loosing the billions they stole. Most of all dying and decaying in the jail with all the ill gotten gains seized back. That very thought must have spurred him on to go round canvassing for support for the present watchdogs to be voted as tenants of Putrajaya most importantly to avoid the above from happening. Unfortunately his cover on the 200 shares of MTC he owns will not going save him or his family from the prison. You call all these karma, karma and karma or Issac Newton will call it for every action there is an equal opposite reaction ! On top of all the shouts to shit, pee and vomit on his grave like the many that did to Gaddafi, I too will do the same without any qualms to a dead body which I usually do !

Anonymous said...

The south Philippines Moro civil war was started with one purpose and backed by malaysia is to flood Sabah with Muslim refugees and Sabah cannot cede from malaysia

James Dean said...

Uncle, if Sabahans don't vote these UMNOputera/BN Govt out in coming GE13, then they deserve to rot in their oil palm estates.They don't deserve to be pitied and only Almighty God can save them. The same goes with Sarawak.

Wayang Kulit said...

Bro Z,
If I can remember rightly this cheating by our mamakkutty was known 2 decades ago but no one the there to push it to the surface for fear of ISA. Nothing new in fact. Old sad story written by new author with new binding to paint it as if it is a BIG SURPRISE to UMNO/BN goons. It all a big uncle.

wandererAUS said...

ooooi Stateless Indians, shave your dick! Your country man, the Indian Melayu Mamakutty, his contention, if you shaved your dick, you can by pass the normal process and become an "instant citizen" good is that! So forget your beloved, unscrupulous MIC...they are the black version of the MCA clowns...these are the mistake of human race.

patrick said...

Cornered,the doc admits to granting citizenships but still claims it was legal.What's illegal is when you grant citizenships in exchange for votes,stupid!It's only confirmation of what we've known all along that they cheated to stay in power!So Sabahans,GET UP,STAND UP AND KICK THESE SORRY ARSES INTO OBLIVION ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Anonymous said...

This Kutty pariah asshole is trying to do a preemptive strike on his version of legal migrants... converted to citizens. He was trying to compromise on the illegal allocation of "overnight citizenship" to thousands of temporarily visitors. This project of his was to ensure a UMNO/BN victory in Sabah. As RCI queried further into this matter, everything pointed to this immoral and dishonest m....fcuker doing. This bullshitter has reached the end of his road...where can you run and where are can you go?

wongty robert said...

EC refusals for a clean and fair election are now out! Any more bullshits coming out from the commission chairman and deputy?

wandererAUS said...

If a valid explanation is not forth coming from the two EC deranged low beings, call for Bersih 4.0! ...a million faces will appear and will stand firmly by you, Ambiga Sreenevasan. Let this be the last battle cry before the new dawn appears...a new beginning for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir said the foreigners who were issued identity cards had been living in Sabah for between 20 and 30 years.

Can these be verified? How does the National Registration office verify that a person had been living in Sabah for between 20 and 30 years? Even then, how come we often read from the newspapers that some of the people have not been able to obtain citizenship after staying in Malaysia for more than 30 years? Since Tun M said that those who had been living in Sabah, Malaysia for more than 20 years qualify for citizenship, I suppose all those who had been living in Malaysia for more than 20 years can now demand to be given citozenship.

Anonymous said...

HAVE A NEW BERSIH MARCH BUT THIS TIME GO AFTER that Mahakutty....this time its his neck we should go...the Traitor , the pillager and rapist of Sabah.....Any takers??? This time i will crawl if i cannot walk...!
Lets hope this time those Sabahans are not still sleeping especicially that greatest traitor Pairin who can yet see his people being displaced by those muslims.
If that maha shits knows the people is against him dont ever let him out of the country to have tea with that Mugabe.....

Anonymous said...


Jaon Lee said...

The insatiable thirst of greed for power and wealth knows no bounds, driving corruptors/corruptees into the depths of unacceptable, animalistic, inhumane and at times inhuman behaviour, always resulting in harm and suffering to other fellow human beings. Greed and corrupt practices have plagued Malaysia for at least the last 40 of the 55 years under BN, since the tenure of Mahathir through to both his “puppet successors”.

Fortunately, Malaysia, a well-endowed country with rich natural resources, human, mineral, agricultural, and oil and gas, has been able to withstand the pillage and plunder by these BN pirates at the expense of suffering and poverty of the rakyat.

This cannot be allowed to continue for the sake of the future generations of Malaysians. I have in my previous article set out an inexhaustive list of projects/instances of wastages, leakages and corrupt practices.

The current regime, and I don’t call it a ruling regime as they are not rulers but mere stewards of governance appointed by the people, of the people and for the people, has betrayed the rakyats’ and the nation’s trust.

It is even more saddening to know that there are still those who do not accept nor acknowledge that BN, although appointed by the people, does not represent “of the people” nor does BN govern “for the people”.

The entire government and public service machinery representing the pillars of civil society, have been badly compromised and tainted with corrupt practices, incompetence and abuse of power, achieved through the numerous amendments to our Federal Constitution by Mahathir to facilitate the exercise of absolute power to abuse. Malaysia is and has been in bad shape due to greed for power and wealth of the BN cohort of bandits.

It is also in the last 40 years we have seen Malaysians of all races, from all walks of life and of every religious belief, becoming more acutely aware of the disastrous damage done by BN. Our national wealth plundered, our children’s education stifled to death, our health system riddled with illness beyond recovery, our economic competitiveness eroded, our national pride in each Malaysian beaten to pulp, our citizens treated as third class citizens or stateless.

Malaysians want changes for a better tomorrow. KL112 is proof of that. Bersih rallies are a testament. The rakyat have spoken. BN has not, will not and will never learn the lessons of downfall in history for it has over-extended itself with greed to the point of no return. It is now well within our grasp to effect change at GE13.

Exercise our rights well at the ballot. Exercise diligence in monitoring free and fair elections. Demand our right to vote from overseas. Register and fly back to vote. Every possible step to ensure free, clean and fair elections must be taken so as to ensure that the changes for the better we all so badly seek will not be robbed away.

Every misdeed by the NRD and EC must be brought to the rakyats’ attention and be properly dealt with. Keep piling the pressure on BN, an extremely weak and incompetent coalition riddled with scandals and infighting.

Grind them, drill them, chink their flimsy armour and expose them explosively. BN will break! The time is now! At the rate we are going, we have nothing to lose and all to gain for a better Malaysia.