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“seize those Bibles, including the Malay editions, which contained the term Allah and other Arabic religious terms, and burn them.”


Maybe Ibrahim Ali should read Syed Akbar Ali’s “Malaysia and the Club of Doom”….some insulting bits are found HERE (later half of article)


Anonymous said...

As Perkasa hijacked Islam and Tun Apanama made 'bicara rasis' speech, the KLCI plunged!

Looks like the investors are pulling out their money from Bolehland!

Meanwhile our PM/Finance Minister went to Egypt to visit Mubarak?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happened if any non-malays calls for Quran in english or chinese to be burned. I am sure all of sudden malaysians will see the so called sedition acts will come into picture. If it is the other way around like what it is happening now it is going to be a non-issue. In this bolehland it is as if malays only have sensitivity other races do not have.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro

My first impression of the photo is the fat guy, Ibrahim Ali, is actually burning of the bibles in Malay edition but on closer look, begin to sift out the details. I take it that this is NOT the case and it is a photo taken from other situations to illustrate your point. If so, you better make it clear to readers.

I am equally pissed with Ibrahim Ali and our ball-less PM but I think we should all be level-headed when we post stuff, lest they be misunderstood by others.

Yes, it is your blog and it is your absolute right to do whatever you want. But you have a lot of fans (me, include) and worms from BN are keeping an eye, hence people do take in your views.

Azman said...

While this is happening, PM Najib went to Gaza on a "humanitarian visit" to reaffirm Malaysia’s commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Is he preparing to migrate to Palestine after PRU13?

Otherwise, he placed Palestine issue more critical and important than the Perkasa-Bible issue.

Why should I vote for such a 'leader'?

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Katak said he’s fighting against the rich Chinese tycoons (eg.Vincent Tan) that dominate our economy which is dangerous to the Malays
“…Look at how Vincent Tan became successful – he took over the privatisation of Berjaya-Toto…Looking at what they got, is it not a form of assistance, ‘affirmative action’ for the Chinese taukes? How can we compare what they got with the two sen small contracts given to the Malays. That is why I say what they got, two million Malays can benefit from. This is what I am chastising them about.”

Then, RPK exposed Ibrahim Katak himself as one of the beneficiary / director in one Vincent Tan’s associate companies
“Ibrahim Ali through his Perkasa is fighting against Chinese like Vincent Tan who are supposed to have robbed the Malays of their rights and who have reduced the Malays to hamba di negara sendiri (slaves in their own country). But then Ibrahim Ali works for Chinese like Vincent Tan.”

And what was the reply from Ibrahim Katak? HA, HA! “Is it wrong if I say Vincent Tan got a lot of benefits from government even if I’m his Group CEO. Ha ha,”

This is pure hypocrisy and a lunatic lah HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

I was made to understand that Christian Holy Bibles in malay are mostly imported from Indonesia? So if the donkey Ibrahim Ali wants to burn all Malay Holy Bibles he should go to the source of the production and shipment and that is Indonesia. Why is he screaming and shouting like a mad dog in Kuala Lumpur.He is barking up the wrong tree AND he and his group Perkasa should hold demonstration in front of the Indonesian Embassy in protest. Anyway, he has no balls to do that. And the Malaysian Christians don't care too f**** about him.AG's contention on this matter is just unbelievable!. Really, double standard and stupidest statement WE have ever heard.

zorro said...

Anon1205. Thanks for your concern. The two pics with superimposed messages is self-explanatory. I had dared Ibrahim Ali in my earlier post to show by example to burn the Bible himself instead of asking his followers to do so. He has not done so. The first pic is Perkasa burning copies of the Star. The theme of this post is to highlight the hypocrisy of Najib's 1M4U. When it matters most, he is silent and afraid to act against the toad. Did not Najib shout we want peace and here is this cockroach encouraging the burning of the Holy Book.

Anonymous said...

Anon1205 is kind enough to remind Zorro not to be another victim of Khairy who have successfully used MCMC to prosecute Patrick Teoh.

Anyway, Najib met the Pope, went to Mecca, went to Batu Caves, hosted Prince Williams and Kate and is now in Gaza. All these visits were very widely publicised in the hope of gaining popularity among the Christians, Hindus and Muslims. The intent of these visits were not sincerely to forge goodwill but more of a publicity exercise. If he could pay and visit Allah, he will just to win the Muslim votes. If Najib was sincere he should have taken action against Ibrahim Ali for instigating to burn the bibles.

Anonymous said...

It is a normal trend or SOP for PMs of Malaysia to do the disappearing act whenever there appears to be a crisis on the horizon. One I can remember was the Memali incident when Dr. Apanama was away leaving the "baby" to Musa Hitam to handle. So, it is not surprising that Najib is doing this when the RCI Sabah, Deepak and Ibrahim Ali's "Allah" issue surface. Is it just ONLY to Gaza and nobody makes any EXTENDED trips away from or after Gaza???

Anonymous said...

If Perkasa is not happy with the person who is sid to be distributing malay Bible, why don't they take action against that person and not to punish the rest of the Christians?

I suspect this is all a conspiracy involving TV3 that first reported this incident on its 8pm buletin.

Naz said...

Why is Malaysian Malays so afraid of Christian? If they are true and 'kuat aqidah', Muslim will be very confident in their faiths.

Why only Malay version bible? Malaysian Malays master in other language English, Arab, Tamil and others is we going to burn all this bibles. Build Islamic faith to Muslim instead of racial thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Dulu masa kecil, masa Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee, saya ingat semua kaum hidup dengan bahagia dan harmoni. Semakin lama Mahathir hidup and semakin lama UMNO/BN memerintah, semakin banyak provokasi perkauman dan juga semakin ramai PATI diberi IC.

bumi-non-malay said...

Come on Malaysian Please give effort to find this kid and track the SCUMBAGS......

William Yau Zhen Zhong

After that we can taruh the parents proper....AYUH.....

Tol booth operator, restaurant....kedai runcit...ayuh!!

Anonymous said...


What about a RCI on how indian Muslims became Malay Muslims. I think the Malays also like the Kadazanduauns also what to have a RCI to correc this injustice.the Malay race is a proud race and would very much want to purge the fakes from their race. They like all race want to to call their race their own and not used as a political race

Anonymous said...

Gaza is a dangerous place to be, what with the high level radiationdue to the amount of depleted-uranium bomb dropped in it during every recent Israeli offensive against Palestine. Hobby goes at his own risk.

Bidayuh Girl in KL said...

The majority native of Sarawak don't have internet so BN had manage to brainwash this native people for many years through RTM and TV3 and claim only BN can bring development to them, that is why most older generation voting for BN.

But most younger generation in the city or urban area is much more inform about the current situation so most of them are voting for opposition.

阿吉仔 said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:54 PM,

Najib desperate need a doctorate degree (to rival his dpm who got one in USA) and he got one in an Egyptian University for his Gaza effort. He is not worried about radiation from Gaza or Lynas. This is more important for him than to answer to people about the antics of Ibrahim Ali.

Azlan said...

It is the urban Malay like me that deny UMNO, the Chinese community is only a minor of 25% of total population, what can this people do. It just don't add up. The Indian community is ever divided between supporting pakatan and BN, which is nothing wrong.

So, don't push the blame to the Chinese community when the government failed on its own merit ground.

As a Malay I am fuming mad with instant citizen given to so many foreigners, so do I as Malaysian. Its like giving out Malaysia just for political powers, a practice been perfect by Tun M, continue further as the corridor of political power axis.

Hawa said...


I hope more malays could thik like you. But firstly they must stop reading Utusan or listen to TV3 Buletin 8pm.

Adam said...


Betul cakap anda. Utusan perosak minda melayu!