Friday, January 18, 2013



Anonymous said...

Good. The furious sparks are spreading.

Soon BN will be in flames, then turn to ashes

Roti Sunshine said...

Bravo! It is not often that Seremban, that gives us personalities like Zaaba, Dr Chen Man Hin, Anthony Loke, Lawrence and Peter van Huizen, Chow Kwai Lam, Punch Gunalan, Ho Koh Chye, Soong Poh Wah etc gets into the news.

So proud of you, dear parents.

hktan said...

i posted in mkini comments column that i will wear bersih T-shirt in the on coming BRM2 rm 500 presentation. would it be a great idea if all of us do the same? please help to spread this.

Anonymous said...

Say no to BTN:

The baby is innocent until he enters local university to be brainwashed by BTN ideology courtesy of Umno.