Tuesday, January 22, 2013




wandererAUS said...

Haris? never a doubt in my mind. A true Bangsa Anak Malaysia. He may have associated himself with that little rajah prick but, they have different values and integrity. Let us support his cause, his dream!

Anonymous said...

蔡细历讲马哈迪并非认真建议! 是他脑袋有问题还是你脑袋有问题? 你们两个人立场是对立,搞清楚再讲话,不要讲话整天像放屁!


Hopeful said...

To be honest, many people whom I know has some doubts on sdr Haris, sorry to say. Why? Cos as people say, collateral damage when he was such a buddie with the pariah RPK turncoat and traitor to the people.
As far as I am concern, I still have confidence in him and his ideals. Though he has disassociate himself with that pariah half-white skin so-called Raja Lanun RPK, Haris needs to go that extra-mile to win back more trust from the lay-man rakyat. All is not lost even though it is an up-hill task. As the saying goes, 'when the going is tough; the tough keeps going'.

Joseph Phang said...

Uncle Zorro

I will appreciate it greatly if you could encourage your readers to watch this excellent video by Tricia Yeoh on Teoh Beng Hock that was first shown on Freedom Film Fest 2012:

Rights Of The Dead / Mati Sebelum Ajal


TBH should not die in vain. This video will remind people of the brutality of MACC.

Thank you Zorro.

Sabah Boy said...

20 years ago, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, was systematically granting of citizenship to illegal immigrants by giving them identity documents in Sabah.

This so called Project IC a.k.a Project M is to alter the demographic pattern of Sabah to make it more favorable to the ruling government, namely Barisan National. There are at least 1,500,000 “Project IC citizens” in Malaysia by 2012.

In other words, our fate is now decided by someone who does not belong to here. Our government “help” them to gain citizenship, and they “help” the ruling party to win the election. Najib is doing the same thing now! What is the point to have election then? Where is our right to choose our future? How can we accept all these unscrupulous actions of BN government that would destroy democracy?

Change now, save Malaysia. Please Share this video to your family members and friends:


Anonymous said...

YB Elizabeth Wong highlighted this.

Selangor Residents: if you receive any BN mail at your house addressed to someone who doesn't actually reside there, please inform your ADUN of the details. It may well be that your address is being used to house pengundi hantu.

Please circulate amongst your friends.

Anonymous said...

Why was Patrick Teoh roped in for questioning but not ibrahim ali (small capital intended for such useless toad) since both touched on senitive religous issues? Why forever that double standards practised.

No wonder Chinese, as well as Christians of different races, have tuned their backs on BN, can you blame them for that?

Anonymous said...


I am sorry but that photo caption is not very flattering.

To me, it carries negative connotations.

Perhaps, something like "Support a Malaysian Warrior fighting for your rights" or something empowering.

Just my personal opinion.

But to answer the question as to whether I would trust that man with my money?

YES :)

Arya Teja said...

Tuan minta pautan dlm blog tuan. Sy senaraikan blog tuan dalam senarai BLOG POLITIK POPULAR. Blog sy revolusifikiran.blogspot.com blog santai gambar-gambar dan fakta-fakta yang menarik. Terima kasih kerjasama tuan.

Ellese A said...

Did you delete my comments?

zorro said...

I might have by mistake.Repost if you think it worthy of publication.

Hawa said...

Listen carefully Ellese A.
Ellese A should get the message from Zorro.
She should post her comment at Utusan or NST instead whose editors will appreciate her pro-BN comment, but not here.

Chempaka said...

Ellese A, Take it from me. UMNO/BN storm-troopers emits a certain odour when they do their postings. Perhaps, Uncle Z got wind of the odour and rightful place you in a different grouping cos fear of contamination. No offence please.

zorro said...

Anon648, I agree but that pic originated from the ABU site and I only added my bit. I could not contact Hawkeye to make amendments. So let it be.....let's be positive.

Ellese A said...

I didn't save the last one. But essentially on haris trust issue. If you read haris, he censors fair and substantive comments from me and practice unfair censorship rules. Yet He proclaims in free media and freedom of expression. I'm up in arms against this. Though his fight for selvach is recommendable (I've stated as such in his blog) this inconsistency between what you do and what you proclaim affects his credibility. And many there who proclaimed for civil society and support censorship of contrarian views are pure blind unprincipled followers.

To hawa and chempaka. Your comments are uncalled for. I suggest if you don't like my point rebut it rather than denying me the right to write here. And It has nothing to do with odour. zorro has said its accidentally deleted. What are you suggesting here?

Anonymous said...

Ellese A,

Your own blog does not permit comments which do not meet your "standards" and here you are bad-mouthing Haris.

You're nothing more than a hypocrite for accusing a person like Haris Ibrahim who has done more for Malaysians than you have had nasi lemak.


Ellese A said...

Dear Anon,

I've published all the comments save for the temporary suspension from you. You have impersonate other people and commit fraud with intent to deceive. I've asked you to use one name and apologise before releasing your comments. Why is this too difficult for you? Those who go to my blog knows all this. So don't lie and spread falsehood.

Anonymous said...

Trust Haris with my money? I will trust him with my life! Knowing his family and career background, he has been very consistent over the years. His political and religious views are both in tune with basic human rights. Let me just say that his heart is in the right place.

As for Ellese A, I have "crossed swords" with him (most likely) and I find his rationale a little warped. So, I have tried to avoid engaging him if I could help it. Lately, I find that he is not welcomed in quite a number of blogs. I must say he writes reasonably well and I would give him an "A" for persistence.

Anonymous said...

Ellese A is a BN cybertrooper.

Do not take his/her words seriously.