Friday, January 18, 2013


For 19 years of my teaching career my teenage students spent more time with me (8 hours) than with their parents. I have on many occasions shared dreams, heartaches, triumphs and failures with them. I have never turned down any request. I have harbored them when they were chased out of their homes. Thank God none went into drugs under my stewardship. Some did (at least three) when they had to leave the school to go to another school after Form Three.

  Karen and I have fed, clothed and shod many….and we still do this for the disadvantaged school kids in our neighborhood. How can you not feed a child who comes to school without breakfast?
How far can the RM100 to school children be stretched when the cheapest pinafore costs RM52 and extracurricular activities uniform can cost RM120! Some of these kids have to wait for a BN politician to present them with these RM100, only when they are free to do so! School started on 2 Jan, yah?
The kids in school today are in turmoil. Deep seated polarization distract them, distanced them and tear them apart from their peers. Religion and race are engineered to great effect on our affected youths. The recent Listen, Listen, Listen episode between one adult Sharifah Zora Jabeen public bowbeating of Bawani during a public forum is just a tip of the iceberg! The youth today want to break free from these clutches and they cry out: Give us back our Malay, Chinese and Indian friends! Such a cry comes from a 16 year old blog reader:  
BreakFreeQueens said...
Uncle Zorro,
The people of Malaysia had lived under the clutches of the UMNO/BN Govt for more than 55 long years. Some 2 generation of people were not given Blue NRIC due to many reasons not of their own but cos of poverty & ignorance.
Now this sick old man comes out with ridiculous reasons for giving out Blue NRICs for free to VOTE for UMNO/BN. Totally against established laws and conditions to getting one.

Uncle, the people now wants to 'break free' from this evil UMNO/BN control Govt. Can you please put in the song, entitled "Break Free" by Queens? This song will be very inspiring for the young people esp and heart-trumping for the older ones. It will surely be a hit for the up-coming GE13. Go to You Tube to download it. Thank you, Uncle Z. This request comes from a 16 year old...PR supporter!!
I find it hard to refuse her. HERE n HERE it is for you and your friends Break Free Queen. 



BreakfreeQueens. said...

Uncle Z, Thank you so very, very,very,much. Wan to give you a big bear-hug on behalf of ALL THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA. I love, Uncle Z!!!! Just beautiful and so!

We Will Rock You said...

Dear Zorro, Yes we hear your inspiring song 'Break Free'. Bravo!
And for good measure why don't you include the song "We will Rock You" by Freddy Mercury(Queens). After having ROCK THE UMNO/BN Government. that is how we 'break free', no? Just a thought.If you wish to put in it would blend in so nicely, the two songs. The rakyat will and must rock them out of Putrajaya once n for all.

We Will Rock You said...

Dear Zorro, Many thanks for the "We will Rock You". From these 2 powerful thundering songs I can feel it in my bones that UMNO/BN goons are on the way out......of Putrajaya when GE 13 comes. No doubt about it. Tq once again. You are so accommodating.

Anonymous said...

A question raises in my mind.

How does EC in Sabah know that they only need 200-400 illegal voters per constitution to ensure unmo wins in 1994. I think the truth is unmo has been manipulating the voter rolls since 1974, Naijb's father Tun Razak time.

Anonymous said...

From what I know this 'monkey business' started in late 80s and gradually gain momentum after PBS won the State Election. Harris Salleh although he denied was in the thick of it with the full blessing of the man with the big M. Correct me if I am wrong.

elizabeth said...

Anon 9.35pm - and how do you think MM could tell that not all those given ICs had voted for BN?

Anonymous said...

Khairy should not bully Patrick Teoh but he should instead take the 'tindakan tegas' on her Umno member Norhayati who have insulted the Indian community.

Anonymous said...

This government agency BTN should be dicarded. It is nothing but to sow seeds of hatred and discontentment among govt servants and students. this is just a UMNO/BN machinery to divide and rule. Not the bonding factor for nation building or uniting the multi-racial population of our country.

MM said...

One wonders if Sharifah Zohra has replaced the virgin queen, Ummi Hafilda Ali, who used to come to Mahathir’s aid and helped distract the rakyat with golden showers and salacious revelations.

There was once a time when the government would detain reporters and send them to Kamunting, ostensibly for their own safety. Zohra was denied this privilege because Najib has abolished the ISA. Last week, Zohra bowed to overwhelming pressure and heeded police advice to cancel her seminar on ‘How to Make Your First Million’.

I can give you the gist of the RM200 seminar. It is an open secret that the first million is easy to make; join Umno, then claw your way to the top by backstabbing and badmouthing everyone who stands in your way.

There are tell-tale signs that that you have “made it” and joined the Umno elite. In the election canvassing that takes place every five years, Umno delivers bags of rice to the masses, but the Umno elite receive Birkin bags.

Households that qualify are given a one-off payment of RM500 (and possibly another RM500 if the situation demands it) but the elite get several million ringgit in hard cash, stuffed in suitcases.

Anonymous said...

Tun M's grand father is from kerala india. Since tunku agreed to give citizenship to indian n chinese in msia, so his grand father became msian. So the grand son in bumiputra malay. But he pretend his grand father and father malay. We stupid kah? He think we dont know. Even his university form submit was ask to write as indian, muslim. Triaitor