Thursday, January 3, 2013


Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help. - Alex Haley

Why is Deepak making intermittent expose? Is he just baiting? What is he after? Judging from the withdrawal of his case against Ropiaah, it is not clear if he wants to get even with her. Admittedly making a decision and sticking with it can sap one’s energy, physically and mentally. In attempts to hit the nail on the head Deepak is expending too much effort and missing the intended target, as I see thus far. In physics we learn that there’s also a qualitative difference between the outcome of using energy to fully commit and therefore succeeding versus using energy to commit half-heartedly and therefore failing over and over again getting nothing but silence in return for all his efforts.
I see in Deepak, a turtle. Most times he retracts into his shell and darts out to snap at food. Not endowed with speed turtles/tortoise  are not predators. However, slow and steady, a prey will come by. Indeed a cool operator.
He claims he cannot be bought and yet he craves for some semblance of support.  

 It is never comfortable and puts unnecessary strain on you know what. It has become apparent he wants justice served and he exacts his every pound of flesh. HONESTY IS NEVER SEEN SITTING ASTRIDE A FENCE! When he is not making a decisive decision characterized by true commitment, he is sitting astride a fence and setting himself up for sure failure. His efforts into half-hearted attempts are not serving him well to date. If Deepak is going to exert effort any which way, why not go all the way and actually get what he is seeking. Isn’t that the reason he is exerting effort to begin with?  DO A STATUTORY DECLARATION! The 26 paged Black Rose should add substance to the SD. It’s also worth recognizing that when you’re fully committed to what you’re trying to achieve and you make serious progress, this boosts your self-esteem instead of diminishing it. Deepak must be DECISIVE in seeking justice and not just seen to be seeking justice.

I read today that PKR’s Rafizi is ready to meet Deepak.  DON’T…….until he makes a Statutory Declaration! As I quoted in the beginning of this post - Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.


ongohing said...

Agree hundred percent as in my own posting:

Anonymous said...

Deepak is like a rusty dagger with 2 sides.Dangerous when provoked

Either you use him well or he kills you.

Rosmah couldn't tame him, can you ?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you in active mode again.

Long live the zorro.

bumi-non-malay said...

They are all Actually trying to get at REAL MONEY...Convert to Foreign Currency, Apply PR and leave Malaysia ....If Possible...Kalau Boleh.... Stash the money outside in case UMNO-BN Kalah Teruk ..... Lets Buat Revolusi 12 January 2013...and trapped those buggers and suprise all their escape strategy.....We do to them Like they did to Gadaffi and soon to President Assad of Syria......

patrick said...

... he's obviously strapped on a pair of steely ones recently whereupon he might be quite comfortable astride a fence while continuing to play a game of poke-her with calculator handy ;)

Anonymous said...


1) 陈祯禄说为了让华社得到公平对待,更美好的将来,请支持马华争取独立。结果你我成了二等公民,时不时要听了说balik 唐山.









Oon WC said...


Versi BM:


English version:

Anonymous said...

Soon we all will have a chance to change things to make this country a better place for all of us and the generations to come. GE 13 will be coming in a few weeks time, so all of you please vote wisely and put the right people up there. We shall revamp MACC, the judiciary, the top guns in the Police Force, the AG, MBs and CMs, certain government controlled Banks CEOs, head honcos at GLCs, ministers, deputy ministers, troublesome spouses, children and relatives and some top irresponsible civil servants, heads of departments, heads of respective religions, irrelevant, wrong and outdated laws and skewed policies, etc., etc., and put a stop to all the nonsense that have been carried out, committed, undertaken and done by irresponsible politicians from both divides who are only interested in enriching themselves, their wives, relatives and cronies that have been happening in the country for far too long.

We need to scrap all outdated laws.

We need to revamp our failed education policy and make English as important as BM in national schools.

Let’s all pray and work for a better Malaysia and let’s move our country into the ranks of developed 1st World status as soon as possible!

But if you return the same people and they repeat those very things that you all are not happy about, including their spouses, don’t blame others, blame yourselves!

Only people who love this country, are honest, transparent and responsible would understand my statement.

Anonymous said...

Deepak cannot be trusted.

When PR come into power, just subpoena him for court testimony, there is no need to negotiate with him.