Friday, January 18, 2013


I DISTINCTLY recall one incident involving Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik. At the opening of a conference after all the pleasantries, he read a line which said that a programme his ministry had implemented had been received well by the rakyat. As soon as he finished the sentence, he blurted out the word "bullshit" which shocked the audience.
He looked at senior ministry officials and asked "Who vetted this speech?" There was silence. He said, "I disagree; let's tell the truth and not put words into the rakyat's mouth."

That episode sent a strong message to his officials that he was a no-nonsense man and that nobody could fool him as he had the facts and figures at the back of his hand.
When he walked into a room, you felt his larger-than-life presence; it was a presence that warmed the heart and was not overbearing or intimidating. The entrepreneurial spirit that oozed through his pores even as he spoke left no doubt that whatever Dr Lim put his mind to, he would die trying to accomplish.
He was certainly one of the more exciting politicians around. We will miss him and his openness.
S Paul (the Sun)

AND YET……We have that SOMEBODY who said that it is legal to give citizenship to immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia they spoke Malay! This same SOMEBODY also said:
He also claimed that the first Prime Minister….., Tunku Abdul Rahman, had done worse by giving citizenship to one million unqualified people (Chinese and Indians?) in peninsula Malaysia, and lamented that no one had made it an issue (not even this SOMEBODY!)

Of course granting citizenship after due process is acceptable…..but granting them to ensure that these new citizens would assist to vote out a majority Christian party is devious and even TREASONOUS!

Isn’t it LEGAL to give citizenship to the thousands of Indians who were born here? They were dismissed because they did not have a birth certificate! What about the thousands of children born out of wedlock scavenging around the Chow Kit area because they are not allowed into schools…..because they have no birth certificate! Did the thousands in Sabah and Sarawak received citizenship although they were not born there and did they have to produce any birth certification?  Conveniently NO!

“…..let's tell the truth and not put words into the rakyat's mouth."


Idris said...

Bicara Minda by mamakutty is another brainwashing program.

He said Malays still need tongkat.
Perhaps the keris in Umno's logo should be replaced by tongkat?

Anonymous said...

Umpama anjing yang tersepit.....

Mari kita tengok siapa yang berani (dan bodoh) yang akan melepaskannya.....

Anonymous said...

Funny. During the 25th Anniversary Look East Policy Forum in Shah Alam, May 11, 2008, M said: Tunku gave one million citizenship to the Chinese.

Chinese! Indians not mentioned. Now, he prefers to say that 1million citizenships were given to unqualified people! Wonder what he's trying to say!

Roti Sunshine said...

why not give citizenship to all non-citizens living in Malaysia as they have been here so long and they speak Malay?

This old man's reasoning defies all logic!

He is anti everything and anti everybody who was more than a match for him.

He is anti-PBS, anti-Pairin, anti-DAP, anti-Israel, anti-Anwar, anti-Chinese, anti-West, anti-Singapore, anti-Freddy Lee, anti-press freedom, anti-Opposition etc.

When he can't win, he legislates

Anonymous said...

Najib said wait until the RCI heard all the testimonies of the 167 witness. This will take months and will surely go beyond the next GE. If the next GE won by BN, they will conveniently sweep everything under the carpet like what they did in previous RCI involving Lingam and police.

So if Malaysians want to see that actions are taken against all those who acted in treason, we have to vote Pakatan to form the next government.

Jom Ubah!

Anonymous said...

There 2 sets of laws?

One for those born and lived in the country but without citizenship and a different set of laws for those who enter through the back door, even the IC is free.

ps: Let LKY rest in peace.

telur2 said...

He is only trying to justify his treasonous act. Not that anyone will ever believe him.

patrick said...

A corrupt racist who,just as surely as night follows day,whom many hope will go the way of Ceausesceau or Gaddafi in time.
Personally,I hope he sticks around long enough to see that there is a better way to nation-building with Pakatan and to see his ill-willed legacy dumped into the sewers from where it came,for good!

Anonymous said...

That mamakutty is nothing but a hypocrite, a racist and corrupt crap. If Tunku hadn't given his father and him Malaysian citizenship, he would be nothing. Now he wants to slander a leader who is not here to defend himself. Can't wait for a change of government to see him put behind bars til his last days!

Sam said...

This apanama, most dangerous species of a serpent has perfected the art of spinning, turning and twisting. When cornered, it can strike with fangs and eject gallons of venom.

BreakFreeQueens said...

Uncle Zorro,
The people of alaysia had lived under the clutches of the UMNO/BN Govt for more than 55 long years. Some 2 generation of people were not given Blue NRIC due to many reasons not of their own but cos of poverty & ignorance.
Now this sick old man comes out with ridiculous reasons for giving out Blue NRICs for free to VOTE for UMNO/BN. Totally against established laws and conditions to getting one.
Uncle, the people now wants to 'break free' from this evil UMNO/BN control Govt. Can you please put in the song, entitled "Break Free" by Queens? This song will be very inspiring for the young people esp and heart-trumping for the older ones. It will surely be a hit for the up-coming GE13. Go to You Tube to download it. Thank you, Uncle Z. This request comes from a 16 year old...PR supporter!!

Sam said...

The serpent has spoken. This time it did not say "Its so long ago, I forgot what happened". What it is saying this time is the same as "Yes, I did it, so what the fuck can you all do to me?"
Folks, lets show it what we can do by voting Pakatan to form the new federal government and sent the serpent to the dungeon.

Anonymous said...

mamak will do and say anything to protect his ill-gotten wealth.
his biggest fear is that PR wins and he ends up like Mubarak.
let me says this. If PR wins, get him to cough out all the wealth and return them to the state.
mamak will cringe because his billions will evaporate.

Anonymous said...

I see this as a great opportunity for Ajib Ko to turn around his deteriorating fortune. Just imagine when Badawi cancelled Mahathir's crooked bridge, the rakyat gave him 90 over percent parliament seats. So if Ajib Ko now get Mahathir arrested and jailed, I think the rakyat will reward Ajib Ko with 99% of Parliament seats. Just do now, Ajib!!!

SetiaSelalu said...

Mamak MahaTHIEF should be tried for TREASON & CORRUPTION !
What a DECEITFUL CROOK Mamak is! It stinks that East Malaysia BN win was won on fraud !
Is Umno/Bn repeating this in Pakatan States ?
The Rakyat must not accept an illegitimate Government.

Tai Kor Tai said...

Bro Z,
The majority of the peoples' voice are calling for "CHANGE". But there are a segment of scumbags of the underworld, cheats, robbers, corrupt and rich Chinese tycoons and elite corrupt Umnoputras who will resist this CHANGE. They are the power-house of the UMNO party and will use money to help the party to corrupt and cheat in the coming GE13. These group of people works and prefer to have a corrupt Govt. So, how?

Anonymous said...

mahathir bantai najib guna deepak.

najib balas dgn RCI 'projek m'.

come on .... najib, buka itu cerita pasal pampasan landasan maut. kau menteri kewangan. ade access punye. send over the salvo... KADABOOOOOM!!! kasi mati itu mamakdet.

wah!! getting interesting....

aku dah kata anjing2 ni semua dah tersepit. padan muka.

harap tikam menikam ni berlanjutan hingga hari pru13. sambil tu kita tengok siapa yang berani (dan bodoh) nak lepaskan anjing2 yang tersepit ni. bodoh......

Donplaypuks® said...

"Of course granting citizenship after due process is acceptable… ...but granting them to ensure that these new citizens would assist to vote out a majority Christian party is devious and even TREASONOUS!"

Absolutely! Basing blue IC & citizenship entitlement solely on religion, and then getting phantoms to use the IC receipt to illegally vote for BUMNO/BN is TRAITOROUS & TREASONOUS!

Maha Firaun has been hiding it all these years. He should be summoned before the RCI, made to answer for his Unconstitutional acts and put away behind bars for 10 years!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

zorro said...

Tai Kor Tai....Napoleon said that the word impossible can only be found in the dictionary of fools. You can still do your part....convince your friends to vote Pakatan. ABU.

mitchell said...

lost for words....WTF!!!!!!!! the damage he has done to our country!!! Plse, we want UBAH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lance Armtrong has admited to Oprah that 'truth will set him free'.

I guess Najib should do likewise on the Mongolian case.

Faizal said...

Mainstream Malay newspapers do not report the shocking statements on ‘citizenship-for-votes' scheme revealed at the hearing of the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on immigrants in Sabah.

Any wrongdoing, treasonous acts by UMNO or any Malay parties will not receive any comment by Utusan. What UMNO does is always justified and right. After all they are both one and the same.

Let's hope malays will read the alternative media to seek the truth.

flyer168 said...


Just to share this...

Dr M: Nazri was nasty to me, so of course, I don't like him (Apr 22, 2009) -

Dr M: Nazri should quit Umno Dec 8, 2009 -

Nazri: Dr M is father of racism (Dec 9, 2009) -

Tunku Abdul Rahman VS Mahathir -

Tunku Abdul Rahman 1988 - "Biarlah Saya Mati Dalam Perjuangan" -

Temuramah dengan YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj

- Lampu Ajaib di Tangan Rakyat
- Harapan dan Doa YTM Tunku untuk Rakyat

You be the judge.


Botak Curut said...

Where is this Botak Nazri Aziz of a Minister? Very quiet man! Maybe father and son has gone on holiday to enjoy his son's mat salleh girl-friends overseas.He cannot be seen to be naughty here.Another snake talk with fork-tongue just like his mentor Mamak M.

Paraman said...

Chua Jui Meng had stated recently that the NRD has reportedly issued two million identity cards to foreigners to enable them to vote BN in the coming GE. He claims that the BN government will intimidate and abuse the government machinery to remain in power using the NRD and the Election Commission as its instruments.

The figure two million does raise eyebrows in disbelief but recent revelations from witnesses testifying before the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the alleged citizenship-for-votes scam in Sabah has brought new light into this matter.

Kee Dzulkifly Kee Abdul Jalil who was part of a special unit dubbed G17, which operated out of the Sabah NRD headquarters in Kota Kinabalu was responsible for processing the application forms for some 100,000 blue identity cards for Muslim immigrants mainly from Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan and the issuance of some 200,000 letters of approvals for birth certificates for the children of immigrants, all within a space of just a few years.

Former Sabah NRD director Ramli Kamaruddin said that he received instructions from the deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub to issue identity card receipts to immigrants using the details of people who were already in the electoral roll but had never voted before.

Yakup Damsah, a former Tamparuli NRD chief, revealed that he and a group of others signed 40,000 blue identity cards within a month, based on the filled up application forms that consisted mostly of Muslim immigrants from Indonesia and the Philippines. His group was also involved in another operation in which they issued temporary identity card receipts (NRD receipts) with an expiry date, purely for the purpose of elections.

Another former Sabah NRD officer, Mohd Nasir, said that between the years 1992-1995, the former Sabah Elections Commission director Wan Ahmad, handed over a list of 16,000 names to be made into ‘bumiputera Islam voters’ so that it will provide unqualified immigrants with identity card numbers which could be used to vote in the elections and thereby altering Sabah’s electoral demographics in the 90s. This illegal operation was codenamed ‘Ops Durian Buruk’.

It is believed that all these alleged electoral tinkering had brought about the outcome of election results which overall favoured the BN government. What we can conclude from these witnesses is that way back, almost two decades ago, it was possible to manually register foreign immigrants as voters as fast as 40,000 people within one month.

Existing voters who are already in the electoral roll but have never voted before could be potential targets to be ‘cloned’ and used by foreign immigrants to cast vote on Election Day. The probability of a foreign immigrant being registered as a voter under the ‘bumiputera Muslim’ category is very high.

This process can be executed with relative ease and in discreet, involving just a handful of people. The 6P programme which ran from July 2011 to April 2012 had registered more than 1.3 million immigrants under the biometric system. Is BN replicating the Sabah formula for the coming GE? If they are then PR chances of winning will be greatly reduced!

Alan Newman said...

Many people around the world would love to have Dr MM tied to a post in Central KL and have everyone passing by slap him ceaselessly, then 1000 strokes of the rattan. That’s what he deserves. What DATUK, TANSRI, TUN glorious titles for criminals! Bill Gates & Warren Buffet made their money honestly and gave tens of billions to charity. Even Soros whom you disparaged gives to charity and human rights NGOs US$100million in 2011. They address each other as Bill, Warren, George, Barak Obama, David Cameron, no TUN, TANSRI, DATUK! DISGRACE! SHAME!
From NZ – rated as one of the world top countries for democracy and non-corruption.

Alan Newman said...

A Dictator is a horrific criminal by any global standard. Quotes:
“When a leader cannot be questioned or challenged on policy matter, he is a dictator.
When threats are part and parcel of his vocabulary, he is a dictator.
When he uses and abuses the national treasury as if it is his own, he is a dictator.
When he dishes out govt contracts to whomever he wishes, he is a dictator.
When he shuts up his opponents by throwing them into jail or detention, he is a dictator.
When he brings accusation and charges on detractors and let his own supporters off the hook in spite of obvious corruption, he is a dictator.
When he dictates that Petronas must use its funds to do his wishes, he is a dictator.
When he makes mistakes and refuses to be accountable, he is a dictator.
When he abuses his power and is not held accountable, he is a dictator.
When he has absolute control over the media and does not allow the opposition freedom of speech, he is a dictator.
When he is accountable to no one, not even Parliament, he is a dictator.
When he selectively prosecute his opponents at the drop of a hat, he is a dictator.
When he gambles in forex trade using rakyat's money, he is a dictator.
When he practices racism against his own people (Malaysians) through divisive policies, he is a dictator.
When he does not permit freedom of speech and freedom of association, he is a dictator.
When he gerrymanders, cheats and rigs polling results, he is a dictator.
When he is absolutely corrupts and refuses to be accountable, he is a dictator.
.... and on and on (too many) but enough.
Have you Dr M, not done all these and more?”