Monday, June 25, 2012


In March the flavor of the month was: When will Najib dissolve Parliament? And everyone became an expert in prediction, some assuming the status of being prophetic, claiming their closeness to contacts in the inner circles. It became such a dissipating and an irritating obsession that it gave birth to a slew of neophyte political pundits. This prompted me to do a posting on 23 March 2012 HERE.

Friends stopped asking me this WHEN question because they said that I was taking the elections too lightly. They are right of course but am I wrong if I say that this is one country that is so preoccupied in WHEN a WIFE will give the green lights?

And going by what RAFIZI will reveal and what ASIA SENTINEL have accumulated……nah I will not volunteer anything…..whilst they prime the subs.









Anonymous said...

There really is such a thing as Fcukg the wrong woman then marrying her including her wig.

Oh Najib, why !?

Anonymous said...

At the rate Najib is leaking scandals, he would not have the guts to call for election even when his term expires. He would have to be carried out of the Parliament in his chair to the lawn outside.

najib manaukau said...

What would have the scumbags and parasites got to loose ? At worst they can all go back where they belong, Indonesia or to countries where the ill gotten fortunes are hidden. But wait they forgot that they might be extradited back to Malaysia to face the music.
Is Yemen a country that has an agreement to do so if shenanigan Mahathir and family are hiding there ?

Jong said...

Latest, haven't you heard - Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's wife Hamidah Khamis had, in text messages, threatened army veterans planning to demonstrate outside the Defence Ministry MINDEF! Their husbands are left to their preoccupation elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Najib has one way to win and 2 ways to lose the election.

If he can retake the 2/3rds of parliament for BN then he will be a hero and stay as PM a long time.

If the Opposition forms government he will obviously lose, but if the BN get no traction at this election and stay where they are now, chances are we will have a new BN leader and a new PM stepping in.

These delays making a date make us think perhaps Najib is not so confident the 3rd scenario won't play out and is making hay while he can.

Anonymous said...

Power to Rosmah and Hamidah. Dont be like Wan Azizah who turned deaf and dumb to her husbands sexual scandals with both men and women.

Anonymous said...

Najib & fatmama can dive but cannot hide. We will be waiting for them, in HELL


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